“If in you still there is a drop of hope, a speck of infinity, a twinkle of awareness alive … I wish, indeed, it would enable you to break through the wall of reason, to defeat the “mind” and get you out of the merely morbid and ignorant audience of lovers of the unknown, to join the true warriors of knowledge.”

– Silvia Kusada


Leaving the realm of reason… Introducing my new story;



Once upon a time, in the dark ages of war a terrifying robot was built.

He was carefully designed to fright every single being alive.

He only had one goal; TO DESTROY.

They named him Will, as nobody could stop him.

He was mad.

Behind his steps he left nothing but mountains of smoking debris.

The most powerful weapons were used against him with very little or no success.

Will the robot knew what he had to do; he also knew

warriors like him were doomed to be alone.

After all, when he was built, they intentionally ‘forgot’ to give him a heart, so he could achieve the most gruesome missions without any qualms.

But one day, while he was walking home, wading through the smoke, something caught his eyes. He couldn’t help it but slowly approching it.


As he walked closer he saw a beautiful red flower smiling at him.

This fragile little flower was smiling, as if in him, he saw a handsome angel.

The robot squatted, picked up the flower and brought it very close to his eyes so he could admire its beauty.

The flower did not shake, it did not run away or shout in fear, like everybody else, it just continued to smile as if it were with a dear friend.


Will the robot sat confused.


Looking at the little flower gave him a feeling of eternity, a sense of warmth he never knew he could experience.

He felt love.

But how could he possibly fall in love without a heart?

Yet, that little flower smile made him discover an inner sense of beauty, a sense of peace and a sweetness that not even the sweetest honey could have.

He knew then he had a soul.

He was alive.

For the first time in his life he felt a sense of fear.

He was not allowed to have emotions; he was not allowed to love.


He felt seriously worried for his little flower.

He knew they would try to destroy his friend and to bring himself back to the cold emotionless warrior he has always been.

No other options of any better life were ever given to him.

He knew they would pull the plug as soon they would realized something ‘went wrong’ with him.


The little red flower was reading his thoughts; still he was happy and serene.

-“Sometimes- he said,

-our bodies give us the chance to meet,

but that is only the very beginning of a beautiful journey two soul mates can walk together.

There is an eternity in front of us, and you and I are part of it.”


Will the robot was not designed to smile,

but a little golden glare transpiring from the metal body

indicated he did.


He knew the flower, as fragile and small as it looked,

had the greatest courage and wisdom of all.

So he sat, gazing into the flowers eyes, waiting for the scientist to pull the plug and shut him down for good…

It was a waiting full of joy because they knew with death,

they were given the gift of eternity.


Many wonder if anyone can love without a heart.


What they do not know is, the love of a heart lives and dies with the body

while the love of a soul last forever.


Will was found sitting on the ground boldly holding a fist.

Of course, – his programmers proudly commented, –it is because of his warrior spirit!!”


But when his hand opened up and the flower appeared,

there was an interesting silence.

 That little red flower was held with so much love and care very few humans have.

The scientists never understood, they never figured out what really happened, they still, today, analyzing every chip, every program for faults or bugs into Wills body…

To this day they haven’t realized that pure love is the strongest invincible force of all.



Dedicated to William M. who after moments of inner struggles, killed the flowers and returned to war.





  1. Ciao Silvia,mi é piaciuto il racconto,e credo che il Robot é stato molto fortunato ad incontrare quel fiore.
    E mi piace anche il tuo dipinto.
    Ciao Adriano

  2. Nice story!!

  3. Very nice story. Love, love, love is the answer ♥♥♥. It’s never enough. You’r a lovely artist Ms Silvia. Nice to know you.

    A reader of yours.


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