Beauty of thoughts, beauty of places, beauty in situations or moments.

Beauty of words or sounds.


Even beauty on describing something

or someone we do not appreciate.


Choosing a path with heart

is choosing something you enjoy;

like, for me,  seeing someone smiling,

feeling joy or setting one free.


The end?

Nothing really matters.


It is just a big theater full of actors

who play their roles without even knowing it.



Black or white hats, the one who laugh or cry

the rich and the poor,

at the end they all are going to be there,

 force to bow to the enslaver’s applauses.


And than, soon after that, without wasting time

they all will be coaxed into another play show after show..


Some of us, do know.

We start waking up, and peering into the dark,

we start seeing little clues of an audience.

-It can’t be true!- many tell themselves in terror.


They do not dare to look again.

But there are some who have had the courage to look and look,

the courage to be afraid but never stop looking and trying

till they have conquered the gift of sight.


These very few people are the one who can change their lines at will.



That is why many people do not find us too pleasant.

They think it is not nice to change,

as our new lines, now, do not fit with theirs.

They can get quite mad at us.


I found don Juan describing

the “matrix” in a wonderful way.


I hope he is as inspiring to you as it has been to me.



“My acts are sincere,” he said,

“but they are only the acts of an actor.”

“Then everything you do must be controlled folly!”

I said truly surprised.


“Yes, everything,” he said.

“But it can’t be true,” I protested,

“that every one of your acts is only controlled folly.”

“Why not?”

he replied with a mysterious look.


“That would mean that nothing matters to you

and you don’t really care about anything or anybody.

Take me, for example.

Do you mean that you don’t care whether or not

I become a man of knowledge,

or whether I live, or die, or do anything?”

“True! I don’t. …”

“My point is, don Juan, that if nothing matters to you,

how can you go on living?”

“Perhaps it’s not possible to explain,”

he said.

“Certain things in your life matter to you

because they’re important;

your acts are certainly important to you,

but for me, not a single thing is important any longer,

neither my acts nor the acts of any of my fellow men.

I go on living, though, because I have my will.

Because I have tempered my will throughout my life until it’s neat

and wholesome and now it doesn’t matter to me

that nothing matters.

My will controls the folly of my life.”

“You believe that because you’re thinking.

You’re thinking about life,”

don Juan said with a glint in his eyes.

“You’re not seeing.”


“Would I feel differently if I could see?” I asked.


“Once a man learns to see

he finds himself alone in the world

with nothing but folly,”

don Juan said cryptically.


He paused for a moment and looked at me

as if he wanted to judge the effect of his words.


“Your acts,

as well as the acts of your fellow men in general,

appear to be important to you

because you have learned to think they are important.”


He used the word “learned” with such a peculiar inflection

that it forced me to ask what he meant by it.

“We learn to think about everything,” he said,

“and then we train our eyes to look

as we think about the things we look at.

We look at ourselves already thinking

that we are important.

And therefore we’ve got to feel important!

But then when a man learns to see,

he realizes that he can no longer think

about the things he looks at,

and if he cannot think about what he looks at

everything becomes unimportant.”

I said. “I really cannot understand what you meant.”


“Of course you cannot understand it,”

he said.

“You are trying to think about it,

and what I said does not fit with your thoughts.”

Don Juan, do you mean that once a man learns to see,

everything in the whole world is worthless?”

“I didn’t say worthless. I said unimportant.

“For instance, we need to look

with our eyes to laugh,” he said,

“because only when we look at things

can we catch the funny edge of the world.

On the other hand, when our eyes see,

everything is so equal that nothing is funny.”


“Do you mean, don Juan, that a man who sees

cannot ever laugh?’

He remained silent for some time.

“Perhaps there are men of knowledge

who never laugh,” he said.

“I don’t know any of them, though.

Those I know see and also look, so they laugh.”


“Would a man of knowledge cry as well?”

“I suppose so. Our eyes look so we may laugh,

or cry, or rejoice, or be sad, or be happy.

I personally don’t like to be sad,

so whenever I witness something

that would ordinarily make me sad,

I simply shift my eyes and see it instead of looking at it.

But when I encounter something funny

I look and I laugh.”

“My laughter, as well as everything I do, is real,”

he said, “but it also is controlled folly

because it is useless;

it changes nothing and yet I still do it.”

“But as I understand it, don Juan,

your laughter is not useless. It makes you happy.”

“No! I am happy because I choose

to look at things that make me happy

and then my eyes catch their funny edge

and I laugh.

I have said this to you countless times.

One must always choose the path with heart

in order to be at one’s best,

perhaps so one can always laugh.”

I interpreted what he had said as meaning

that crying was inferior to laughter,

or at least perhaps an act that weakened us.

He asserted that there was no intrinsic difference

and that both were unimportant;

he said, however, that his preference was laughter,

because laughter made his body feel better than crying.


by Don Juan Matis

A separate reality” by Castaneda….




OT 7 is THE start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. Because I see this same advice from so many Sources, it makes me wonder about the reason for the common thread.

    • Dear Chris,
      can you specify of which advise you are talking about?

      • Yes, the advice that it is folly to take life very seriously.

      • Chris “Yes, the advice that it is folly to take life very seriously.”
        good one, you know how to use words but the understanding of their meaning i am very much in doubt about.. you should take your own words to heart and stop controling others what they should say. how to behave. ect… we all live in the glass house throwing stones not very advisable… yes???

    • Chris the common thread what”’ is”’ can be learned through auditing. in sessions…so one dont need to wonder what that could be..but can find out…. highly recomend BOOK ONE..for you.. [you stepped on my toes one too many times !!!!!!!]

  2. A spot of bright light, thank you again!

  3. To feel emotions at all, experience them, move on, experience more, move on – it is what it is and nothing more. To me.

  4. All value is added by the observer. Nothing matters unless you decide it does.

  5. Silvia Kusada welcome to the funny farm… I know you understand

  6. Silvia I agree with your reality, nothing here really matters….. but when one is out and do not wish to look back… have the need or desire to do so.. Because in reality that too don’t make any senses…[ looking back]
    Here is my question to you: who will lead the others who needs guidance and be there while they taking their first steps? Not responsible for such? You right again, what is responsibility in the first place? Agreement.. Yes…. So we are back to the question…

  7. Great stuff thanks for posting those Don Juan quotes.
    It would seem there are two paths one can take:

    1. Where one decides nothing really matters, and finds happiness therefore, as one simply doesn’t look at the sadness, but instead seeks spectacles to laugh about.
    2. Where one continues to gaze at the sadness and suffering, cries the tears, and seeks to enlighten, change and improve the world. And enjoys the moment anyway, feeling the love deep in one’s heart, comforted by the angels and Gods, and makes it go right, laughing when one finds the opportunity, relishing those times between the pain, even loving the pain so as not to engender persistence.

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