Some people have been together a lifetime

but they have never touched each other.


I mean really, really touched.


If you have experienced the beauty of being closed

to another body with great affinity flowing back and forth,

you know how amazing and rewarding it can be.


But here, I’m pushing it a little bit further.


If you go a little bit deeper than that,

allowing yourself to expand into the infinity

of the other being you will find, at one point,

you have reached his/her spiritual universe.


If you do not get frightened by the

overwhelming energy level

and the humongous emotion you will experience,

if you push just a little further

you will end up touching the other being.


The energy that 2 spiritual beings generate connecting

has a terrifying impact on a body, who get usually

overwhelmed by any insignificant amount of energy.


We are talking about the thrill of 2 souls connecting.


In order to do that you have to defeat the fear of being vulnerable.


Empathy is not an option once that connection is made.

You are going to become the other person too.


You are going to start experiencing the

‘coexisting of that person thoughts and emotions’

with your own.



That is one of the reason why

most people are together without ‘touching’ each other.



Being you, they cannot lie to you,

without getting the feeling somebody has lied to them.

Being you, they cannot hurt you

as they would feel they are hurting themselves.


Thus they are terrified at the sole idea to be somebody else.

It hurts.


Hence, instead of  holding

‘your hand’, they run away in terror.


They think you can really hurt them,

because they have not realized they are the one hurting you,

and they are just feeling what you feel.




 They run away from a chest full of treasure;

.The thrill and beauty of true love, of unconditional love.


As an additional note:

Many times it is the body to freak out.

The body is not used to such a powerful emotions and energy.

It reminds him of death, torture and other overwhelming experiences.


In this case, if you have the courage but

your body is pushing the brakes on you,

get in good communication with him, as a good friend would do.


To try to dominate your body would add unnecessary pressure

to its already overloaded energy system.


Pure care and affinity works like magic

and it is the key to freedom too.


As Liroy says: It is all an illusion after all.


People of courage and wisdom

create beautiful illusions


cowards thrive in the dark solidity of fear.


I think you know what I mean… (smiling)









OT 7 is THE start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com
ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.




  1. Finally someone who gets this!! I’ve always had an adversion to actions between two people that were done solely for the purpose of physical gratification. To me, the physical aspect of any relationship is simply a way — a via if you will — of making that deep connection that transcends the body. It’s a communication channel and a via for getting things done in the physical universe, nothing more. When the ARC becomes so high that you move beyond the physical universe and
    truly move into the universe of another it’s a truly amazing experience.

    Love the cat pictures, BTW. Totally cracked me up!!

  2. Yes sex-climax gives one a very strong feeling a burst of huge energy experience,, but not once over all the years and billions of experiences existing collectively created and experienced by the human race, by having sex-climax these practices have never ever taken the persons beyond that experience… but that practise lead that experiencer back and recreating that same experience but of course in the new unit of time.
    Sex is a pleasure moment the strongest one the person can create in the MEST related universe…and addictive, sex-climax yes, has opened up communication channels between two person but never ever….. Never ever those experiences taken the experiencers beyond that…. True enlightenment has not been achieved… Sex is a pleasure moment and pleasure moments are just the same as any other items in the bank… created energy… what is? Just a new addition to ones already piled up mass of energy…
    Let’s not mix the act of sex and communication: which is reaching affinity by agreement, duplication=understanding.

    • Eliz, this post was not meant to be about sex at all, but about the reaching beyond the bodies, beyond the point where most people consider safe. It is about true communication.


  3. Since we know what is communication.. and i know what is bodies… All comunications are outsise of the bodies…. it seems we have different reality what is communication… simple as that…

  4. love your post

  5. Slvia, love the cats!
    Oh, I know what you mean. “allowing yourself to expand into the infinity of the other being you will find, at one point, you have reached his/her spiritual universe” and “You are going to start experiencing the ‘coexisting of that person thoughts and emotions’ with your own.”

    You now know me and my mate’s adventure, which continues as now he’s in spirit only. What a wonderful thing to have found and to experience.

  6. With spiritual touch we can learn that even powerful feelings and emotions are not to be feared. They are simply energy, When they are recognized, acknowledged, investigated, we are liberated. And then we can choose. We can act on those that need a response and let others become freed as the energy of life. It is simple.

    • i like that reality thanks..

  7. Silvia, you are simply lovely, wonderful! Thank you for that! Smiles all around!

    “And sometimes when we touch
    The honesty’s too much
    And I have to close my eyes and hide
    I wanna hold you til I die
    Til we both break down and cry
    I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides”
    — Dan Hill

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