The best way to fix the past is to do it right in the now, so you do not have to go back to change it.




Photo by Silvia Kusada


Darren was found by the cleaning lady at his office, at night

sleeping on his desk.


At least that was what his colleagues though he was doing

when they checked on him before leaving the office.


But Darren, that day did not know,

while closing the door of his office,

that he would never be the one to open it again.

He had left his body, without having said good bye

to his wife and his two kids.

We are so busy worrying about the future,

about the things we want to have tomorrow,

about the people we are not closed to

that we forget to live the present

and to enjoy what and who we have now.


Most of our daily effort are for a future,

which might never exist.

How many people they go to sleep with the same person for years,

and they only realized how important that person is to them

when one day they wake up and he/she is dead.

…or when that person is gone.

If you are a person of good intention I think you would agree

the  best way to live is by treating people

in such a way, that even if they leave you suddenly,

when they think of you, they smile.


They smile because the last time you were with them you left them joy.

You  made them feel special.


Look. If you knew somebody would not be around tomorrow or in few hours. What would you like to let them know before the “departure”? …- Go and tell them now. – Than, please write me how you feel, because, I promise you, you will experience an interesting feeling of happiness yourself and an incredible peace.






Remember OT 8 is a start point not and end.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. E si Silvia probabilmente se dovvrei vivere nel presente me ne andrei subito a volte o questa malanconia dell’inutilita’ del vivere.
    Per me a 50 anni ho visto come l’entusiasmo e la consapevolezza (la poca che mi rimaneva a volte) che avevo da bambino si e’ spenta diventando sempre piu’ automa.
    E nel gioco della sopravvivenza e con un briciolo di speranza rimasta o ipnotizzato nel desiderare MEST all’ultima moda o tecnologico si va’ avanti apaticamente fino alla fine dei tuoi giorni.
    Con l’intento nascosto dell’essere di porre fine, nella speranza che la prossima volta (vita) uno sia piu’ abile o fortunato e non commetta gli stessi errori.
    Come se cambiare vita (corpo) uno possa cambiare le sue condizioni le cose indesiderate non risolte accumulate nella vita.
    O se per un attimo hai assaporato durante un esteriorizzazione forzata ( da annegamento) un istante di consapevole di essere consapevole come entita indipendente dal corpo ( OT) la speranza di essere in grado di ritrovare quello stato alla morte e di essere in grado di mantenerlo e cosi’ da sfuggire al bisogno di avere un corpo.
    Ciao Stella tu c’e’ l’hai fatta.

  2. Thank you!!!!!

  3. .

    • i think your sons beauty is the inner beauty. the soul which shines through.I see a gentle soul..

      • :-)))
        I agree. And I remember one other instance where that became so clear. A friend got a new girl friend and everybody liked and and enjoyed her company. At one point my friend and I were hanging out and he mentioned that Ina actually isn’t very pretty. Obviously she was not there so I had to look at an image of her I had stored in my mind – and – yes – he was right! But the inner beauty of this girl was so much stronger than any physical appearance that nobody had noticed.

      • yes, i know that from my own experience, caused lot of confusion before i knew what it really was.. best to you and have a lovey easter with your family. e.

  4. Thank you for the flowers you sent, love you too,… much

  5. Extraordinary but it is the fact, by not having body nearby – adjoining, one can truly have affinity in totality, since the body do separates – divides because the body acts as medium through which everything is channelled – directed but without such a barrier, obstacles complications one shares universes in entirety.

  6. This is one of my favorite postings of yours Silvia! Very compelling!
    Thanks! I love you…

  7. We are not here to judge: if we judge than we can’t learn, since that act of judging implies – indicates “I already know”. How can one learn when one believes one has all the answers? Elizabeth….

  8. The most difficult session I ever head.
    The auditor’s code…. This was posted in Geir Isenes blog and mine too.

    It has great importance and it should be in place at all times. That code will allow the PC to continue and not being left stuck in the incident. Keeping the code and runing the Rudiments allowed me to continue and erase the bank. Here it is how it has worked for me. In the solo course at ST Hill we really had to know all the words and do the demo, than drill and drill with a partner first than under very watchful eyes of Bert Griswold.

    When I started the solo sessions that TR’s were in, the ack was used to the complete communication cycle between the auditor and the PC. Worked very well.

    Being a PC was not easy since I had in the first 10 years of soloing huge obstacles to confront and overcome. Some of the auditing questions put me into coma like state which could last for hour or two, those time I could come out for s second or two just enough to repeat the auditing question “ I repeat the question etc….” than I would sink back into that incredible un-conscious state…. This could go on and on. But the question was there to ask, the code was kept the TR’s in, the way I have learned in the solo course: what is the difference between the auditor and the PC.

    I would like to share the most difficult sessions I ever had out of thousands. The topic was HELL but I won’t repeat the auditing question which triggered off such a huge mass which lasted for three days. That concept whatever it was held me twisted, bunched up in agony nearly -unconscious.

    The session started early afternoon, yet I could not get out of it by late evening, I was exhausted hungry, felt panic since I could not see pictures but be in that twisted agony.

    It never happened before to have 8 hour session in one sitting, but I had to end it. Fallowing morning I went to work I was in the zombie state, all day and driving was very difficult since I was not conscious. At home back to session, same all over, occasionally I could surface enough to repeat the auditing question. Again I could not get out. This time I stopped to eat than back to unconscious state. The session was almost 11 hours long. In the morning back to work same state continued, but by being having some thoughts surfacing I realized I was in trouble and felt panic what if I can’t pull myself out? big time panic….set in…

    At home eat, than back into session, with the same auditing question. The most difficult part of the session just started, because realization has come I must look beyond the unconsciousness, I must find my way out in order to see what I was in. I must find a tread, a picture which will give me something to continue with something to fallow. It worked, very slowly; I pounded the walls of Hell at first with just a smidgen of returning energy, since my thoughts were less than whiff of smoke in the autumn evening

    But the auditing questions continued, the ack.’s were there to. The pictures started to roll and I have come out of the depth of Hell. The cognitions rolled in for days after that i was so keyed out that I could not go into session for a month. Auditor’s code well learned and being kept that can take any PC out of any incident. That session was 6 hours. Wins galore, Hell as=ised, the universe rejoiced………… I found my wings again…

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