One of the obstacles in this journey is fear: fear to be crazy.

One of the first obstacles in this journey

is fear.

Fear to be crazy

is just one of the many.


“Don Juan says fear is the first enemy a man of Knowledge will have to defeat. It come in many disguises and rationales. Hides behind carefulness, patient, the decision to being safe, pleasant or normal. Bravery when accompanied by irresponsibility, can also be a manifestation of fear…. this to name a few.



Maybe if you were not so afraid of becoming mad,

or of losing your body,

you would understand this marvelous secret.

But perhaps you must wait until you lose your fear

to understand what I mean.”

Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan



When I decide to take up the offer to visit this spiritual researcher

few of my friends started to worry.


They thought it was very dicey to travel overseas to

a total foreign land to meet and stay with a total stranger.


I had many offers to travel over the past years

many of which I have declined

as I felt they were not aligned with my search.


I love where I live right now as it is the perfect gate to knowledge.


This time I knew I had to go.


What I found is more than I expected.


As some of my friends feared, I could have been murdered, raped… I could have died in an airplane crash or what else…. Instead, I found magic, aesthetic and an incredible man of wisdom.


I found more than I expected.  Power, I would say,

for me and the few people who travel this journey.


The power a true free spirit can generate.


Liroy and I talked for hours.

We experienced the joy of being able to talk our own language

after having lived in a foreign country

where no one understand each other.


We went for walks.


We have spoken to the “locals” of other dimensions.

They are not used to be seen.


I understood why there are so many stories

about trolls and little spirits inhabiting the forest.

Indeed they do live here.


Liroy and I laugh from our hearts..


He, like me, has since long defeated the enemy of fear.


Another necessity of a warrior’s life (Note of the editor: a man of knowledge is a warrior, as he fight for knowledge)was the need to experience

and carefully to evaluate the sensation of fear.

The ideal was that, in spite of fear,

one had to proceed with the course of one’s acts.

Fear was supposed to be conquered

and there was an alleged time in the life of a man of knowledge

when it was vanquished,

but first one had to be conscious of being afraid

and duly to evaluate that sensation.

Don Juan asserted that one was capable of conquering fear

only by facing it.

_ Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan _



We both enjoy seeing, we both enjoy

being scared at times

and we both never stop.


When that day we came back from the forest,

I found on the rim of my jeans

a little messages from the inhabitants:

I little heart.

It gave me a wonderful feeling of joy.

It is indeed the most beautiful welcome I ever had.


There is a very special results for who is auditing (meditating) on the upper levels: The ability to see and freely communicate with inorganic beings. Many people in the Church of $ today, who consider themselves powerful spirit, haven’t realized that.







and do what LRH wanted them to do:



We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.




I’m a Class VI auditor, 2 Flag Internships  and an OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. I understand.

  2. I have none of it. It has blown when value has been erased… fear only exist when there is consideration; having-ness value is existing… since considerang that something is valuble like life, posessions, health, what ever created and holds the MEST in existence…… for its existance that it is value… we must not lose it… hehehe… bloody hell… sure hold fear in place with that the MEST…

  3. What a tremendous spirit, grace and granting of beingness you portray Silvia. Having no, or overcoming fear is our greatest asset to loving and living on this beautiful planet and you show how one can thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight and journeys.

    • Lizabeth: Here is a DIFFERENT REALITY ABOUT FEAR: fear will exists…will remains.. will happens… will be felt.. will continue.. will not diminish.. in any way on this planet long as there is value in existence in anything By value I mean is: fear of losing of what have: like the belief one only have one life. one is nothing without one’s body… the fear of must have food, sleep… can’t survive without this or that… must have money..
      The Bank is built out of havingness… the must have in order to be and doing order to have have…
      Therefore fear to lose those “must haves”: generate fear….examples here: fear of losing one job. Fear hits the person that the test has to be re-done because cancer? Fear: will he call? Can I be able to handle the new job? Will I make it through this winter and not freeze to death because can pay the bill?
      Fear lives in every counter postulate, since counter postulates are made because there is doubt existing that the outcome will be favorable…
      Counter postulate is the very expression of fear!!!
      Fear is present in ever second in one’s life in this Planet.. Knowledge having knowledge will not erase such a deep rooted emotion which is a control factor of all the implants..
      The most knowledgeable persons have fears, if one leaves on this Planet than one has it: because one has values….
      So let’s not think having knowledge will eliminate fear…..Best to you.

