The 4 universes..


Once you stepping out of ‘the game’, things do not go anymore the way “they should go (be)”. There are no more  rules, laws, ordinaries realities or standard behavior. You ‘born’ again every single day. And you and the world are like a big white canvas where you can paint anything and all.


I walked into a thrifty shop the other day

and found something which made me smile from my heart.


It reminded me of some people I met, people with an incredible spiritual power.




People who seem to have the ability to bright up

any single room they walk in.

They are able to wake up in a dumpster and, the first thing they do,

is to re-arrange the trash and turn it into something special.

They are endowed of a quantity of freedom not easily found on this planet,

and because of that, they can afford to love.

I bought the drawing as

I wanted to share it with  you.

Aesthetic, is nothing but a way of living

Aesthetic, is a harmonic flow which is inherent in some people. It is not matter of money or wealth, it is a way of living and ‘seeing’. It is the art of arranging particles for the creation of positive effects and/or emotions.


That’s the way I feel every morning when I wake up.

And I feel that way more and more as I’m progressing on ‘seeing’

beyond the deceiving illusion of what the mind offers us as “reality”.

When, at times, I succeed in escaping the despotic control of the mind

then, I get rewarded with the gift of seeing.


I pervaded 4 different dimensions lately.


crossing the line of time and space into other 'worlds'.

Crossing the line of  reason, time and space into other ‘worlds’.


Some people think once they leave this place they are safe.

The matrix does not finish here…

slavery exist at different levels;

in much advanced societies, in far away worlds.

As long as you are looking to be someone,

to have something to own,

to judge or justify;

as long as your choosing comes as a result of

your  “knowledge” or ‘experience

you will be subjected to the control of this universe

and you will barred from truth.


There are no rules.

Freedom starts by letting go of the deep-seated believes

that you have to use your eyes to see, a mind to think, experience to act.


The truth is,

as long as you will use your eyes to see

and your ears to hear,

you are going to be blind and deaf as you can be.




‘Seeing’ is not allowed here.

But worse than this, in one of the universes/dimensions

which at time collapses with this reality,

the inhabitant are not allowed to know.

They cannot shift their attention to anything else but the very life they live.


It is an interesting thing.

Many advanced spiritual philosophers have found,

that material properties,

the daily use of anything related to a program,

as it is the reality given in each different dimension;

or what we call life, culture, tradition etc…

all this, keeps you for ‘seeing’.



Some universes are in a much worse state than ours,

under a deeper mental control.

To them is severely forbidden to think out-side the box.

It is a crime to dare to doubt the “matrix“, the mind, the ordinary reality.


Jesus was right when he said:

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle

than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

(Matthew 19.24) 

You “wear ” the mind (s),

your body, the what-you-supposed to-be or not-to-be,

or do and not-to-do

and you are done-for!!!




If and when you enter that dimension,

and they see you peacking in,

havoc will ensue.

As the guard shouted at me:

You are not allowed to be here!!”

They have power to interfere with the electrical system

of this ordinary reality,

with your body structure, as it is purely made of energy.

Do not get scared. Continue to ‘see’, to work on ‘seeing’.


Because, only until you see

without the use of eyes or ears and

without being controlled or advised by the mind(s),

you are safe.

They could interfere with your body,

through emotions and thoughts,

but they cannot get to you.



– Buddha –

“Those who have a hundred things beloved, they have a hundred sorrows.
He who has nothing beloved, has no sorrows.
Such persons are free from sorrow.”
– Buddha –


“The art of dreaming”

by Castaneda

“Anything that we use belonging to this world can only weaken us.

If I stand here naked and away from the bed and away from the window, I don’t have any problem remembering where I came from.

But if I lie in that bed or wear those clothes

or look out the window, I am done for.”

We stood in the center of the room for a long time, huddled together.

A weird suspicion began to fester in my mind.

“How are we going to

return to our world?” I asked, expecting her to know.

“The reentry into our world is automatic

if we don’t let the fog set in,” she said with the air of a foremost authority;

which was her trademark.

And she was right.

Carol and I woke up, at the same time,

in the bed of her room in the Regis Hotel.

It was so obvious we were back in the world of daily life

that we didn’t ask questions or make comments about it.

“…modern-day sorcerers have learned a hard lesson.

They have realized that only if they remain totally detached can

they have the energy to be free.

Theirs is a peculiar type of detachment

which is born not out of fear or indolence,

but out of conviction.”



“They have realized that only if they remain totally detached can they have the energy to be free.” Castaneda




For anyone who wish to help,

I’m selling a couple of artist books in which I am the author.

It is a series of books called

“Drops of wisdom”.

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The books are enumerated. (1/300)










Silvia Kusada



  1. Thank you for this.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing “Pervading the Four Universes”, Silvia!
    Love, Dex

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