Not everyone has enough inherent strength to pull himself out of the trap… many need some special help. – At least I did. – This time, however, I made it to a good point, thanks to the steps as laid down by the philosopher Ron Hubbard. I made it to a point where I could fly on my own… to the best part of the path to truth.


I spent few lifetimes, meditating in Tibet, I was a Samurai…

I have searched and worked hard but I could not make it…

Finally this life I was introduced to

the philosophy by Mr. Hubbard.


Compared to other advance philosophies,

he has nothing new as far as data are concerned,

but he has been able to lay down a series of simple steps

that have the power to increase certainty and

self power gradually.


Power needs to be gained,

not with the purpose to use it to control others,

as the current enslaving institution of $cientology

is teaching and practicing today,

but with the purpose to be used to defeat the numerous traps

you will encounter on the path to spiritual freedom.


Many advance spiritual philosophers, gurus, spiritual leaders

as Krishnamurti, Don Juan and others talk about inner silence;

the shutting off of the mind.


Ultimately that means you have raised above

the manipulation of a rational mind(s),

of the voladores or so-called spiritual parasites.



The steps as laid down by Mr. Hubbard

had brought me to a point where

I could finally face the truth and work with some success

on the inner silence.


I feel blessed of my studies in Scientology.

I believe people today have an incredible opportunity with the fact that

they can receive these steps by independent people

without being abused, manipulated,

robbed and destroyed financially by the Church of $cientology.

After achieving the level of  knowledge

people in search of truth and spiritual freedom

have to understand that they are on their own.


But this last realization come with the conquering of knowledge

and the realization of not-knowing

which comes with it.


Once the steps are done

you have to leave Scientology and/or any other narrow-minded group.

You need all the freedom you can get, in order to progress.


You will know at one point when you are ready.


Forget the levels, the status.

You are just living a new life.

By that time, you will find you have defeated Fear,

not because you are fearless, but because Fear will not rule your life.

Because you will find you will go for broke

over and over.


You will find you have conquered knowingness

with the awareness of not-knowing.


You will have conquered power

where you will not care about it anymore.


3 years after my departure from

the criminal/abusive Church of $cientology,

after working very hard to free myself from the

invisible walls builded by their lies and psychological violence

I do NOT consider myself a scientologist,

even if I use the wonderful steps to help who,

with un-bendable intention,

likes to walk the path to spiritual freedom.


I do not belong to any group.


I’m a spirit on a quest

for Knowledge.



and I’m smiling up to my ears while saying that.

There are a lot of different people who can deliver the technology

of Mr. Hubbard outside the Church of $cientology.


Choose well.


Be aware of who is telling you what to think,

what you must do or not do,

with who you should or should not associate,

because no matter how  right they could be

they are undermining you freedom

and restraining your power of choice.


If anyone one makes you feel you do not belong to a group

recognize that it is true.


On the path of knowledge there are no friends

who would put prerequisites to their friendship.

I personally, can take you up to where you can fly on your own.

My goal is to see you flying free.


But I will only do that

if your  intention is strong and pure.


Otherwise I consider my time

to be better invested on looking into the Sky,

because without that intention,

you are not going to go anywhere.

It is not important how much you do,

as long as you never let go.



There is a wonderful device for who of you travel

or are tired to use a heavy e-meter.

Work fantastically

is called the Theta-Meter,

In US it is sold by David St. Lawrence.






There are few versions on the market.

One is the little box to which you connect your leads,

the one I’m using now,

and the other, as per photo below, is a thumb driver

connected to the solo cans.

The thumb driver has the advantage

of not needing the download of a driver.

It is a “plug-in and go” type.


I have used personally this e-meter for almost couple of years

with great success.

I audit wherever I go with my little computer,

in cafees, in airports…

sometimes hiding the solo cans under my jacket. 😀



You can get your ‘job’ done anywhere.

Aren’t we lucky?





OT & is THE start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Very nice. For me, I stopped using a meter for my own progress quite a while ago. Now the session is simply life itself. It is interacting with all dynamics, forwarding love and truth, listening to the music of artists and the universe itself, remembering what I already know by absorbing all the knowledge shared by such beings as Rumi, Jesus, Hubbard, Lao Tzu, Buddha, and many others (and always being ready to reject what is not true for me) and simply being. The reduction of one’s ego to nothing is key to being everything. Living for others allows a regaining of one’s true beingness, which is infinity. Love is the way! Love is simply occupying that which one sees. Knowing how to know answers is simply being the thing one wishes to know. Thinking is low scale, being is at the top. Scientology is the study of truth, it is knowing how to know. Being all is the way! Cheers! ❤

  2. Using a label to define one’s self is limiting. I do realize that I am the only one who will secure my own future. And from where I am now, my best guide has been and is LRH. Since I’ve broken the shackles that made me closed minded (corporate Cof$), I glean truth and power from any place I can get it! Truth is truth, no matter who says it. When I’ve successfully achieved the absolute highest level of spiritual awareness I can from LRH’s technology, then we’ll see where I want to go from there… I want all of it and I want it as LRH intended it when he put it there. And free from the Cof$ is the ONLY way to get it anymore.

    I’m going to copy/paste something I wrote to an auditor recently. I feel this way about any auditor who audits and especially you.
    “I hope you realize that because you’re an auditor, you actually are the most valuable of beings on this here earth?
    It’s hard to comprehend that when you’ve had people trying to shoot your ass down or make you feel like shit for god knows whatever reasons they can drum up. (At least it was for me.) And no matter what, no matter how fucked up anything can be in your life, you have something nobody else has – the ability to actually HELP another being in a way that is forever – eternity. And I don’t mean that in a ser-facy way. I mean that in a true havingness way of owning something so incredibly valuable – even more valuable now that the CofS has ruined the making of auditors.”

    • Tara, THANK YOU for sharing this. There are so many auditors who after getting trained under suppression lost the desire to audit and lowered so much their self esteem to not wanting to touch a meter again.
      You are an inspiration… LOVE

  3. Thanks for showing the meters. I want to try the usb version. 😀

  4. Wow, you said so many words that are true for me also. Love it, you! A new thought for me is when you say “If anyone one makes you feel you do not belong to a group recognize that it is true.” Right! When I look back, now and even forward, I see it!
    Good info on meters.

    Wonderful article, thank you love.

    • Thank you Lizabeth, I suffered through a lot on the subject of groups. Even recently with the man I was in love with.
      Under the influence of the wrong indications they usually throw on you, it has been extremely difficult to let go.

      I would have done anything in my power to make it go right. But after a while, after having suffered through the departure, I realized the wrong indications thrown at me were just a cover up of their lies.
      I wanted to be with what they wished to be, not what they really were.
      When something sticks and hurts, there is always a lie. 😀

      Love to you my friend,

  5. Ah, but isn’t any experience a learning one? Why are we here but to find ourselves becoming wiser so we can move on to know what we really want. Knowing the lies, tho they hurt are but lessons learned eh?
    But you know that love. Life can be fun and you just keep on enjoying it, my friend.

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