      • Elizabeth, I understand the different reality about fear which one can believe or rise above and have or see it for what it is. As you state so very well. You are right, knowledge will not eliminate all fears until one see’s and know from where it originates. The GE probably has the hardest fears to combat, but the spirit can be in control with practice, knowledge and vigilance. Thank you for a well stated viewpoint that should be recognized.
        Best also…

      • To rise above fear simply means getting keyed out… there is no true value in that… there are no variety of fear. in existance… fear is simply is existing as a item it self..

      • Elizabeth, just a note here. One has to agree with something for it to be. Without postulates. the old “true for you” still is valid.

    • Lizabeth, lets live out the GE. That is the meat body.. nothing more which would not feel sense move lift a little finger without the automatic mechanism… it is only a anchor… nothing more… definitely not the being… the body did not produce the being, the being produced the machine the unthinking robot as for use as anchor to operate from… huge difference.. but I am sure you known this previously…

      • But it does have entities that need to be handled, and who better than we can do it.

        Fear is an “item itself” that one can put much attention on or not. I will put attention on flowing love to you!

  4. Lizabeth… yes one has to agree…. BUT. when that agreement originaly become valid. this life.. or it has existed always? Here is a bit on LOVE… Affinity…I have lost “fear” some years back; I have none in my universe, to get this far taken many years in solo sessions, tens of thousands of hours. But it has taken another dozen of years and thousands of hours in sessions before I could confront the magnitude, the power of love=affinity.
    The fear just melted away unnoticed while I have audited values, but affinity was the solid rock which held my space-universe in solid formation.
    Now, love-affinity was very different from any other item I have soloed: It have become more powerful over the years since the un-love-hates and dislikes were erased and love has grown and held me in even stronger grip than fear had.
    We believe love-affinity is better; it is pleasure to love….
    No, it is not, affinity is on item same as any other a beliefs we have and this item affinity controls the same way as fear do.
    It is love one looks for to escape into, to get relief from that heavy duty daily grind which is so overwhelming.
    Loved is Used as a blanket to keep one safe and happy but it is a trap which keeps one away from freedom. Love that concepts has more rules and regulations than any government: it exist because it is considered it exist.. and how easily it vanishes!!!! True love- free from any aberration do not contain energy… it is existing on its own…
    I had sessions on affinity=love for nearly two weeks every day. This subject is one of the most entangled, confusing, mass I ever confronted.
    It has never taken me before so much time to as is any other items=agreements. Even Hell itself was easier to confront since only taken about 20 hours in session to understand that topic, what it’s effects are
    This concept encompasses every phase out existence here. Love=affinity existing since it is the creations it self, our thoughts, intentions, dreams and visions. But the real meaning become lost when it was interpreted into solidity, used as exchange.
    I believe love is used more often to get something in exchange than money.

  5. Elizabeth, it takes as long as it takes and I’m so happy to hear that you have gotten through it and have such a good reality on the whole subject and yourself. Well Done! I am happy for you and send you love…

  6. There are some readers who have no reality on my writting. I posted this in GEIR and my blog too..
    This is part of the communication with Marildi, we are friends from way back… it is at her recommendation I have not closed my blog and keeping to her advice I continue posting here and in Silvia’s blog… since I really wanted to stop sometimes back… because of her logical explanation ‘’the why” I continue….

    Elizabeth, sorry for answering so late – I have had a lot to do and…

    The email you wrote here is exactly the kind of thing that I think you should write, whether on your blog or on Geir’s or wherever. Simply your own insights – and let those who can duplicate do so. Some will, some won’t. Don’t assume that everybody is necessarily so keyed into implants that they can’t perceive truth – it can happen. And it has happened from your posts many times, as you know.

