The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve, simply because does not belong here.

The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve, simply because does not belong here.


The mind is so structured as to alter

the spiritual perceptions of truth.

It enforces its own “truth”,  to anyone who try to ‘listen’.

She gives automatically forms

and shapes to what is perceived.


The mind would add a rationale which will make you feel

you have gotten somewhere

while brings you back to square one:

the game of this universe.



When you find a truth, hold on to it

until it works or feels right and than discard it.

Do not argue with others, listen with the intent to discover.


In a much broad/advanced view of life

we are all wrong anyway,

this, until we view, feel and listen with the aid of a mind..




Thus, the importance to achieve inner silence


this accompanied by the ability to look

and listen without the use of thoughts, eyes or ears.

The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve

by J. Krishnamurti:



Can thought resolve our problems?

By thinking over the problem, have you resolved it?
Any kind of problem -economic, social, religious-
has it ever been really solved by thinking?
In your daily life, the more you think about a problem,
the more complex, the more irresolute,
the more uncertain it becomes.
Is that not so in our actual, daily life?
You may, in thinking out certain facets of the problem,
see more clearly another person’s point of view,
but thought cannot see the completeness and fullness of the problem;
it can only see partially, and a partial answer
is not a complete answer, therefore it is not a solution.
The more we think over a problem,
the more we investigate, analyze, and discuss it,
the more complex it becomes.
So, is it possible to look at the problem comprehensively, wholly?
How is this possible?
Because that, it seems to me, is our major difficulty.
Our problems are being multiplied,
there is imminent danger of war,
there is every kind of disturbance in our relationships,
and how can we understand all that comprehensively, as a whole?
Obviously, it can be solved only when we can look at it as a whole –
not in compartments, not divided.
When is that possible?
Surely, it is only possible when the process of thinking
which has its source in the ‘me’,
the self,
in the background of tradition, of conditioning, of prejudice,
of hope, of despair, has come to an end.
Can we understand this self, not by analyzing,
but by seeing the thing as it is,
being aware of it as a fact and not as a theory –
not seeking to dissolve the self in order to achieve a result
but seeing the activity of the self, the ‘me’, constantly in action?
Can we look at it, without any movement to destroy or to encourage?
That is the problem, is it not?
If, in each one of us, the center of the ‘me’ is non-existent,
with its desire for power, position, authority,
continuance, self-preservation,
surely our problems will come to an end.
The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve.
There must be an awareness which is not of thought.
To be aware, without condemnation or justification,
of the activities of the self, just to be aware, is sufficient.
– The First and Last Freedom,112,Choiceless Awareness
by J. Krishnamurti






OT 8 is a start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. Timely and timeless

    • In what way if I may ask? What is timeless and timely about what you have read? I am interested in your thoughts, what is…

    • The reason I have asked you because I know that why you made that remark: to be sound “smart” how you sound like how you come across. We have been through with this you and I. You did not like my answer than and you will not like to read this ether… My heart bleeds…. I am devastated….
      You have no idea why we are running the blogs, so here is a bit of information. WE are running them , posting our thoughts because these blogs these posting are our diary, our recording showing our advancement on the PATH of Enlightenment which is gathering of knowledge about the MEST Universe and learning the cause of out entrapment…
      Silvia And I we don’t believe we are “SMART” we are far away from those believes of wanting to impress others.
      We simply want to share with those who visit our blogs.
      When one is on Learning PATH as Silvia and I am we are students at the same time we are teachers… Those two concept in fact is one in reality..
      Comments are welcome any time and you know why? Have you any inclination? Because we learn from them… we simply learn and by experiencing those comments we see the universe around us. Those comments let us look into other universes, and let me tell you some are not really worth experiencing because they are shallow.. And how we know that? Again that is very simple: we had been there too.
      We are on the PATH therefore we are the PATH…
      Sex desire: Impress wanting too, is very low on the tone scale” see” a picture have a fantasy get a hard on automatically, brother that is acting on impulse, there is no free will in that. Should I give you different example? In my blog I did but of course you did not bother to ack, those.
      Don’t you realize we can only learn from when we are not being agreed to?
      Why I am taking time to write to you? It might ring some bells… and push you further on the path of learning… least I care that much and Silvia too, we acknowledge the comments….
      Silvia is not a female but on enlightened being. “Female” is only a concept regarding the body and how it looks behaves and what it can produce, it is a machine, a robot mostly: water which do not have anything else, no mind no feelings. Nothing more than that..

