Many people did ask me what I’m doing living in the middle of nowhere.

Of course they do not ‘see’, when they look where I live,

what is really going on.

It is quite a busy place, spiritually talking.

What they also do not know, is that, there, I have found my family.


However, the reason I’m there is because I’m preparing myself

to cross the line out of this energy game.

I’m not talking about other dimensions, or other universes.

I’m not talking about collapsing time points in space

or moving along the time or space.

Not about crossing time either.

All the above is part of the energy game.

All that still THE game.


The difference is that when, routinely,

beings leave their bodies they are re-shooted back into the game.


Sometimes, people are so accustomed to return

that they just know what they have to do,

and very diligently come back on their own volition.


Did you ever ask yourself how came, so often,

you have the feeling you already know a complete stranger?


Do I know him?


This time, after separating from this body,

I will reunite with some old “friends”.

It is not possible in words to describe what it is,

as it is something the mind cannot compute with…

The mind has to add always something,

to make it fit to this system.


. For example look at what it does when we mention 0

or the nothingness.

The mind thinks of 0 as the absence of something.


In the 0 or nothingness the mind

sees the existence of something not being there at the moment.

How crazy is that?


So, it is your journey to find out,

to learn to look and to learn to hear.


I can help you to walk the path if you wish

but you are the one that have to cross the gate.



Krishnamurti, Don Juan and Mr. Hubbard in the early axioms

all cover this pretty well.


Also the movie: “The invention of Lying” 

could give you, in a humoristic way the idea of the limitation of the mind.



“Being intensely aware in your relationship with others,

you will know whether you are creating enmity, jealousy, hatred;

you will see all your own responses in relationship,

whether you are here, in a bus, in your office, or in the factory.

All this is implied in intense awareness.

Also, if you are intensely aware, you might give up your job.

Therefore, most of us don’t want to be intensely aware;

it is too disturbing; we would rather continue with what we are doing,

even if it is very boring.

At best, we break away from that which bores us and find a job which is less boring,

but this too soon becomes routine.

So, we are caught in habit:

the habit of going to the office every morning,

the habit of smoking, the sexual habit,

the habit of ideas, concepts,

the habit of being an Englishman, and so on.

We function in habit.

To be intensely aware of habit has its own danger,

and we are afraid of danger.

We are afraid of not knowing, of not being certain.

There is great beauty, there is great vitality, in not being certain.

It is not insanity to be completely insecure;

it doesn’t mean that one becomes psychotic.

But none of us want that.

We would rather break one habit and create a more pleasant habit.”


-Collected Works, Vol. XIII,212, Choiceless Awareness


by J. Krishnamurti




“Do you know anything about the world around you?” he asked.

“I know all kinds of things,” I said.

“I mean do you ever feel the world around you?”

“I feel as much of the world around me as I can.”

“That’s not enough. You must feel everything,

otherwise the world loses its sense.”

“A Separate Reality: Further Conversations with don Juan

– 1971 by Carlos Castaneda





OT 7 is THE start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. I love your nothingness verse and your most beautiful pictures. Yes, I am learning something new, or being intensely aware, about myself, others and life every single day. Life is such a great experience and boy, learning is fast lately, tho I feel so much more needed.

    Elizabeth prompted me to go visit Isene’s site, tho I did see it listed here. She’s spot on… It is so very suitable and a pleasure to read. I saw your photo there and smiled.

  2. Hi Silvia,

    I am writing from Sydney, Australia.

    I have been following your blog for a month or so and I have watched some you tube videos including the one of you with Tory.

    You seem like a lovely person.

    I have been involved with scientology for about 15 years but have never been comfortable around the organization.

    Always have felt so nervous about moving on the bridge because of the heavy reging.

    Always seems more and more money is needed from me.

    I have had some really wonderful results with dianetics book 1.

    I guess my main disagreement happened with the church after I was promised that I could have more dianetics after completing my purification rundown.

    Once I finished the purif I was told I could never have dianetics ever again so I felt betrayed.

    That was in Melbourne org.

    I did actually end up having more book 1 a few yrs later and that went really well.

    Handled an extremely heavy loss after my girlfriend left me.

    I have suffered from anxiety since I was about 9 yrs old & dianetics has been able to dramatically reduce that but it never seems to really last & I start to feel the same feelings happening again.

    For the last 7 yrs I have not had auditing at all and I would love some more as well as giving people book 1 as well.

    Also I had a very bad accident at work which damaged my knee.

    The company I worked for was pretty suppressive and it was an overt that I worked for them.

    I think the tech is wonderful but not the church.

    Do you know anyone I may be able to contact that is not involved with the church and who can do dianetics here in Sydney?

    Are there any Free zone people here in Sydney, Australia?

    I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you very much.


    • Thank you so much for your communication and for sharing your life.

      I will ask few people and I will let you know.
      You are in a very lucky position to have the tech and the freedom at the same time.
      Be sure that if anyone will ask you to give up your freedom he/she is not delivering the correct tech.

  3. It seems that only now, near the end of my iteration do I see clearly.

    I wish you well as you cease yours.

  4. Good word that: iteration.

  5. Ciao Silvia abbiamo visto il film:
    “The invention of Lying”
    Bellissimo un po’ come “noi” Thetan creduloni tanto tanto tempo fa’.
    Poi a volte spiazza il nostro trattenere,il mentire,la falsita’ e in cio’ il film riesce molto bene giocando appunto sul dire cio’ che noi normalmente tratteniamo quindi ci mette a nudo e in parte ci mostra come non sempre la verita’ e’ la miglior cosa.
    Anche se alla fine l’amore e la sincerita’ dimostra che e’ la via verso la vera felicita.
    Ti vogliamo bene Adri/Nena

    • Mi fa piacere che vi sia piacciuto. L’ho appena visto anch’io.
      Ma noi siamo amici su FB? se no mi richiedete l’amicizia?
      Non vi riesco a trovare.
      Abbracci con grande affetto.

      • No non siamo amici su FB,perche’ quello lo uso con i colleghi di lavoro e basta.preferisco usare altro per parlare di scientology,
        siamo amici su google+ che uso pochissimo..
        E una volta eravamo in com. tramite skype.
        Ciao e se passi dal’ Italia vienici a trovare.

      • perfetto!! abbracci

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