    Personally, I’ve learned that if I have too much attention on how my comments will be received it affects how and what I write and in fact those kind of comments are not the ones that interest people. A simple, true comm communicates, is what I have found – and I’m still working on it too. It’s like that Scn saying, “Must have, can’t have”. Ha ha! Foot bullet every time.

    Actually, if I were you with your superior ability to find answers in solo’ing, I would take this subject up in session. It seems like you have been wrestling with it for a while, which may mean that there’s something you haven’t spotted that when you do it will guide you. But, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that..

    Fascinating what you wrote about the Crab Nebula, the magical universe and the truth about spirituality – and the new heavy game that came into vogue. Yes, my dear, your emails to me are a good example of just speaking your truth – you may actually have convinced me that the world is round. 🙂 But seriously, I’ve told you before – scientists should take notes from your posts.

    Off to bed now. Love, M

    Elizabeth; Just had a new thought….. I think it fits in…. my reality is so new…. example from the past here on EARTH : earth flat=everybody new that and believed it… than some poor idiot said the earth is round…[[I wonder why he was not skinned alive right on the spot, or the earth opened up and have swallowed him, the cheek of the man!]] well lots of people had trouble with that….

    now the scientist discovered that every item regardless meat body or cow flower etc… is made out of the same material and there is no solidity, that all what being seen Perceived with the eyes is only a illusion…

    My reality is aligned with those new finding of the scientists in totality….since that what I too have find in sessions.

    Also some of my views-reality are so new and they are expressed for the first time here in mine or Silvia’s and Gear’s blog that people truly think—some of them, that I am off my rocker…. gone nuts, or never been sane… live in the dream world etc… every one of those considerations are right from the perspective of the reader

    Some of my reality never ever been expressed here…… talked about or written, now this makes lots of sense to me why is the heavy attack from some and others reading my writing get totally keyed out…. walk on clouds and sing Hosanna… Hallelujah!!!

    [By the way I never studied in these life the Philosophers writing..]

    No matter what I write is mine….

    For other reason this new reality don’t make any sense and recognised because it is not in the implanted material… As you can see I have reached the thinking=knowing level-reality of other universe like what we has in my home base the CRAB NEBULA…. what a win…

    Some of those people who become angry-upset about these thoughts are the same who opposed this line of thoughts than in Crab Nebula… you see the part of the collapse of the Nebula Empire was that the Dark forces, aberration moved in….. and overwhelmed the magical universe… the truth about spirituality etc….. because the HEAVY stuff was new to that sectors people wanted it, it was a huge having-ness, the stimulation of the new game taken over… become into vogue.

    But after a while that stimulation is unbearable for the spiritual entity… so wants to get out… reaching for spirituality once more… the heavy energy flows went out of vogue…. For many they have lost their meaning…importance.. Because they have realized the MEST is confining..

  7. Lizabeth you have missed the point about fear.. totaly… and dont flow love into my space … you cant flow love… if you flow love than you flow MEST. TRUE LOVE CANT BE FLOWN, for god sakes…please dont hit me with MEST crap…UGGGGG yak…

    • Oh dear, didn’t mean to cause such an affect, mia culpa!
      I suggest you just put up a shield or as-is it and don’t let it bother you further. You consider it what you want. Words are words and then there is intention. Sorry that I didn’t get that across to you, I can handle it and sure you can too! Namaste’

      • I dont need a barriers.. you caused no effects… but your MU’s are reading loud and clear… Dont start the “nice me” thing I dont buy crap… You simply put something in this blog which I dont agree too. that is all. you have given your reality and I have given mine… that is the end..

