Empathy is a luxury, while compassion is a very dangerous poison on which self-importance feeds on.

My body cried all night.


…While I was  experiencing the most intense happiness

in the thought of rejoining my group.


This body is sick, yet it could live a month or ten + years.. so It is “sick ” as every other body in this universe. And may be it will live longer than many others.

 I have decided to write about this as I know

many in my position would hide

in order to escape the cruel judgment of the many.


The many which will point fingers and

pronounce your illness as ‘a punishment you deserve’.

I have a different view…

a month ago the opinion of my life,

which I always viewed difficult, painful and hard

has changed.


The hate, the abuses and lack of love which have filled  this lifetime

were indeed a blessing.

I was kept  from  getting comfortable into a morbid  ‘living life’.


What I call; the death of the spirit.

I have been blessed as I’m blessed today

while I’m given a chance to confront  this illness.


I have decided to keep away everyone

who is so deeply trapped into his own self-pity

to wanting to give me compassion.

Empathy is a luxury,

while compassion

is a very dangerous poison as feeds the self-importance.
Self importance is what the mind speculates on
in order to keep you in “chain”.
It is you false identity,
what in this ‘minds’-controlled-universe
makes you feel alive or dead.
Both death and life are a delusion.
My body has  granted me my wish of death,
just when  my soul mate showed up knocking at my door
filling my life with that beautiful pure and passional love
very few have experienced in life.
Many  would fall in despair.
It is, after all, the  most common reaction of  humanoids.
But we have a choice.
We have a choice of self-pity
or the choice to embrace every little or not so little event
as a beautiful opportunity.

…  Death is a great friend,. Feared by the material universe, it is the best friend a spirit  could have on his path to freedom. It keeps you away from the center of the prison, close to the bars…. with an overview on the out side. – If you are lucky it walks with you a while …. it is a blessing to be able to have time to learn about the out-side.   In that she is a friend. —

And this beautiful opportunity
is the path I’m walking.

… “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”Buddha
♥ ♥ ♥



by Casteneda

“… one has to understand the struggle of modern-day sorcerers to steer sorcery away from concreteness toward the abstract.

“What do you call concreteness, don Juan?” I asked.

“The practical part of sorcery,” he said. “The obsessive fixation of the mind on practices and techniques, and the unwarranted influence over people. All of these were in the realm of the sorcerers of the past.”

“And what do you call the abstract?”

“The search for freedom; freedom to perceive, without obsessions, all that’s humanly possible. I say that present-day sorcerers seek the abstract because they seek freedom. They have no interest in concrete gains. There are no social functions for them as there were for the sorcerers of the past. So you’ll never catch them being the official seers, or the sorcerers in residence.”


Don Juan explained that sorcerers of antiquity’s most important attainment was to perceive the energetic essence of things.

This insight was of such importance that it was turned into the basic premise of sorcery.

Nowadays, after lifelong discipline and training, sorcerers do acquire the capacity to perceive the essence of things; a capacity they call seeing.

“What would it mean to me to perceive the energetic essence of things?” I once asked don Juan.

“It would mean that you perceive energy directly,” he replied.

“By separating the social part of perception, you’ll perceive the essence of everything.

Whatever we are perceiving is energy, but since we can’t directly perceive energy, we process our perception to fit a mold.

This mold is the social part of perception, which you have to separate.”

“Why do I have to separate it?”

“Because it deliberately reduces the scope of what can be perceived and makes us believe that the mold into which we fit our perception is all that exists.

I am convinced that for man to survive now, his perception must change at its social base.”

“What is this social base of perception, don Juan?”

“The physical certainty that the world is made of concrete objects.

I call this a social base because a serious and fierce effort is put out by everybody to guide us to perceive the world the way we do.”

“How then should we perceive the world?”

“Everything is energy. The whole universe is energy.

The social base of our perception should be the physical certainty that energy is all there is.

A mighty effort should be made to guide us to perceive energy as energy.

Then we would have both alternatives at our fingertips.”

Don Juan’s conception was that our entrapment in processing our perception to fit a social mold loses its power when we realize we have accepted this mold as an inheritance from our ancestors without bothering to examine it.

“After ages of perceiving in such a manner, we are now forced to believe that the world is made up of objects.”

“I am saying that this is first a world of energy; then it’s a world of objects.

If we don’t start with the premise that it is a world of energy, we’ll never be able to perceive energy directly.

“Notice that when I talk about seeing, I always say “having the appearance of” or “seemed like,” don Juan warned me.

“Everything one sees is so unique that there is no way to talk about it except by comparing it to something known to us.”

He remarked that it certainly would be infinitely safer for sorcerers to remain solely at the level of describing what they see, but that the temptation to conclude and explain, even if only to oneself, is far too great to resist.

The difficulty is in breaking the retaining wall we all have in our minds that holds us in place.

To break it, all we need is energy. Once we have energy, seeing happens to us by itself.

The trick is in abandoning our fort of self-complacency and false security.”

The hard part is convincing yourself that it can be done. For this, you need to trust the nagual.

The marvel of sorcery is that every sorcerer has to prove everything with his own experience.

I am telling you about the principles of sorcery, not with the hope that you will memorize them, but with the hope that you will practice them.”

from ““THE ART of DREAMING”” by Castaneda



For anyone who wish to help,

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Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


ITALIANO/ENGLISH: e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com

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ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Cara Silvia la compassione è per chi rimane e non per chi se ne và.
    E poi di per sè prova compassione per se stesso perché egoisticamente sente una mancanza,perdita,attaccamento.
    E la sua sicurezza vacilla,cosa sarà domani quando toccherà a me?
    Cosa farò,dove andrò ?
    Ad ogni modo sè tu hai deciso così,se quella é la “soluzione” adottata” corpo o non corpo ” sia fatta la tua volontà.
    Thò una frase cattolica che solo ora mi accorgo che ha un senso.
    Ciao Adriano
    Questa é la canzone per te.

    • Condivido che e’ piu difficile rimanere che partire, specialmente se chi parte, parte per tornare a “casa”. un abbraccio

      • Grazie Silvia, tu sei riuscita a ritrovare la tua libertà.
        Se dovresti descrivere “CASA” come la,lo descriveresti ?
        Quali consigli per arrivare lì?
        Certamente sei molto schietta e spesso hai cercato di far capire quel che “non si può dire”.
        Cosa diresti a me che sono qui che cerco di salire sul ponte e trovo sempre difficoltà.
        A me che sono stanco e che a volte vorrei lasciare questo corpo,come se fosse una soluzione,che non è.
        A me che mi viene voglia di buttarmi sui livelli OT nella speranza che ciò che è scritto lì mi faccia schizzare fuori dal corpo.
        E da lì operare nel universo mest o addirittura fuori da questo universo trappola.
        Ma poi cosa farai una volta a “casa” ?
        Non è che torni per aiutarci ?

  2. A Women Well Set Free

    A woman well set free! How free I am,
    How wonderfully free, from kitchen drudgery.
    Free from the harsh grip of hunger,
    And from empty cooking pots,
    Free too of that unscrupulous man,
    The weaver of sunshades.
    Calm now, and serene I am,
    All lust and hatred purged.
    To the shade of the spreading trees I go
    And contemplate my happiness.

    Translated by: Uma Chakravarti and Kumkum Roy

    From: “Women Writing In India”

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