“Personal power grows, and a warrior who has so much personal power could becomes a man of knowledge.”

“A hunter of power entraps it,

and then stores it away as his personal finding.

Thus, personal power grows,

and you may have the case of a warrior

who has so much personal power

that he becomes a man of knowledge.” 

Journey to Ixtlan, by Carlos Castaneda


My days into the spiritual metamorphoses are quiet

and imbued of a very strange sadness.

While I’m renewing a sense of growth and knowledge

I’m living and suffering through the loss of the people who I love

and have deeply harmed me.

What offended me about my fellow men

was that they acted maliciously and knowingly.

“I know, I know,” don Juan said patiently.

“To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter.

It is a revolution.

To regard the lion and the water rats

and our fellow men as equals

is a magnificent act of the warrior’s spirit.

It takes power to do that.”  

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

Wisdom is a hard battle to win.

“. ..I know for a fact that it takes a lifelong struggle to be by oneself in the world of power.”  (Castaneda) 


People gets scared of my “ups and down

but what they do not know,

is that I’m not giving up, even if to them it appears to be so.


Yesterday I spent the day working on my books.

Later at night, just before I went to sleep I had a very interesting

talk with my spiritual teacher.


He only shows up when I really need him.


I told him in the next few days I will meet

a very powerful wealthy guy and he will be of great help to my journey.

I also told him I was working with my children stories.


This time, he was very blunt and stern in his teaching  to me.

He “shook his head”, took a deep sight

and with all the love and compassion he always has for me,

but without losing his directness, he told me:

“You have power and wealth way above

anyone can possibly ask for in this world.

You are the millionaire, the rich, the man of power.

The richest man has nothing compared to you.”


“Your books have no value as you aim to a speck of dust,

when you could be changing worlds.

Your work should be in the realm of the spirit and meditation (soloing).”

I kept silence for a while at his words.



I knew he was right without any doubt.


Suddenly it dawned of me that I was actually not writing children books,

but words of wisdom for people in search of truth.


That little trilogy has that only purpose

to leave the little white pebbles so the moon in the dark night

can show the way to the travelers,

like others have done with me.


Nothing else is worth doing here

but these very actions which leave the chain open to the other side.


I felt very happy of my new understandings

… but that loneliness,

was bringing me back to the man who recently left.


My teacher pointed out to me that, that loneliness,

belonged to the body.

It was a normal affairs of humans.



You do not need to ask for someone else to love that body– he said,

you can give him all the love he needs.”

I looked at this body,

and  I hugged him as you would hug a little child.

I was able to admire him and empathise fully.


I have been protesting the deep implanted misconception

of being him all this time.

And because of this, I was unable to care for it,

as I care for others.


I felt I finally had the freedom to accept him

and love him just the way it is.


Thus, personal power grows,and you may have the case of a warriorwho has so much personal powerthat he becomes a man of knowledge.”  

. (a word from power)


“But why would anyone wish to ‘stop the world’?”

“Nobody does, that’s the point.

It just happens.

And once you know what it is like to stop the world,

you realize there is a reason for it.

You see, one of the arts of the warrior

is to collapse the world for a specific reason,

and then restore it again in order to keep on living.”

“. ..I know for a fact that it takes a lifelong struggle

to be by oneself in the world of power.”


Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda



  1. Thank you for continuing, for writing, for caring.
    I believe that by helping others achieve greatness, to bring them step by step out of the abyss, that we achieve true power for ourselves as we restore it in our friends.

  2. Journey to Ixtlan is a powerful book…to me, the best of all Castaneda’s work. I read them in sequence as they were published many years ago – and many years before getting hooked on Hubbard’s schema (for lack of a better word).

    I have exceeded the biblical lifespan of “threescore and ten” and from experience report that the “struggle” becomes less so and is perceived more as a continuing “journey” than a battlefield.

    It occurs to me that you might also find “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightment” by Thaddeus Golas useful in your path and research.

    Happy trails to you!

    Mike Horton

  3. I love that you are there and that you communicate truth as you see it.

  4. Silvia,

    I hope my words will serve to convey what I have come to understand in a way that makes sense to you. If not, that’s okay — for I believe that you know this already.

    Nothing is done in isolation. That’s just an illusion. As you clear limitations and illusions we are all changed. Forever. Not just you. All of us. Not one of us is exempt from the changes taking place.

    The cries you hear from others are protests. Too late — its after the fact. Like crying over spilt milk. Impossible to put that milk back.

    As you clear away walls of separation and isolation, those walls are no longer available for attachment. There is an inevitable shifting as some seek to replace them. Others sigh in relief. Even if the attachments get shifted around, you have not lost any others unless you agree it is so. You no longer need those attachments to be there. Sure, they may not “see” you as they once did, but you have not gone any more than they have gone.

    So pay no attention to these limited states. They are just an effort to get you to put limits back in place or to use your power to do anything other than what you are already doing. And like you say, there is no going back for you any more. I think the truth is: as much as this is true for you it is true for all. How can it be otherwise?

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