  2. great post… You right [I you dont need me to tell you that]
    I solo I take everything apart in order to learn from.. I listen Long as I have the body I use the eyes too for looking. in the MEST. I by looking and listening sensing-feeling through all what I perceive I learn-collect knowledge how the trap was formed and I know that into this trap I have fallen into becaouse I too was lacking the understanding.
    In my path where I walk I turn over every pebble, I examen every particle, This is my path and I love the walk. as I said yestarday ” only seeing, blinds us “, but I want to now every lie how it has become that lie and what me believe it was the truth, and without not knowing I would never be free… never…love ya. and thanks for pictures… I am with you…

  3. Sylvia, I want to compliment you on your choice of photos and quotes. I love your creativity and your love shines through what you post. Thank you and Gracias 🙂

  4. Ciao Silvia ti ho nominata nel post.

    Bonfanti Adriano
    26 maggio 2012 alle 19:30

    Ciao In effetti io non sapevo piu’ CHI ero e in effetti mi interogavo allo specchio chiedendomi “MA IO CHI SONO?”.
    E solo tramite un esperienza precedente a Scientology di “esteriorizzazione consapevole o cosiente di cio’ che stavo sperimentando ” dovuto ad un quasi annegamento mentre ero al mare.
    Ed a Scientology per immagini dove spiegava in modo molto semplice il Thetan e il controllo ed il possesso del corpo ( la marionetta ) e non viceversa da come avevo appreso dalla mia educazione anche cattolica.
    Da li’ ho capito CHI o COSA sono e so’ che Scientology FUNZIONA ed e’ una via per sciogliere quei nodi che in qualche modo ci teniamo e portiamo appresso e liberandoci di questi nodi c’e’ un ripristino di consapevolezza dove ormai QUESTO ESSERE ormai assopito va’ avanti.
    O meglio ” il corpo o entita genetica ” porta avanti l’ ESSERE inconsapevole o quasi poiche’ il suo scopo e’: SOPPRAVVIVI.
    Accontentandosi di alcuni momenti piacevoli o di piacere o di SENTIRSI VIVI.
    Poi sommerso dal tran tran del vivere e qui cito una frase di Silvia Kusada: SE PER VIVERE AVETE SMESSO DI VIVERE.
    E cosi’ e’ la VITA.
    Certamente tutto cio’ e’ triste ed apatico ma in fondo se non si sarebbe scesi cosi’ in “basso” come potrebbe un ESSERE restare li’ e consentire che cio’ avvenga?
    Non solo non sapendo CHI E’ MA NEMMENO DOV’E’.
    Io voglio ripristinare la mia consapevolezza e determinazione dove IO controllo il corpo ed il MEST e non viceversa.
    Libero di DECIDERE cosa fare o non fare se avere o non avere un corpo ed ESSERE consapevole di ESSERE.
    Poi certamente nell’ mondo ci sono stati e ci sono ESSERE STRAORDINARI che non sanno niente di Scientology ( forse) magari avevano fatto altre pratiche in altre epoche. chissa
    O qualche IMPLANT non aveva “funzionato” bene in quella vita’.
    Oppure Questa volta E o ERA piu’ determinato a cambiare le cose ed aveva recuperato un po’ di consapevolezza tra le vite.
    E in qualche modo non si era cosi ‘soppresso o fatto sopprimere ed aveva mantenuto la sua determinazione.
    O forse nelle regole del gioco ci vuole QUALCUNO ,QUALCOSA che da SPERANZA QUALCUNO CHE C’E’ LA FA’.
    Grazie A TE Sè pò fà.

  5. On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 8:40 PM, Tim Higgs wrote:

    Why don’t you do something constructive with your time beside 3rd partying people?

    The things you said about Silvia on the phone was despicable, the perfect example of human being behavior in all it’s full GE bloom.
    Didn’t you learn your lesson this time last year?

    How come Silvia removed your blog link on her blog roll?
    Do something constructive and positive instead of being destructive and evil.

    I can see why now all four of your marriages ended in divorce.

    Fuck you.

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