It started to become a difficult activity to write,

as I’m losing my mind.


It is a good thing.


I do not know for how long I can still share my wins and my researches.

I have reached a point where every step

is too unreal to the majority and also extremely difficult to put into words

due to their simplicity.


A point where in order to write I have to ‘play’ the mind activity game.

Not too pleasant.


But for who of you continues to audit,

I will compile a book.

It is not a book with the pretence to teach or with the expectation to be followed.

It just data.

You have to decide if these data can be of help or not.

Never believe or assume something is true.

Never. Not even with your own conclusions.


I have been asked to work in an incredible project.

It is a project that has a totally different operational system

from the one we are used to see on earth.

I feel very honored to be part of that “family”.

I have been writing for years as I felt I had to help others,

as several people have helped me by sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

It has also been a wonderful way to find like-minded souls.


So, even if not as actively, I will try to keep this communication line going.

At this point  I’m feeling I have done my job.

It is required my time into a  much broader way of helping,

Even if not as visible.


The spiritual world is fascinating.


Yes, you become invisible to the eyes of many,

but you become visible to a totally different “crowd”.

It is the most beautiful surprise,

to find your true friends handing you their hand

just when you thought

you have lost everything and everybody.

It is the most rewarding, joyful

experience to be seen.


Not your body. YOU!

-“You are very popular in Texas because here there are very few people with your culture and personality. But in Italy you are going to be just one of the many”-  a friend told me yesterday.” With this kind of comments, I knew he had never made it to see past to my body.

In one year I have regained incredible knowingness.


I remember that little girl, who was spending hours at night

looking out of  the window,

 feeling lost, feeling wrong, waiting for someone

to suddenly appear from the sky to take her home.

Little I would have known, that I would have found an answer to my questions,

that I would have found the way back to the path of truth

and yes, home.


Photo by Silvia Kusada

Today I feel I have the best life in the world.







ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SilviaKusada@gmail.com

Silvia Kusada


  • April 2012
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