The human description of absence of time

The important thing is to be aware from moment to moment without accumulating the experience which awareness brings, because the moment you accumulate, you are aware only according to that accumulation, according to that pattern, according to that experience. That is, your awareness is conditioned by your accumulation, and therefore there is no longer observation, but merely translation. Where there is translation, there is choice, and choice creates conflict; and in conflict there can be no understanding. ——————- The Collected Works, Vol. VI,206, Choiceless Awareness by  J. Krishnamurti


I came to meet with a piece of infinity…

I can only get to it for a split of a second before it gets infected

by the energy system and disappears into the limitation of time.


Infinity is a human attempt to describe the absence of time,

not conceivable from a very well structured and coordinated mind

which works constantly

to transform any spiritual, out of this “world” perception,

into numbers and coarse levels of energy called material universe.


I have loved several people. I have loved them with a kind of love

they do not understand can exist.


The reason it did not work out, was not as many wanted me to believe,

that there was something wrong with me.

Not at all, they just were a different type of being.


It has been a tough road to travel,

in the confusion of not knowing where I belong.


The false datum that anything is better than nothing,

brings you to call things by the wrong name

or to assign an incorrect position.


I thought I was lucky to have been part of a magic love story in my teens.

Few times I thought, despite the huge effort required on my part to make it work,

I had found ‘my man’ for whom I was ready to die for.

But I was wrong.

My eyes opened 2 months ago, when my soul mate William

knocked at my door.



We have been together ever since.

On our first day we touched spiritually.

At that time I wondered if he felt what I had felt.

He did.

Ever since it’s been a magical experience.

We both were home in each other.


We both have the same intense way to love.

We enjoy every single second together

as if would be the first and the last.


There is no taking for granted there is a tomorrow,

not thinking about it either.


Our senses are open to the beauty of existence,

in this spiritual connection where we touch the infinity.



William has told me many times: “I want to be with you forever”.

He made me smile while realizing  the only way it could happen

would be by rising above the mechanics,

the rationale and energy plot of this material system.


To do anything else calls for an abrupt end,

as in this universe love and hate, happiness and sorrow,

the beginning and the end,

interestingly enough do co-exist.


It is only in what “very incorrectly” we call the “NOW”  

that the infinity exists.


In the no time zone.


The spirit can experience

where the body and the mind cannot.

So, you can choose to be with a substitute,

but it is important to know and never compromise with the fact

that it is what it is: a substitute.


It is not the real thing.

There is a great liability to do otherwise

as it will enter you into a sick game of wrong and right…

of winning and losing.


Today, for the first time there are no games:

There is love, and when above the game of energy flows…

is much, much more than magic.

“The Art of Dreaming” by Carlos Castaneda – “But freedom cannot be an investment. Freedom is an adventure with no end in which we risk our lives and much more for a few moments of something beyond words; beyond thoughts or feelings.” 


“The Art of Dreaming” by Carlos Castaneda


The old sorcerers were after the human unknown.

We are after the non-human unknown.”

“What can the nonhuman unknown be?”

“Freedom from being human.

Inconceivable worlds that are outside the band of man but that we still can perceive.

This is where modern sorcerers take the side road.

Their predilection is what’s outside the human domain.

Entering into those worlds is the type of dreaming only sorcerers of today do.

The old sorcerers stayed away from it

because it requires a great deal of detachment

and no self-importance whatsoever.

A price they couldn’t afford to pay.

But freedom cannot be an investment.

Freedom is an adventure with no end in which we risk our lives

and much more for a few moments of something beyond words;

beyond thoughts or feelings.”



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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. Happy for you.

  2. Ciao Silvia,oggi abbiamo attestato il grado 2 e iniziato il grado 3.
    Se siamo arrivati qui è anche grazie al tuo aiuto che ci hai ridato la speranza di poter fare di nuovo Scientology fuori dalla Cof$.
    Ti vogliamo bene e ti abbracciamo.
    Ciao STELLA.

  3. Wonderful writing Silvia, you capture the essence of living as a spiritual being in this world, it raises my viewpoint to read your words. “Infinity is a human attempt to describe the absence of time…”, these and other lines really resonate with me.

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