“Yesterday afternoon,

while walking through the market,

my attention was drawn to a young man.

He was of dark skin, dressed in linen white clothes.

There was something very special about him

that made me approach him. 


He smiled in an extremely friendly way

when I told him he had a beautiful horse.

I told him I only rode once and I loved it.

He offered me to teach me how to ride.

I loved his simplicity and peacefulness,

I felt as if I was with a long time friend.


So, I accepted his offer.

I do not thing the boy was more than 15-16 years old.


Before I knew it,

I was sitting on this gorgeous white horse.

He was a tall, elegant horse emanating

a fascinating feeling of independence and power.

I was puzzled.

I was sitting on a wild horse without any bridle or saddle.


Either that kid was crazy,

or he must have known something I did not know.

How could have possibly expect me to ride a horse that way?

one of “my” analytical minds suggested.


Before I was even able to utter this line of thoughts,

the horse was running wild, as fast as a scared horse could run.

But he was not scared at all.


Deep inside I knew I was perfectly safe.


While a little concert of voices were warning me about

the risk and danger of daring to break free,

I knew into the realm of silence and simplicity, that

that it was the perfect and only way to really ride a horse.


My minds however were working very hard

to keep me aground.

How that guy could put me on a wild horse without any instructions,

totally careless of any danger or risk?

It is impossible to be able to stay on a horse like that… Impossible!!

You better jump off right now!!

the “minds” were insisting.


The horse was higher than a sky rise building

and was almost flying at great speed over fields and cities.

All this was accompanied by a fantastic feeling of freedom.


Unfortunately the minds won,

it pushed my body off the horse by ordering him to “save” itself.

While on the ground I complained with the wife of the boy…

Isn’t too dangerous to ride a horse like that?


She was a little Asian like woman:

She looked concerned and said:

Yes, he should have not let you ride like that,

you did the right thing by jumping off of it…”

It was at that moment that I felt a sudden feeling of failure.

I realized I did fail the test.


I failed the test and went back to the “safe” system of agreements. back into the play that people call ‘life’.


I realized that the Asian like woman was the rationale world,

the illusion, the trap of life…

in which I had fallen back into.

I was given an opportunity of a lifetime from my spiritual teacher

and I failed, I failed myself.


It is interesting to observe that in this universe

there are beings which have cross to the other dimension,

and those people are usually surrounded from highly materialistic,

solid bodies, which are barred from any real spiritual perception.

…They are, however, good caretakers of bodies

and are assisting and loving the material side,

the physical illusion of these spiritual teachers.

Today is a beautiful day.

Because I was thought a priceless lesson.

Even having failed,

I realized my teacher left me a priceless treasure

by giving me the gift of sight.

Existing without being, is the only way to life.


The only real trap, is having an ‘I’,

as it was the ‘I’, who stopped me from riding free.


The ‘I’ or the mind, The I’s or the minds…

is the same thing.


I did not feel the horse connecting with me

because I was expecting from him to have a ‘I’,

and not finding it,

I erroneously assumed (as my mind cleverly suggested me)

that he did not care about me.

I was so wrong.


He too could fly, because he existed without being.

 His freedom and my freedom

was his way to welcome me to his world,

and the best way to take me beyond

the lies of a “rational brain run society”.

They tell you since you born: “YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG!!”- “YOU NEED TO HAVE COURAGE!”- “YOU NEED TO BE TOUGH!”. Nothing is further away from truth. The secret is to be able to exist without being, without the ‘YOU’, as, is in the nothingness that lies the greatest power.






OT 7 is THE start point.




I’m a Class VI auditor and Class IV C/S,

2 Flag Internships  and on OT7+

and I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.




My team and I deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. LRH said that before you can successfully disagree with the physical universe that you must first come into complete agreement with it.

  2. Maybe putting attention on the counterintuitive answer might help. Instead of resisting I am hungry and I need to eat! Maybe if I understand, yes, I am hungry and I need to eat.

    Or instead of feeling trapped by and resisting “I have to pay the rent!” Maybe I could understand that “oh yes, I must pay the rent.”

    The resistance that I feel toward my daily experiences demonstrate to me my misunderstandings — Just as in your example of resisting the freedom and power of riding an unbridled, wild and flying horse,

    Goodness and understandings for you Silvia.

    • Chris,
      I admire in you, your desire of research and spiritual progress.
      Please lets keep in mind that it is not the same for everyone…
      there are different paths, different approaches and different realities… especially at the beginning… and here, there are not advanced levels.
      Thank you for sharing yours.

      • Thank you sister. Mutual admiration. Yes, my comments were not pointed at you nor were they corrective. This is why I write in the “first person” as I only know what I know, not what you know.

        I liked your story.

  3. Silvia, this was one of my favorite reads. What a nice lesson I can keep in mind. Thank you so much and for such beauty.

    • Interesting how all is rigged to teach people that memory is key… and it is key indeed. It is what is needed to be trapped here.

      Love to you Lizabeth.

  4. Aahh! Thank you!

    “They tell you since you born: “YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG!!”- “YOU NEED TO HAVE COURAGE!”- “YOU NEED TO BE TOUGH!”. Nothing is further away from truth. The secret is to be able to exist without being, without the ‘YOU’, as, is in the nothingness that lies the greatest power.”

    Another good lesson, thanks, much love to you.

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