When the exception becomes the rule…





It is pretty easy in this universe to know the future.

It is enough for you to be able to read the energy flows.

You approximate a certain frequency and there you go,

your mind respond with a certain pattern and you travel

unknowingly on a very defined direction.


When a spiritual being becomes aware of all this,

can hit the feeling to be watching a movie for the 100 time.

What it appears to be life, is nothing more than a slow and boring activity.


So it was at the beginning the intention not to know,

the agreement with the implant.

And that it has become the rule for most of the people here.

Not to know. Not to see. Not to feel.

In order to do that, you have to avoid the present time.

The moment of now.

And so you start working thinking toward a future, using the past.

That all the mind is. An accumulation of the past.

And with that it goes “differentiation”.

Yet the only way to the natural state

is the zero of thoughts.

The no time.


There is no way out for anyone who uses identification

and similarities in his way of thinking.


Identification and similarities, require something to compare.

They limit your ability to look.

To look as something just happened for the first time.


The beauty of silence is beyond words.


I had a nice win.

In the last week I broke more mugs than I can even imagine.

My favorites one.


I smiled and throw them in the trash.



 No regrets.

I enjoy them, used them.

and did let them go.



I seldom look inward anymore.

I let that activity to the people who still acting upon the false data

implanted in them, and actively restimulated

by the people thirsty of power and control,

as the current Church of $cientology and

like wise activities and like-minded people.




Do yourself a favor:







It still a lie, in the way that in order to differentiate

you still using a past knowledge, but it is a good gradient

as it requires you to look at what you have in front of you,

as a new event, new sound, new smell,

new emotion, new love.

…It is an easy step that anyone can do.

and does miracles.







OT 8 is a start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.




  1. My favorite part is “I had a nice win.
    In the last week I broke more mugs than I can even imagine.
    My favorite ones.
    I smiled and throw them in the trash.”

    I too have had that happen and it is like Oh well, enjoyed them while I had them, let go and move on… Freedom not to get stuck is like flying with the wind, soaring to heights peacefully and playfully enjoying life. You are an inspiration and I enjoy reading your wins.
    Thank you love!

  2. Only hundred times? endless reruns…
    when i was youg girl my father raised rabbits. I never forgotten i still can see her, the little baby seating on my palm she was so lovely and tiny we all admired her a perfaction in every way and she let her water out. we all laughed.
    This place is the one of the most boring planets i ever spent time on. If not for nature one could go mad from bordome. But nature in every form trills me to no end. I simply love… and endless as the Universe it self..

  3. I work in my yard and watch the plants and my dogs being there always in present time. These plants and my dogs teach me acceptance of what is. Elizabeth, I have told my plants about seeing the pictures of your beautiful garden. They were not concerned. Present time. it teaches me Being and Integrity — which means to be one, to be myself, to be real. Observing the cycles with nature, teaches me how to live–in present time and not make this lifetime cycle a problem.

    • Hi Becky!
      So you are a gardener too, that is simply wonderful for us…And having a company of a Dog, superior beings dogs are, of course all critters belong to that category.
      While on the path I have become the gardener suddenly it was just there in my space. I have known I was gardening from recall and I become incredible passionate so much so that within a few years the garden had 300 roses 20 clematises running about, and anything else I could put there, tall bearded irises, and oriental and trumpet lilies by hundreds, delphiniums of every colour… etc..
      While gardening I knew I was on the right Path because I become aware of Fairies, Gnomes and it was a joyous occasion when I started to see more than what was above the ground or the outside layer of rose cane, when I looked at a rose bush in new reality and not only seen the plant which grown above the ground but seen the other part the roots same time, I laughed out from joy.
      We so seldom think or see the hidden part of thinks which are not seen by the ‘’Eyes’’ that we don’t really have reality that too is part of the pant.
      My passion was consuming so I had the thought ‘Elizabeth, have a session’ And in that session I recalled when captured and implanted I was given this pleasure item to garden to put my soul all my power into growing things.
      That Implant had such a strong hold on me that is has taken over my life.. What I was creating was beautiful award winning garden, the love of my life but a implanted activity. I sobbed and sobbed because what I loved so deeply [ huge havingness] suddenly was melted away as-ised in session.
      Part of the Cog. was while I garden I was in jail, I was not effective anywhere else, that implant has removed me from the seat of power. A very clever implant, if one stops and thinks about it. Give a being something which that being truly believes have passion for, that being is removed and permanently from other aeries, than the connecting ARCB’s galore had to be handled.
      That passion never returned since it melted away in that session, but the love toward those root bounded critters is there the true love this time and I too garden in the NOW…

    • Becky, in my reality, “my plants, know your plants” so differently and well, that we whatever are glue-less about their reality. this gives me a new idea to fallow up.. more an communication. That item alone is endless, elusive and invisible lines.. what is communication in the first place, I ask?

  4. The heavy drama, more auditing one has bigger the drama becomes. OT’s really know how to dramatize!!
    “Unfortunately, as my ability to mock up increased so did my ability to mock up my bank.” [ this was part of a comment in my blog]
    Well, here goes… you have not made your bank bigger, that is impassible since the BANK is already existing can’t add to it and only as-ising segments by segments as in session works- lessens that all ready existing package.
    So here are the very reasons the OT’s seem to dramatize more than before in being in scientology.
    After having the OT levels finished or partially even at the levels, that dramatization manifests itself. More energy-item has been erased after that the drama, which could be about anything, could become big-huge- monstrous in size.
    And why, my fellow travelers? The answer is very simple… too simple so some of you who are dramatizing looking for complicated answers will not see this as the cause of the big drama.
    Let me give on Example: you have front of you a huge barrel of apples, you see all which is visible, not as singular apple but let say few hundred.. as the apples vanish one by one there is more room available for the remaining apples and those become more noticeable. Now, what do you see than after let say only six or seven apples are front of you in the barrel? And those apples are all different variety. You can now admire the content of the barrel, can pick up each apple and can see, feel, smell, weigh each one individually. You see, when lots of items are erased from the bank as-ised the remaining stuff seems heavier, bigger, they are manifested in their own reality, now they are not overwhelmed by other items=condensed. They now have a presence… regained their original powers as they were created by you way back when…
    So fellow traveler, your burden has not become bigger but you can see, sense experience more the remained item can be seen, experienced in the now, Now you really can have, …..Ouch that tiny cut hurts so much! Marty is really heavily into the heavy who is wrong and why, and can’t get out of that shit.. others become a huge victim of the churches,, they get stuck so badly in that drama they can’t move in any direction… and the mail man dropped the mail in the mud off with his head!! Others yell top of their lungs we must save the universe, we must save this or that.
    And what Elizabeth say? Guys, go have a session.. your need for drama will be over.. and there will be peace in the universe…

  5. I dont get that, but it is passible we are just using different words. By now my body has been fryed so many times is session, So I do know the affects what they can cause in the body. Not easy to handle and it is not for the faint hearted. But the bodies reaction and to put up with such is a very small price to pay for what one gains through cognitions. So there are lot of ouches… lot … hehehe.. but man oh man.. do I have fun!!

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