How to put your body asleep. It works like magic!

“Say ‘good-bye’ to your sleeping problems.”


…”Don Juan said it doesn’t work that way.
You command It. If you start begging It for something, most especially, if you say, ‘Please don’t let X happen!! then it surely will–X WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. It will make it happen. So if there’s anything you don’t want to happen, don Juan would say, ‘Don’t beg!'”
(Amy Wallace- My life with Castaneda)


At the age of twelve I suffered of severe insomnia.

Around that time I use to have frequent nightmares,

where at times the pain in the dreams was so strong

I would force myself to wake up to escape it.

I was brought up with the idea

that sleeping it was a waste of time.


I felt guilty if I would sleep

and admired who could live with minimal sleep.


12 Keeping up one's social facade, don Juan explained, saps us dangerously- thus, self-importance is our worst enemy." (Amy Wallace: My life with Castaneda)

“Keeping up one’s social facade, don Juan explained, saps us dangerously- thus, self-importance is our worst enemy.” (Amy Wallace: My life with Castaneda)


Although for many, many years I have slept very little

due to work or family reasons,

my ideal sleeping time has always been close to height hours.


During, and few years after my abusive relationship with the pilot ended,

I was unable to sleep at all, untill couple of years ago

when, during my spiritual research,

I realized a good amount of sleep, not only gives you a chance

to replenish the body of vital energy but gives you, the spirit,

an opportunity to live your second life.

In fact nI discovered, the majority of people when they dream

pick up the work left on a parallel “life”.

With quite some practice, you can actually

acquire the ability to keep awareness of both lives

and have them both under your control.


 Due to the heavy influence of the installed mind (s),

it does take a while to take charge of your life in the other-dimensions,

as  what most people automatically do is to continue to live as

thought they still subjected to this physical universe laws.

It takes some strong intention and constant work on your part

to  freely use the magic wand once in the other-reality,

and to know you can make anything happen.






This been; if you wish to go from Chicago to New York,

you do not have to wait for the plane,

you just intent to be there and you will be there.

You can actually take others with you if you wish.

There is a wonderful exercise to help achieving

freedom on your dream-attention.

You do it while being awake,

and it will also put your body asleep.


I advise you to try it.

While laying on the bed think of a situation.

Make it real, really real as you are there living it now.

With your eyes closed: look, hear, feel, listen

all the things you have placed in your dream.

Let’s use the example of a single parent

who feel stressed in her/his daily family-work routine.

She/he is laying on the bed worrying about

how she/he could go to work and be at her/his child school graduation at the same time.

She/he is laying in bed overwhelmed

and of course she/he cannot sleep.

The exercise is to reorganize your life





and OUTDO the most vivid imagination!






In “dreaming-awake”

 she/he could be in two place at the same time,

or have the job done while she/he is out,

or having the boss to call to give her/he a day off

with no reason.



Try to not reason.

You do not need to justify or find excuses.

Judgments, justifications and excuses are

what the mind uses to trap you

and you better do without it.


You can even dream

that you don’t have to work anymore

as you can have all you want.

You will see, while doing this,

the sense of time disintegrating

and with time the thinkingness feeded by the parasite mind(s).


Time and thinkingness co-exist.




When you dream-awake,

you do not just follow a rationale.


You make things happen in your dream exactly as you wish.

You need to feel or imagine you feel

the way you want to feel,

and the things you want to do.


After a while you will see things

 moving under your control.

Dreaming-awake requires lots of energy

and when properly done it exhausts the body

and before you know the body will be soundly asleep.


A side huge benefit from dreaming awake,

is that you master the art of non-doing.

(LRH call it ‘disagreeing with reality’)


As Castaneda mentioned often in its books,

the non-doing is anything that breaks the routine, the habits

and breaks the  “should-be”  or ‘do’, or “shoudn’t-be” or ‘do’

dictated by the installed mind(s)

or by our education.


It is a wonderful tool to “seeing”,

and a way to realize that the only one who is setting limits

to yourself it is you.

You will be surprise how difficult is at the beginning

to have, and how much we are subjected

to the conditioning of our mind (s).


Hope you can use this beautiful tool as much as I do,

if not more.

It might not work for everybody,

but it will work for many.




A word by J. Krishnamurti

When you look at the stars there is you who are looking at the stars in the sky;

the sky is flooded with brilliant stars, there is cool air,

and there is you, the observer, the experiencer,

the thinker, you with your aching heart,

you, the centre, creating space.

You will never understand about the space between yourself and the stars,

yourself and your wife or husband,

or friend, because you have never looked without the image,

and that is why you do not know what beauty is or what love is.


You talk about it, you write about it,

but you have never known it except

perhaps at rare intervals of total self-abandonment.

So long as there is a centre creating space around itself

there is neither love nor beauty.

When there is no centre and no circumference then there is love. And when you love you are beauty. – Freedom from the Known,94

by J. Krishnamurti

“Don’t be fooled by the outward movements or by what you see.

It’s what you don’t see that counts.”

“The Sorcerers’ Crossing: A Woman’s Journey”

– ©1992 by Taisha Abelar







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  1. I have tried this for years to no avail. No one ever says “HOW” to do this

    • Thank you for your comment.
      be patient and never give up is the first rule. Castaneda took years to see his hand in a dream.
      You are working against installed minds, but every time you try you get stronger. Close your eyes and paint your canvas. Keep your attention there and feel.
      It did not happen all of a sudden for me…
      to be able to control dreams has happen when less I expected and sometimes I still lose it. No one ever said it was easy, but when you close your eyes, there is your world and you can make it fun. The trick is to live it as opposed to having a mere idea of it. Hug

  2. […] “How to put your body asleep…” […]

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