How do they know you are waking up?


It has been proven both scientifically and spiritually

that what we call reality, included life itself,

is nothing more than energy.


On that premise, it is not difficult to someone who is working on this energy program

to detect changes on frequency

or an increasement of electrical flows.


The feeling of betrayal, deception, the emotion of hate and anger

all alike increase mass as mass is nothing more than condensed energy.


When you dive in other dimensions, or someone enter into yours,

and you are seen, the mind rationale is challenged.

If the person you appearing to, while  ‘diving’  into other dimensions,

is strong enough,

or if that is happening to you and you are strong enough to face the truth…

things get heavily destabilized.




Awareness, even if in a very small degrees, pops out.


The mind starts to fight the “irrational”, but, again,

if you are strong enough,

it does not succeed in putting you back asleep.


It cannot quite you down telling you it was an hallucination, a dream…etc.




A sense of betrayal arises.

The doubts of something being different from what

you have been force to believe or from what

your eyes are telling you, you see

 increases considerably an ordinary electrical flow.


It is you opposing the pressure of the mind.

Psychological pain is one of the results.


That is why it is extremely important to shut the mind-off

and achieve Inner silence.

(Hubbard calls it TR0, something no one even understand nor achieves inside his Church of $cientology)

Inner silence works beyond energy fields,

it is by long way senior to this system

or any material universe.

Mr. Hubbard beginning steps of his counseling

is entirely devoted to the discharge energy masses…

the  recounting of traumas, losses, bad/shocking experiences…

what Castaneda calls Recapitulation,

it has the purpose to free-up energy in order to boost awareness.


The more solid a person is, this is to say,

the more a person believes he is his mind;

the more he is subjected to the law of this material universe

and the less aware he is.




The mind conditions the spiritual being

to the need of having a position in space,

a character, a personality, a likes and dislikes…

to be right or wrong in order to survive.


It deceives the being into believing and feeling they are one thing;

if the mind shuts off the being shuts off,

this to the point that in very low-levels of awareness,

the being believes that he is his mind and his body

and all he does is working frantically

in an attempt to protect them in order to survive.


The definition of static (spirit)

as per Mr. Hubbard is pretty much spot on.

(” Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wave-length,

no location in space or in time.

It has the ability to postulate and to perceive. “Axiom 1.


If you really duplicate and understand that definition

you also see how deeply trapped we are into the lie of self,

the ego, the right or wrong and all the other dichotomies (GPM’s)

which forces a beings into making choices and therefore taking a side.

A “side” always involves an opponent.



True power does not deal with energy.

When people,  “successful”, powerful people brag about their power,

they really bragging about their force-possessions…

they are bragging about energy.


The funny thing is:

they are, with all their solidity and belonging,

deeply enmeshed into the prison of energy.


They are below the level of confusion.

Their awareness is so low, their weakness is so high

they are not even “alive”.

They perfectly know who they “are”;

their mind and their body.


This is what the “matrix”, the ordinary mind tells us they are;


success3 success2 success1 Dream Team

 and this is what they truly are,

if you (not your mind) would see:



Magical passes by Castaneda

“That sixth center of energy,” he said, “doesn’t quite belong to man.

You see, we human beings are under siege, so to speak.

That center has been taken over by an invader, an unseen predator.

And the only way to overcome this predator

is by fortifying all the other centers.”

“Isn’t it a bit paranoid to feel that we are under siege, don Juan?” I asked.

“Well, maybe for you, but certainly not for me,” he replied.

“I see energy, …”

” I also see that in a sorcerer who has been capable of vanquishing the mind,

which sorcerers call a foreign installation,


“Don Juan said that inner silence

was the state most avidly sought by the shamans of ancient Mexico.

He defined it as a natural state of human perception

in which thoughts are blocked off

and all of man’s faculties operate from a level of awareness

which doesn’t require the utilization of our daily cognitive system.

Inner silence has always been associated with darkness,

for the shamans of don Juan’s lineage,

perhaps because human perception,

deprived of its habitual companion, the internal dialogue,

falls into something that resembles a dark pit.

He said that the body functions as usual,

but awareness becomes sharper.

Decisions are instantaneous, and seem to stem from a special sort of knowledge

which is deprived of thought verbalizations.

Human perception functioning in a condition of inner silence,

according to don Juan, is capable of reaching indescribable levels.

Some of those levels of perception are worlds in themselves,

and not at all like the worlds reached through dreaming.

They are indescribable states,

inexplicable in terms of the linear paradigms

that the habitual state of human perception employs f

or explaining the universe.

Inner silence, in don Juan’s understanding,

is the matrix for a gigantic step of evolution: silent knowledge,

or the level of human awareness where knowing is automatic and instantaneous.

Knowledge at this level is not the product of cerebral cogitation

or logical induction and deduction,

or of generalizations based on similarities and dissimilarities.

There is nothing a priori at the level of silent knowledge,

nothing that could constitute a body of knowledge,

for everything is imminently now.


Complex pieces of information could be grasped

without any cognitive preliminaries.

Don Juan believed that silent knowledge was insinuated to early man,

but that early man was not really the possessor of silent knowledge.

Such an insinuation was infinitely stronger

than what modern man experiences,

where the bulk of knowledge is the product of rote learning.

It is a sorcerers’ axiom that although we have lost that insinuation,

the avenue that leads to silent knowledge

will always be open to man by means of inner silence.

Don Juan Matus taught the hard-line of his lineage:

that inner silence must be gained by a consistent pressure of discipline.

It has to be accrued or stored, bit by bit, second by second.

In other words, one has to force oneself to be silent,

even if it is only for a few seconds.




According to don Juan, it was common knowledge among sorcerers

that if one persists in this, persistence overcomes habit,

and thus, it is possible to arrive at a threshold

of accrued seconds or minutes,

which differs from person to person.


I myself was energy, and so was everything around me.

I had canceled out my interpretation system.

After seeing energy directly, I realized something …

I had been seeing energy as it flows in the universe all my life,

but I had not been conscious of it.



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  1. Great post. I am noticing so many more realities since I have this new friend with so much higher awareness than what I’m accustomed to. My old reality pops up and blows sometimes when I least expect it because it’s so different now.

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