  8. Long as one is in the MEST operates in the MEST,,, there is no Truth… Silvia expressed those thought in her blog more than once.
    And love-affinity the real kind which has no bounderies, or connection to anything. it cant be given.or taken.. it simply is… It is not a weapon. a item which is so used by humans as to blak mail otheres with: I love you IF this or that…I love you to show You i AM A NICE PERSON… i FLOW YOU LOVE!!!!. BLOODY HELL… That is sticky…. real love has no reasons. and never ever connected with doingness… never…


    • So be it!

      • do give up.. please…we are not in the fish market after all.. which goes for me too hehehe…

  10. What a great sense of humor you have Elizabeth, and I mean it. Since you started this discussion I hoped to end it, but please be my quest. You are a very interesting person. Now to have a nice glass of wine and some dinner, wish you were here, I bid you Adu…’

    • Now we are truly communicating on the reality level is acceptable… Love to be with you and have dinner with you… glass of wine that is questinable… i cant handle alcohol. or alcohol cant have me.. Which country you are In? and what are you having for dinner? i have good soup. chicken veggie… you can come over and have a bowl here too… hehehe.. humor I have. but i love a good go-around too. much love and that is truly from the universel one… bloody hel, i dont have human kind of love… as-ised that long time back too…

    • what is “adu” means?

      • Adue’ is like so long in French or Itaian and I’m too lazy and hungry to look it it. I should have said Cio, or Chio, Chow whichever spelling. I can speak but not type. First husband was Italian and leaned some words, also first experience in family hugging, loved it. Lived in Miami and learned to speak impokito, little spanish. Second and last husband an Englishman, also a hugger, OT7, CL 6 Ex scio since ’82 and learned the most from him.

        Alcohol doesn’t like my body much either, but a little now and then, watered down. I am in Florida on the West coast, like in Clearwater, land of Mecca itself, tho in last 30 years only spent a couple of last years doing anything there. Before that I was Miami trained and processed for 7 years. There are a lot of italians at Flag and they were the most friendly people there. Flag is not the friendliest place on the planet, quite the opposite as everyone is paranoid and can’t talk. My opinion in the last year and half was active. Finally resigned as public this year early.

        Homemade chicken soup is the best and veggies. Was vegetarian for 12 years with my mate since we belonged to a meditation group. Was good for the time. Not sure what’s for dinner yet, need to look in freezer and choose, and have sweet potato with it.

        I too love a good go around, and you got me up to the challenge, thanks. I think good for the soul sometimes, so to speak.

        You of course are way ahead of me in Universal awareness,
        but I’m at it daily and I like to learn. Adore your Avatar!

        Been a pleasure love! A new friend?

      • on old friend… there are no stranges in this universe,. and never ever compare universes… my reality is not better than your, just different. very different… I dont want any one think that solo auditing placers one,makes one better above otheres… soloing, having cognitions erases the old and brings in the new different reality.
        In fact if any shit like I am above you. better than you, I am important because I solo. well that is a lot og hogwash… More auditing one has those considerations-agreements just melts away.. By the way I live in Canada. BC east of Vancouver god I was interapted and i cant see what i am writting.. I am not to keen on computer communication. You can write me at home.. Endlesstringofpearls My avatar has been my home before i got kidnapped and being brought here little over 2500 years back.. I am nuw here…

      • It is with small e if any one of the readers were looking for a cat fight… sorry guys cant happen.. not in my universe… but cats are.. love the critters…

  11. Old friend yes! Nice picture of your home.
    Thanks Elizabeth, will email you

  12. Recently my path included moments of great opposition, by some real evil beings. There was an option to run, to cower, and it looked inviting, for death was a distinct possibility if I did not. However, I decided that I was willing to die for the cause I was fighting for, and faced this evil with total confront. The fears disappeared, as did the opposition, and I raised to a new plateau where fear is simply something I no longer have to contend with to any imposing degree anymore.

    We each have our paths, our dreams, our goals. What path you are on will include such challenges. The Holy Spirit will aid you and ultimately restore your soul to its own full potential. It is part of the 8th Dynamic on one’s way to Infinity. She is in you already, for she is Love and you my dear have a lot of that! Blessings. ❤

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