Hunting the ‘me’, the ‘self’, the “unit”, the “I”… any concept or representation of you. An OT drill for you to try…

Read the post below in order to get the full understanding of the following :


Hunting the ‘me’, the ‘self’, the “unit”, the “I”. 

any concept or representation of you.

I will give you an OT drill at the end.



While at the bottom you would find self-abasement, self-abnegation,

self-invalidation and nullification,

at the top you will find a zero.

But a zero which is pure potential.


We are talking about something

which cannot really be described in words,

as each and every word

contains the limitation of the physical universe.


So, to say that at one point you are everywhere

or pervade everything or are everything,

it is quite incorrect

as the terms “everywhere”- “everything”- and the rest,

presupposes to have a factor call space.


But we are now moving toward a state where there is no space.

No energy or thought and therefore no time.

At one point you can really start to have a feel of what it is.




The other day I made one of these discoveries

I consider a milestone to my spiritual progress.

That been the trap of self.


Since then, every time I have been starting to feel griefy or sad,

every time I have been starting to think of what it should have been or not,

I instantly located where I was conceptually

at the time, or, in the now as a self.


To whom the rejection was going to?

Of course me,

but where it was the me or where it is the me?

Locating it and recognizing it every single time,

as there is no a true location in space for a being

no matter in which dimension she is,

would make disappear the lie connected to it

and with that the misemotion.


Once you, the self is gone, there is no mass

who can stop or hold any flow.

I would  like for you to try.

Works like magic.

Every single time.


Things have gone incredibly well lately.

A friend came over and brought me a tape.

Listening to the tape I found myself generating

an unbelievable amount of power,

having and pervading a huge amount of space.




Incredible feeling of power.


Like a little silly kid,

I started to show off to my spiritual teacher.

“Look what I can do!!”

I told him.

Once again, I was very proud of myself.

“Look how big I’m!!”


His  “words” were very simple:

“If you pervade space as energy you are going to be seen.

Transparency is what keeps you safe. And holds the true power”

There I was flying all around spreading golden explosion of energy everywhere.

And without realizing it, attracting attention…

“Here I’m!! please shoot me!”



I stopped the show.

Indeed, there is no need for a show.


I was able, with the help of my spiritual teacher,

to achieve the fullness (to my present reality) of transparency.

Incredible state.


It had even more beauty and excitement

of the powerful action of a spiritual being who feels fearless.

The kings of the mountains

which “produces” the L’s under DM

are nothing more than clay pigeons.


They do not know they have become as a flourescent light bulb.


So, there is some knowingness

which goes with freedom.


Confront, both of evil and good.


The strength and courage to be ale to leave the people we love,

once we recognize they have been taken to be temporarily used

as a re-transmission point of negative energy.


… Is not them that are bad, they are just a tool

used by some to get you to stay,

to get you a bit more solid so you can obey

to the laws of the physical universe.

We need to recognize them and move away,

until they stop been a re-transmission point.

They do not know indeed why they are attacking you,

they are feeling more uncomfortable than you,

and they are trying to find reasons.


You know.

and because you know

1. you temporarily move away and

2. you clean yourself routinely of any location

you might have agreed to have as a consideration.

…and you are going to be fine.


Where you feel the waves, words, thoughts are hitting, there, there is a lie of you.

Where your thoughts are coming from, there, there is a lie of you.

Where you can say, “I’m here“.

There there is a lie of “you“.

Have fun. I have.



Miracles? No.

What humans call miracles, is normal life.

What they are used to, is what is not normal.






OT 8 is a start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. “Once you, the self is gone, there is no mass

    who can stop or hold any flow.” amen.

  2. “If you pervade space as energy you are going to be seen. Transparency is what keeps you safe. And holds the true power”
    I have no idea who is your teacher, but there is contradictory in the above what the teacher said to you. Transparency to keep one safe? Keep what safe? What is there need to be kept safe? Who needs to hide and what needs to be hidden in transparency?
    I believe, if one has fears than only than one is need to hide.
    Transparency is a trap. I have soloed on those item: transparent, invisible, nothing-ness, they are huge items packed with significances. They were used for hiding, keeping safe, not to bee seen, not to be found- located. Transparent is an item itself it has agreement’s, and existing because it is a consideration and should be soloed an as any other item. There is huge agreement and it exists, like smokescreen or fog.
    “”If you pervade space as energy you are going to be seen.”””
    In my reality= If you project energy into space that will be seen, that is energy and can be seen and that is not you, That energy can be a target and be destroyed but not you. If one believes one is something-energy-shape etc.. than can be attacked.
    You Silvia are the creator and not the created and you know that..

    • Eliz, I’m not talking about transparency as a color, but about transparency as a absence of mass space energy.
      There is no fear either… The fact that you can be hit does not mean there is fear… but the truth is, in a gradient scale we are effect… and we r cause.

      • thank god for different view points, otherwise it would be very boring being here.

  3. Little bug, theta alway obove entheta.. dont let the rats into your nest., much love…
    in fact i believe that a rat is a far superior being in body and in intelect. Rast are carriers of diseases we been informed, but some humans are the disease it self… So I do not wish to insult the rats. Now, if we keep score lets put a huge + beside theta and friendship.

  4. I agree Eliz. You are a special being and a soul I love and admire.

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