Recapitulation: the antidote of a parasite called mind.


If I would have to describe what it is happening right now
I would picture a girl looking out of the window of a train, astonished by the different and incredible things she sees while travelling to new worlds.
Things she never thought could exist.


Recapitulation: the antidote of a parasite called mind.


Originally when the practicing of Scientology was not totally

under the despotic control of The Church of $cientology Incorporated

(a huge money motivated organization in disguise

which enslaves his parishioners in the name of spiritual freedom) ,

the parishioners were undergoing  extensive counseling

devoted to the recollection of their lives,

from the moments of pleasure to the moments of shocks and loss

in order to destimulated and release stuck energy accumulated

as a result of this incidents.


The recovery of energy obtained by this type of counseling was astonishing.

It gave the person an improvement in self-confidence,

at times and in different amounts,

a decreasing of the need to be someone else, consciously or unconsciously

in order to survive or to be socially accepted.


A very similar type of counseling, and I would say, an even  more complete one,

it has been practiced since hundreds of years,

by several lineages of Sorcerers in South America.


I would say in a more complete way

because their action on regressing or scanning the past,

has been not only related to the self,

but to a very thorough analysis and handling of the energy involved,

the energy given and the energy received

by the people involved in the interaction of the past.


More complete because it did not get, as $cientology does,

people stuck on the “I” and therefore totally overwhelmed by their mind (s).


By recapitulation the “Indians Toltecs and Yaqui”

were actually releasing their attention from the past while recuperating the lost energy

and returning what others had left to them as part of the interaction.


That, when thoroughly done, resulted in freedom from the past,

from old decisions,  intentions, the healing from ailments, from habits

and all the rest of the baggage that a mind call ego; the I.


The physical handling of energy is something that,

VERY, VERY few of what the Church of  $cientology

calls advance spiritual parishioners (OT’s)

can actually perform.

While people are busy  getting overwhelmed by the routine

of the ordinary reality,

from working 2 -3 jobs in order to make some money,

an advance spiritual being, who can see and deal with energy,

admitting he would be interested in,

could get the same result by shifting

few energy fields or rays, while sitting on his chair.



Do you wish to know

how much control your mind still have on you?

Listen to yourself, to your thoughts and to your conversation.

How many times, the word “I”, “Me”, “My” comes up?

No matter how free you think you are,

until one of this words is part of your language

you are not free from the leash of the mind.


This is quite of challenge…

a beautiful challenge

for the Warriors of Knowledge.



… ‎”Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than of other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts. It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all.” … ~ William Temple



•…• The wheel of time by Carlos Castaneda •…•

The recommendation for warriors is not to have any material things on which to focus their power, but to focus it on the spirit; on the true flight into the unknown, not on trivialities. Everyone who wants to follow the warrior’s path has to rid himself of the compulsion to possess and hold onto things.


The wheel of time by Castaneda




For anyone who wish to help,

I’m selling a couple of artist books in which I am the author.

It is a series of books called “Drops of wisdom”.

If you would like to buy a copy it would help

in continuing my activities of research/help. –

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The first Book is  a compilation of 3 stories ($35 +$ 3.50 S&H)

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We HELP spiritual people:



We unite spiritual beings.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada

Advanced Spiritual Counselor


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