Losing the mind…

Losing the mind…


…- I had argued with don Juan at the beginning of my association with him about his confessed motive for staying on the warrior’s path. He had said that fear kept him going in a straight line, and that what he feared the most was to lose the nagual (spiritual master); the abstract; the spirit.-… ‘The art of dreaming’ by Castaneda…

I’m walking one of the most beautiful journey I have ever dreamed of

and, at the same time, the fact that I could “lose it all”

frightens me to death.


Since I made the quantum jump “life” does not stop surprising me.

The abnormal has become the “normal’.


Losing the ‘I’  is a very challenging task, especially when

we do not recognize thoughts, as programmed others intentions and  evaluations.

But recently, during a lecture,

I started to assume a different point of view.

I started to locate this thoughts,

I actually started to see the energy who carries them.


-When you are t the point where you are free of jusdging, of evaluating constantly, of the impulse to identify yourself... you than r going to be free of the first wall, called mind (reason). A new wonderful world would open up to you when you are ready to see. But in order to see, you have to stop looking. Looking is what the mind (s) does for you.-

-When you finally get to the point where you are free of judging, evaluating constantly, of the impulse to identify yourself… you than are going to be free of the first wall called mind (reason). A new wonderful world would open up to you when you are ready to see. But in order to see, you have to stop looking. Looking is what the mind(s) does for you.- -It tells you what is there, what you should be seeing.-


The little electrical impulses and flows

which makes the body react.


Thoughts do not belong to the spiritual realm,

they belong to a body and the energy of the ordinary world.

They are an excellent deterrent to truth.


They keep you thinking you have a position in space and

they make sure you know you need an ‘I’, you need to be someone,

to be seen, to be respected, to be right…

To be (____). To be (____). To be (____).


They make sure you have an opinion, a personality, a character.

All things who belong to a body, not a spirit.

Thoughts are, as any physical possession, including a body,

there to make sure you are not escaping the game.

And the game makes you think.


And by thinking you make decisions,

you decide what you like or not like,

you separate and judge.

Every single action you take in that direction

it pushes you further down into the trap.

In truth, and I’m not talking about the totally overwhelmed,

irresponsible being,

but I’m talking about a high state of awareness

where you are free from liking or not liking,

choosing or not choosing, deciding this or that.


You are free from the dichotomies

of the implants.


You do not need to make a choice, 

in order to “make a choice”.



I have been dealing with energy shifts,

with vampires of energy and

on regenerating and redeploying my own energy gone awry.

Ordinary people would have call this process, being sick.

That is what human do, when they do not “see”.

Very recently, I started to see. 

I finally started to see the program.



… “I do not care of how tough it is, I only care about truth and freedom… I would never want to go back into the pink cloud of the “beautiful unconsciousness” of a perfect or less perfect, successful “life”.

It is a wonderful thing to see.

It helps you to “not be”.

Not the  ‘not-be’ who opposes the ‘be’,

but the ”not-be’  who is free and beyond the

need to decide, the right or wrong,

the judging and the computing.


I leave you with an interesting exercise.

When and if you hear a though,

spot where it come from.


There are many layers of minds…

you are peeling an onion.

Every time you peel one layer off,

you will feel the difference.

Be patient and enjoy every improvement,

no matter how little it might seem.


You might experience a sense of freedom.

Enjoy it!! I do.




“The art of dreaming” by Castaneda


“I have vanquished my mind,” he said,

opening his eyes wide to denote bewilderment.

“I don’t have a mind to tell me that it is time to be old.

I don’t honor agreements in which I didn’t participate.

Remember this: It is not just a slogan for sorcerers to say

that they do not honor agreements in which they did not participate.

To be plagued by old age is one such agreement.”        

He considered the use of kinesthetic memory

to be a real bonus, which those shamans had stumbled upon accidentally,

and which had the marvelous effect of shutting off the noise of the mind:

the internal dialogue.

Don Juan had explained to me

that the way in which we reinforce our perception of the world,

and keep it fixed at a certain level of efficiency and function,

is by talking to ourselves.

“The entire human race,” he said to me on one occasion,

“keeps a determined level of function and efficiency

by means of the internal dialogue.

The internal dialogue is the key to maintaining the assemblage point

stationary at the position shared by the entire human race:

at the height of the shoulder blades, an arm’s length away from them.

“By accomplishing the opposite of the internal dialogue,

” he went on, “that is to say, maintaining inner silence,

practitioners can break the fixation of their assemblage points,

and thus acquire an extraordinary fluidity of perception.”

“The art of dreaming” by Castaneda



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