When you decide to join a peaceful group, you should be ready “to face” a constant war.

It is a beautiful cloudy day.

The clouds in the sky are chasing each other while running away.

I almost feel like following them.



Down here in the land of magic

not a single leaf moves.


This is my peaceful kingdom:

the woods and their beautiful energy.


When you decide to join a peaceful group,

you should be ready to be in a constant war.

You have just assumed a position in space.

you have become a terminal and, to be more precise,

an opposition terminal to war.


You are now an enemy to war

as you do not belong to the team who fights.

… so war will fight you.


Forget all the bullshit you have learned in the Church of $cientology

about deserving to be suppressed or attacked.


It is a game of flows.

The effort to LOVE is as aberrated as the impulse to hate.

The aberrated part is the EFFORT.

The wish to be, or wish to do.

The addition to the simplicity of a simple action

of a being.


A free being has love as a natural inherent part of his essence.


It does not have to think about good or wrong

love or hate.

It is what he is.


The other day I realized

 the incredible spiritual progress I have made in the last few months.

I was laying in bed next to the person I love

knowing that would have been the last time

I would see him for a while.

.. I felt pain, sadness but also peace.





I realized at that point  I was free from a big junk

of the typical dramatizations of a human.


… I even started  to ask myself how a human would have felt or react.

It was difficult to even imaging it.

Difficult to imagine an upset, a screaming and shouting or blame.

I realized at that point how much territory

I have gained toward silence.


At the same time I could see a big part of my case

in need of improvement and attention.


 The people I care and love

are the only ones who seem to have the power to really hurt me.


I cried for few days after that.




Sometimes I carry with me these misemotions

before I’m ready to locate who they really belong to

and let them go.


Sometimes I forget I’m connected to a body,

which it is subjected to the energy flows and

mechanics of this material universe.

He naturally experience the losses and all the other emotions of a human.


I’m very lucky to have incredible terminals (C/Ses)

who watch out for me, both in the spiritual universe and here.


I worked with them and listen to some of their advises.




Today during one of my meditation (solo sessions),

I realised something incredible.


The concept of self,  it is an introversion.

It is the only entrance point,

the Achille’s hill, of every single being.


In order to be the effect of something

you have to agree to be there.

To be something and or to have a position in space.

Even if just as an idea.



If you wouldn’t have that concept that you belong somewhere,

that you have some sort of aura or position,

nothing could stop or stick to you.


For the first time

it was really clear to me

what achieving transparency is.


What is action without thought,

without a source point.


You can act without having a location in space.


Others can place you somewhere and they most likely will.


But you do not have to agree with them.


Is just their idea.

They cannot conceive an action without a terminal.


This is the first time I’m smiling in 4 days.


Now I see that when I say: “He hurt me”. I’m giving myself a location.

 and (smiling) a wrong item.

That is what hurts,

not what someone else has done to you.


Unfortunately most of us erroneously think,

 a location is needed in order to be admired or

in order to exist.


It is a lower form of living indeed.


Above that thrives the real beautiful state of  harmony and peace

state a human cannot even conceive.


“Do you understand what I mean by a reaction?

You insult me, you say something which I don’t like, and I react;

or I like what you say, and again I react.

But is it not possible to listen to what another says without reacting?

Surely, if I listen to find out the truth

or the falseness of what you are saying,

then from that listening, from that perception,

there is an action which is not reaction. -“

Collected Works, Vol. XIII,233,Action

by J. Krishnamurti






OT 8 is a start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. “falsely believing in the need for a location to exist………”
    that is just GENIUS! 🙂 Thank you so much, Silvia!

  2. Wasn´t mHubbard the guy who said:” people who grow or live in a dangerous environment , are automaticly forced to be in PT….like soldiers……
    and did not he promote those situations, rather like sitting in a chair
    in front of a TV every evening?????
    So he gave us a few enemies to fight: squirrels, psychs, goverments……bla bla bla….

    In the contrary, wasn´t Hubbard the guy who criticized media because they create a dangerous enviroment in their reports…..?

    Many years ago, I chosed the war of the COS as a game. It was thrilling, but it was also a walk on a fine line, a very fine
    line. The abysses left and right hand did not look invitingly. However I came through. Thanks god, and my personal ability to bumble through any sort of hot or dangerous situations.
    But I also realized that it was not my war.

    You are right silvia, its a game of flows. You get what you PLAY for.

  3. Great viewpoints, Silvia. The internet is neat in a way because it removes location to a degree, even though it exists in MEST. As to the Co$, I eventually learned to differentiate between its groupthink, false data, and those things of Ron that were true and valuable, such as the idea of “human emotion and reaction”, which Krishnamurti describes as well in your quote…

  4. […] When you decide to join a peaceful group, you should be ready “to face” a constant … […]

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