The choice of modern warriors ‘of knowledge’ is freedom. Today, we can say whatever we want, giving our listeners the choice to take it or leave it.

The choice of modern warriors ‘of knowledge’ is freedom.

“Today, we can say whatever we want,

giving our listeners the choice to take it or leave it.”

Armando Torres: ‘ Encounter with the nagual’



It is needed a lot of power to break free from the mind

and it’s the ordinary world,

power which is required to immune one

from the strong control and conditioning of the mind and its every day world.


The body is going to fight you back and your mind is going to lead you into believing

you are just a crazy, disillusioned,  loser.

Pain, self invalidation, the apparent opportunity

to be a winner in this “so-called reality”,

all this can come to you in part or in a whole,

which such a force that most people succumb to the rationality of this world

and its vision as the mind describes it to us.



Man  has always been in search of power.

but he has mistakenly used this power to feed his worse enemy:

is EGO


The man of knowledge however, does not need to posses

or to store power to prove himself right,

to make his ego stronger,

to overpower others:

he seek power  to employ it

in his pure search for freedom,

truth and in order to “see”.

Only if you have enough power you are indeed,

able to dissipate this illusion we agreed to call life.


And even when you succeed in seeing, 

the struggle continues, day by day, under the attack

of this “system” which will do everything in its power

to get you back into the unconscious slavery.

The EGO is a huge machine

with an insatiable hunger for energy.

This sense of  “me”, “I” is so deeply installed into us

that makes it almost impossible to be  recognized

as a foreign installation and therefore

to be  eradicated.


Every time in our language we use the world I, me, self

we feeding the big machine, we are giving ourselves

a position in space and therefore

we are asserting the existence of  the mind as an energy (fluid matter) terminal.

But again the mind is far from being us.

I remember several years ago, while I was taking an IQ test,

a question which asked: “Do you always criticize a movie or a play after seeing it?”

My answer to that question has always been yes,

I thought, to be able to judge impartially something,

was a good sign, a sign of awareness and sanity.


Today, after years and years of researches,

counseling/meditation and recapitulation,

it is finally clear that any type of judgment is not a natural part of a free being,

but the result of the mind.


Below the level of knowingness, described as knowing

and acting without related thoughts, past present or future ,

we have the prison called EGO.


And that EGO is a power sucking device,

which makes sure you will never have enough energy yourself to see or go anywhere.



One of the component of the Ego, Self , I is time.


It is practically impossible for a rational ordinary mind

to even consider knowing without judging.

Observing without having an opinion or a side .

The path of knowledge, it is a hard constant work,

in which so many times, you end up feeling you have lost it all,

never really went anywhere.


But with time, you also come to know, that during this moments

your mind and the parasites of energy, are feeding off of you.

They love mis-emotions, bad or good.



The magic of a no mind world, it is impossible to describe,

this is the reason you will find many Nagual, Masters and Warrior of knowledge describing their walk, sharing their struggles, but never talking of the magic of the new “world”.

You can only “seeing” it

if you walk the path.


Alone,  but not lonely.




Loneliness is a state of the mind,

and one of the  preferred food to the vampire of energy.



Encounters With The Nagual,

Conversations with Carlos Castaneda

by Armando Torres


The Secret of the Feathered Snake:  

more encounters with the nagual

by Armando Torres

This is a real battle, twenty-four hours a day, which is a warrior with himself against his self-importance and self-pity, which, in the end, is a struggle against their own stupidity.

To conduct this fight, we have to track all of your distractions and all the time to maintain awareness, because if you relax vigilance even for a moment, you will immediately become vulnerable to attack by the ego.

Now I realize that Carlos was trying to say when he said that we do not need teachers. 

He said that it is like taking a shower – you have to do it yourself, because it’s too personal matter. The struggle is against your own ego, and no one can do it for you.

Turns out that the only foreign aid that we can take from others – is the one that makes us aware of our own weaknesses. 

But then there is another problem associated with the fact that we always tend to see those who identify our shortcomings, as our opponents or enemies, when in reality they are the ones we have to thank, because they are our benefactor.


The Secret of the Feathered Snake:  more encounters with the nagual

by Armando Torres

ISBN: 978-607-95123-1-6

The Power of silence by Castaneda

“Don Juan had explained that sorcerers of ancient times (…) had discovered

extraordinary things about perception,

but they had also discovered how easy it was to get lost in aberration.

The Power of silence by Castaneda


And a little secret from Castaneda “The power of silence”.


“If you think about life in terms of hours instead of years,

our lives are immensely long,” he said.

“Even if you think in terms of days, life is still interminable.”

That was exactly what I had been thinking.

He told me that sorcerers counted their lives in hours,

and that in one hour it was possible for a sorcerer

to live the equivalent in intensity of a normal life.”



“Drops of wisdom”.

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  1. A great post! thanks… I feel a bit awkward since EGO is a greek word, lol! But, jokes aside, I see how this Ego is a cancer by itself. Through knowledge and certainty of who we really are and having understood the mind, we can ascend to higher levels of existence.

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