A shock, a severe loss, a death may “destroy” a spirit only if he thinks he is his mind.

Many people say that from bad experiences,

from shocks or extreme pain you can learn.


. A shock, a severe loss or anything which is as powerful, can paralyze the mind for a brief period of time, thus giving a priceless chance to the being to detach himself from the matrix, from the illusion called ordinary reality.  A strong  spirit finds in these events a real opportunity to escape… while, who is stuck into the body and cannot detach from the ordinary reality, experiences a  painful detrimental feeling of fear, sadness, just like his body.  In truth he is mistakenly believing these negative  emotional and physical responses to the shock to be his own.


Of course when they say that, they do not have a clue

they are referring to a composite being.


There is a little truth to it, but that little truth

does not apply to the material side of ‘life’.


For who has been there, overwhelmed by loss and pain,

it is definitely not the most helpful thing to hear,

It is difficult to find a blessing in pain,

as it does not help healing.


The truth is, the body does not gain anything from

bad situations.

It just dies a little or a lot.


Now, the fact that the body get confused

and loses the anchor points to what he calls, normal reality….

the fact that for such powerful negative

or too sudden changes there is no explanation

puts the mind out-of-service for a while, usually a very brief while,

thus giving the spirit the possibility to look through the illusion.



If the spirit would be strong enough

to take that chance and dive into the unknown.

If only he would know that the emptiness, the pain, the loss

are not belonging to him, but to the body and the ‘matrix (mind)’..

he would now work into the separation

instead of running back into his head.


He would give a hand to the body to recover

instead of making it even harder on it

by adding his own dramatizations.


It does take courage to stay out from the ‘game’.

Many get scared and jump right back.

The feeling of absence of mass is too unfamiliar.


They fear the unknown, the absence of time,

the no past. That past which reminds them every day who they are.


But it is right in the ‘middle’ of that frighting silence

where the beauty of  freedom can be experienced.


“He said that possibly every human being under normal living

conditions had had at one time or another the opportunity to break away

from the bindings of convention. He stressed that he did not mean social

convention, but the conventions binding our perception.

A moment of elation would suffice to move our assemblage points

(NDT: what is considered acceptable, reality)

and break our conventions.

So, too, a moment of fright, ill-health, anger, or grief.


“But ordinarily, whenever we had

the chance to move our assemblage points

we became frightened.

Our religious, academic, and social backgrounds would come into play.

They would assure our safe return to the flock;

the return of our assemblage points

to the prescribed position of normal living.”

“He told me that all the mystics and spiritual teachers I knew of

had done just that: Their assemblage points moved,

either through discipline or accident, to a certain point;

and then they returned to normalcy

carrying a memory that lasted them a lifetime.”

“He said that the average man,

incapable of finding the energy to perceive beyond his daily limits,

called the realm of extraordinary perception sorcery,

witchcraft, or the work of the devil,

and shied away from it without examining it further.”


“Turn everything into what it really is: the abstract, the spirit, the nagual.

There is no witchcraft, no evil, no devil. There is only perception.”

“Do away with reason.”


Castaneda ‘The power of silence.”


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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.




  1. My family every time say that I am killing my time here at net,
    but I know I am getting experience daily by reading thes fastidious posts.

    • some people do a lot of sports, have overwhelming jobs, find always something to be busy with, yet they are not going anywhere… They might get admiration from others, but that is not freedom. Where a man has the courage to look, to learn about himself and search for knowledge, you know that man has already left the world of ‘humans’. I requires courage very few have.

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