I had a large polyp removed from this body yesterday.



Is one of the price I had to pay

as I wasted my spiritual energy for few years,

by letting some sick-negative people close to me.

Some interesting friends who were putting conditions to our friendship,

some lovers who demanded my love but who had never intended to love me back,

some others that in name of help

were trying to tell me what to do or not to do,

where to go or not to go, who to love or not to love.

People who demanded me to cure them and to change their lives.


I stayed too many times, I indulged for too long where I should have left.

Some of my justifications were:

I need to help him/her‘, ‘I’m strong enough’, ‘I cannot leave him/her alone’, ‘He/she does love me in his/her way’, ‘One day he/she will realize…’, “She/him means well”…

But one of the fact I overlooked it has been

that by staying I did allowed them to suck out my energy.


There is a side effect

by allowing parasite (vampire) of energy in your life:


The body dies slowly, so slowly that you end up, many times,

paying the consequences few years later,

even if the “vampires” are not around anymore.

 My spiritual research is what has kept me alive…



It has been only recently that I fully understood

the importance of being surrounded by positive people

and true friends.

Close to us we should only allow people

who can see us in our true essence.

Who can love us unconditionally.

People who we can honestly call family.

It does not matter if they agree or not with us,

what makes the difference between a true friend/family member

and a poisoners one is that the true friend/family

would never stop loving you,

would never put condition to his/her love.



It would just let you be who you are, no matter what.

A true friend has enough integrity to tell you what he truly think

without lessening his/her affinity.


A worrier of knowledge is better off alone

than surrounded by un-trustworthy people.



I’m very happy to help and I will never stop

offering my knowledge to who seek for answers.

But, you have to understand that I will not forfeit my freedom

for anything in this world.

If I have to let you go I will.



In order to help I need to remain free.

I need to preserve my spiritual energy.

… and so are you,

if you wish to go anywhere on the path of knowledge.

We are not talking about being selfish,

as little minded people could think.


We are talking about preventing parasites

to abuse of our intent to help,

and by doing that taking away our chance to go free

and to help others going free.




The art of dreaming

by Castaneda

… “Why am I sick, Florinda?”

“You are not sick with an illness: You were energetically wounded.”


“I don’t understand it at all,” I insisted. …

“When you get stronger, you yourself will answer your questions.”

“He said that I was in a state of energetic shock. Losing energy had temporarily affected me, and what I interpreted as hot flashes were, in essence, blasts of energy during which I momentarily regained control of my energy body and knew everything that had happened to me.

I was unable to do what he wanted, hard as I tried.

Failing made me experience an unusual fatigue which seemed to dry up the inside of my body. Before don Juan left the room, I remarked to him that I was suffering from anxiety.

“That means nothing,” he said, unconcerned. “Gain back your energy, and don’t worry about nonsense.”

“More than two weeks went by, during which I slowly gained back my energy.

However, I kept on worrying about everything. I worried mainly about being unknown to myself, especially about a streak of coldness in me that I had not noticed before; a sort of indifference; a detachment that I had attributed to my lack of energy until I regained it.

Then I realized that detachment was a new feature of my being;

a feature that had me permanently out of synchronization.”


“I confided to him that I was certain I knew infinitely more than I rationally admitted but that something was keeping a tight lid on my memory.

“Lack of energy is what has put a tight lid on your memory,” he said.

“When you have sufficient energy, your memory will work fine.”

“Do you mean that I can remember everything if I want to?”

“Not quite. You may want as much as you like, but if your energy level is not on a par with the importance of what you know, you might as well kiss your knowledge good-bye: it’ll never be available to you.” …

“Energy tends to be cumulative: If you follow the warrior’s way impeccably, a moment will come when your memory opens up.”

The art of dreaming by Castaneda.


 As long as you are looking for transformation, a result to be gained, there will be no transformation. As long as you are thinking in terms of achievement, in terms of time, there can be no transformation, for then the mind is caught in the net of time. When you say you are thinking in terms of immediate transformation, you are thinking of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Such transformation within time is merely change, which is modified continuity. When thought is free of time, there will be a timeless transformation.

– The Collected Works, Vol. IV”,206, Choiceless Awareness

by J. Krishnamurti

Finche’ aspetti un cambiamento, un risultato, non avverra’ nessun cambiamento reale. Finch’e pensi in termini di “raggiungere uno scopo o qualcosa”, finche’ pensi in termini di tempo, non pu’o avvenire una trasformazione reale perche’ la mente e’ intrappolata nel tempo. Quando pensi in termini di trasformazione immediata, stai pensando al ieri, all’oggi ed al domani. Quando tale trasformazione avviene nel tempo e’ considerata cambiamento, ovvero una modifica alla continuita’. Quando il pensiero e’ libero dal tempo, solo allora avviene una trasformazione sanza tempo.

J. Khrisnamurti


For anyone who wish to help,

I’m selling this couple of artist books

of which I’m the author.

It is a series of books called


“Drops of wisdom”.

If you like to buy a copy, of course it would be of great help

to continue my activities of research/help. –

Please e-mail me at:


The first Book is  a compilation of 3 stories ($35 +$ 3.50 S&H)

and the second one is one story ($20+$3.50 S&H)


They have a unique cover  with an autographed original drawing by the artist (me).

The books are enumerated. (1/300)






We HELP anyone who is  determined to reach

spiritual Knowledge!


We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. I really GET this and I hope you are recovering well. Love to you and William. ❤

  2. Ho letto che sei stata operata,Quindi quel problema è stato risolto.
    Sono contento che stai di nuovo bene.
    E che ti sei sposata e sei felice.
    Credo che concedere di essere sia la qualità più grande di un Thetan,anche se è molto difficile da mettere in pratica.
    Sembra sempre che qualcuno ci voglia come lui vorrebbe ed anche gli amici cercano di consigliarci per ciò che ritengono giusto per loro.
    Ognuno è come è e non come “dovrebbe” essere secondo noi.
    Ciao Adriano

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