Self-importance is merely self-pity in disguise.

‘Sorcerers are right, therefore, in saying that self-importance is merely self-pity in disguise.’

“The average man ignored, for instance, the fact that sorcery was not incantations and hocus-pocus, but the freedom to perceive not only the world taken for granted, but every thing else that was humanly possible.

“Here is where the average man’s stupidity is most dangerous,” he continued. “He is afraid of sorcery.

He trembles at the possibility of freedom. And freedom is at his fingertips. “

By Castaneda “The power of silence.”


.Sorry if this is a bad news, but  no one who posses an I, an ego, or /and a sense of self-importance will ever make it out  or would possess enough strength to regain knowledge.   Knowledge and  self-importance do not go together. –                 -“I asked him to explain again what unbending intentwas.He said that it was a sort of single-mindedness human beings exhibit; an extremely well-defined purpose not countermanded by any conflicting interests or desires. (Castaneda ‘The power of silence) 


Now, this is a very important point especially if you are in a position of trust,

or you are someone people look up to

or you are in the business of raising children or of teaching.

This universe teaches us self-esteem, push us into competing with others.

They sell stickers in the school in america

“My son was the best student of the month” or other similar stuff.


How many times you have heard people telling other people:

“Look Jimmy, Mrs Marys’ kid is a very good successful boy!“,

or giving advises: “Do not let him/her treat you this way… you are important and beautiful.

and comments of this sort.

What parents, leaders, friends, husbands and wives never realized

is that they are watering the seed of

 self-importance planted by the ‘matrix’ in every human being.

You would be doing less harm to your child, or your friends or your partner,

 if you would shoot them dead,

than, by validating their self-importance,

taking away their opportunity to knowledge and freedom.



They are never be able to feel the joy of playing a piece of music,

or paint a beautiful picture just for the heck of it

while traveling on the beautiful wavelength of creation…

They will always have this little of not too little thought “How good I’m!!”

or “May be this is not going to be liked as much as I wish.”

or “I would like to be the first” or, as in self-pity:

“Nobody will ever notice me” or “He/she is better than me “.

And the ego grows… even behind the appearances of good deeds,

where self-pity is the underlying motivation.

The not wanting somebody elses to go through what we went through

or put somebody through something just because

we were unlucky enough to experience it.


Some people spoil others because they wished to be spoiled but never had,

some other love others as they wish to be loved…



It is all a personal business.


This physical universe works in pair, love and hate, winning and losing, etc…

you cannot get one without bringing about the other.


But the spirit does not belong to that game,

it is the mind which does.


So we have the idea of competing.

It has been difficult to a free spirit to understand the reason why he should compete.

Indeed there is no valid reason

and it took a lot of false data and pain imparted to him

to get him solid enough to assume the point of view where competing

(winning or losing) would make sense.

It has been necessary to coax him into having a position in space,

a name, an image.


The aberrative dualism of this material universe,

is what the idea of competing stem from.

And the trap grows…

The bars of this invisible prison

are made by the apparent fundamental data, we accept as survival truth.


more on ‘The power of silence’ by Castaneda


“He also said that ‘the place of no pity’,

being another position of the assemblage point,

was the forerunner of silent knowledge,

and that yet another position of the assemblage point

called ‘the place of concern’, was the forerunner of reason.

He reminded me that he had taught me how warriors acted in such situations.

They did their utmost, and then,

without any remorse or regrets,

they relaxed and let the spirit decide the outcome.





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