…at the same time a lie is also truth in some other space or place.


“The above saying” is one of the most misunderstood quote in the history of men. While in its out most simplicity, unveils  one of the secret and key to freedom in transparency and inner silence. It also becomes a tool to enslavement when applied to the material world.


This is one of the reasons people get stuck in one reality.

They are unable to recognize the fallacy of truth and lies.

Once you have realized that all you see,

your experiences, the past or the future

is all a synthetic, programmed “play”,

once you have discovered that  most dreams,

especially at the levels of low awareness are a big “fish and fumble”

into the fake memories and emotions we are given

during this period of enslavement into the physical world,

you would be able to start modifying  and shuffle this images

(what we call past or present) into  the most amazing surprising ways.


But you have to be exterior to it.

You have to be able to see your own “mind”

as a separate operating system from you.

Inner silence gets you there.


The problem arise when advanced spiritual philosophies

gets into the hands of materialistic individuals.

(This includes the very people who “play-the-game” of spirituality, to be easily recognized by the amount of rules, should-be/shouldn’t-be and any additional freedom limiting factor.)

The problem with these people is that they turn any spiritual activity

into something very solid.

Their concept of a spirit is solid.

They cannot conceive the absence of mass,

even less the absence of thought.


When they take something on the line of:

“The only way out is the way through”,

which in its extreme spiritual simplicity

tells  you to be transparent,

they turn it into a very busy, serious and often painful game.


In transparency, however there are no games.


The very act of forgiving has the liability to

get you into a position in space.

You cannot forgive unless you recognize the other person is wrong

and you are right.

There you go. You are in the game of right and wrong.

You are stuck.

Above ridges and energy thrives transparency and inner silence.

 When you take this fantastic datum

and you apply it to the ordinary life of bodies it turns into a trap.

Into a game of opposition which is solidification.


It is not true you have to endure suppression,

a bad relationship, a lie,

a bad marriage or any sort of non optimum condition.

Enduring any of this would mean

you are playing that game even if as an opposer.


“The mind will tell you to stay, to wait, to understand. The mind would use anything which holds true to the spiritual world, to make you linger in non optimum states. While, if you were truly free from  Self-importance and its various positions in space, you would be just free to fly anywhere as a beautiful butterfly would.”


The way out is the way through.

It is transparency, the ability to get things to flow through,

without judging,

without stopping or opposing to them.

That is what power is all about.

J. Krishnamurti

As one becomes aware at the conscious level,

one also begins to discover the envy, the struggles,

the desires, the motives, the anxieties that lie

at the deeper levels of consciousness.

When the mind is intent on discovering the whole process of itself,

then every incident, every reaction becomes a means of discovery,

of knowing oneself.

That requires patient watchfulness,

which is not the watchfulness of a mind

that is constantly struggling, that is learning how to be watchful.

Then you will see that the sleeping hours

are as important as the waking hours,

because life than is a total process.

As long as you do not know yourself, fear will continue,

and all the illusions that the self creates will flourish.

– The Collected Works, Vol. VII”,327, Choiceless Awareness

by Jay Krishnamurti



by Casteneda

“He was thoroughly convinced that losing self-importance is indispensable for everything sorcerers do. For this reason, he put an enormous emphasis on guiding all his students to fulfill this requirement.

He was of the opinion that self-importance is not only the sorcerers’ supreme enemy, but the nemesis of mankind.

Don Juan’s argument was that most of our energy goes into upholding our importance. This is most obvious in our endless worry about the presentation of the self; about whether or not we are admired or liked or acknowledged.


 “The power of silence” by Castaneda

“Our religious, academic, and social backgrounds would come into play.

They would assure our safe return to the flock;

the return of our assemblage points to the prescribed position of normal living.


It is stupidity that forces us to discard anything

that does not conform with our self-reflective expectations.

“For a rational man,” he went on,

“it’s unthinkable that there is an

invisible point where perception is assembled.

And yet more unthinkable

that such a point is not in the brain,

as he might vaguely expect it to be;

if he were given to entertaining the thought of its existence.”

from “The power of silence” by Castaneda




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  1. This is fantastic. I am trying to live this exactly right now. I AM living it right now. Someone gave me bad vibes and I withdrew from him. I gave him a chance to enter good vibes into the relationship but he did not and I don’t care why. I disconnected. This is a new way of being for me. ❤

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