Are you ready to live in your next body-less level?

Are you ready to live in your next body-less level?



Only few have enough courage to adventure alone in the frightening dark nights, where the diamonds of truth shine and can be seen.


There are amazing beings out there

who constantly work to make sure

people determined to pursue spiritual freedom can have their chance.

One of them is David StLawrence.

He has put together few tips.



This technology is yours for free,

however, very few will actually use it

as there are few only with the intention,

enough power and vision (spiritual mind)

to walk the path.


Some will be ready later.

Some other just like to call themselves

spiritual to be part of a war led

by the material minds

(parasites minds and analytical minds).


The latter are the majority and the ones

who scream to be helped,

who pretend to be helped,

who sets or get tangled in a bunch of rules,

but will never really go anywhere.

Many of them for some reasons 

are never ready or feel

they need more gears

to start the walk and when they finally start,

they search for security,

for the big arrow indicating the way,

for a guide to blame and to held responsible.


Only few have enough courage to adventure alone in the frightening dark nights, where the diamonds of truth shine and can be seen.



TIPS ON AUDITING ENTITIES (inorganic beings)

Posted on July 14, 2013 by David StLawrence

This is written for my pre-OTs who have already audited entities in session with me and wish to develop their skills so they can consistently audit entities successfully on their own.


Consider this as a first step in creating a complete Do-It-Yourself guide to achieving the state of CAUSE OVER ENTITIES through Independent Style OT Auditing.

I make no claims that this is the only way to achieve cause over entities. I can only state that these tips represent field-tested ways to accomplish the goal of cause over entities in a very short time with no additional training other than the auditing I deliver to get people started.

I am posting this as a public service so any interested person can see how simple it is to get in communication with their entities when they are ready. Other auditors may find this useful and are welcome to use it as they see fit.


For the sake of clarity, let us define the terms used and the players involved in auditing entities:

INDEPENDENT STYLE OT AUDITING: This procedure is quite different from the NOTs auditing performed in the Church of Scientology. Independent Style OT Auditing is performed with the Auditors Code fully in and entities are treated the same as any other preclear with all of the rights of a preclear. The purpose of Independent Style OT Auditing is to bring entities to present time and get them to self-determinedly participate in life again.

Independent Style OT Auditing can be performed solo or with an OT Auditor supervising and coaching the pre-OT as he contacts and handles entities. Solo auditing is OT auditing without the supervision of another auditor. It is similar to flying solo in a plane and is done after receiving enough sessions with a trained auditor.

Many solo auditors will audit solo for extended periods and then get OT auditing from me to brush up on techniques or to handle difficult and complex situations.. There is no limit to the amount of support that a solo auditor can receive and he can get it when he wants it.

Independent Style OT Auditing can be performed with or without a meter. When auditing someone else, a meter is preferred. Solo auditing can be performed without a meter to excellent results with a little practice.

ENTITY: A living spiritual being, generally without a body. It has volition, memory, goals, engrams and all of the complexities of any spiritual being. It can be in ANY VALENCE and can present itself as anything from a thought or a pain or a full blown fatal illness.

An entity is the general name we use to identify a body thetan, a ghost, a spirit guide, an angel, a mental circuit, or a demon. These are all different names for a spiritual being that does not have a body but may possess and control one at times.

OT AUDITOR: The person who manages the auditing activity by coaching the PreOT through the steps of identifying and auditing entities.

Pre-OT: This is the person who receives OT auditing and also performs Solo Auditing when he has attained sufficient training and confidence to audit entities on his own. He may be called the SOLO AUDITOR for clarity when discussing solo auditing procedures. He may also be called the PRECLEAR in the following tips when he is receiving auditing from an auditor.

OT: This is a reference to the state of Operating Thetan which has been described as being able to control thought, life, matter, energy, space, and time. As this state depends on one’s responsibility level, it has no single defined level of ability. A person can be deemed as OT as he can cause things.



Let’s review some basic principles first. If these are not in place, auditing entities can be very frustrating and the results will be disappointing.

–You are dealing with living beings and any effort to depersonalize them will make auditing almost impossible. Entities are intelligent and many have been with you for years so they know what you know but may never have been able to contact you. This inability can make the entities irascible all by themselves, so approaching the entities in a confrontational or oppositional manner may make it even harder to audit them.

They can also have a sense of humor which can be quite biting and sarcastic at first. Most of them are actually trying to help in some way and I will cover that in detail further on.

–These beings have engrams that go into restimulation when you interact with the physical universe and the people who populate it. Their engrams go in and out of restimulation so things seem to come and go randomly even when you cannot see any possible source of restimulation. These engrams do not surrender to normal auditing although touch assists seem to reduce their effect.

–The entity with an engram in restimulation has mental image pictures which contain attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains (AESPs) and YOU experience these attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains AS THOUGH THEY WERE YOUR OWN.

–You become the effect of their engrams through this mechanism of MISOWNERSHIP: You feel it, so it’s easy to misidentify it as your own. When you spot that it isn’t your attitude, emotion, sensation or pain, the effect is immediately reduced and may even disappear entirely. When the bad effect disappears on the entity being spotted, we call that “blowing by inspection”.

An experienced pre-OT or Solo Auditor is able to blow charge by inspection whenever he or she chooses. Normally the charge is handled by auditing which is described later.

–Some entities used to have physical bodies, others did not. Entities are living beings that can present themselves as anything at all: As pains, evil thoughts, warning messages, voices in your head, thoughts that randomly pop up when least expected and a thousand other manifestations that can interfere with your life. Not to worry however, the solution is pretty standard.

The pre-OT or Solo Auditor gets in communication with the entity and bring him up to present time.

–Entities can be found clustered together, thinking they’re a single identity or as individual beings. This should be determined when they are first contacted because the initial handlings for each situation have different steps. The final objective is always the same: to bring the entities to present time and out of the incidents or valences they are stuck in.

–The optimum handling of all entities is to bring them to present time using high-ARC communication and then let them decide whether they wish to stay and help or wish to be off and about their business. They are really quite handy when their purposes are aligned with yours and this will be explained at a later point.

–IN SESSION: Interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor. This applies to entities as it does to any preclear. If you are auditing entities, you must be willing and able to put your entities in session.

–All communication with entities is done mentally. You direct your thoughts toward a specific area in space with an intention to reach the being that is there. You do not have to form sentences, a simple concept will do the job nicely. After you have asked a question such as “who are you?”, you may get a single word response or you may get a burst of concepts that will take you several minutes to digest. Make sure you acknowledge every response or origination by an entity.

–If you wish to audit entities, you must be willing to grant beingness to them which really means treating them as you would treat any other preclear by making them know they are important in your eyes. If you audit a pc treating him or her as a tedious job to be done, you are not granting them beingness. You are instead invalidating them and their worth as beings. If you treat every entity as an important pc, you will find that your auditing will go very smoothly.

I cannot emphasize this enough:


You must follow the Spiritual Counselor’s Code when dealing with entities. This is a version of the early Auditor’s Code that has been written for the benefit of the pre0OT and the entities instead of for an organization.

–If you are in pain or out of sorts because of what an entity is doing, I suggest you do OT TR0 and calm yourself before beginning session. You must have your TRs in if you expect to audit entities successfully.

–If you are auditing entities to get rid of them, I suggest you re-read the earlier parts of these basics until you understand why that purpose is counter productive. If you cannot abandon the idea that getting rid of entities is your highest priority, I suggest that you get another person to deliver auditing to you and your entities. Destructive intentions in OT auditing can have serious effects on your body and your general health. Upset entities can cause all sorts of serious health problems. Take a good look at the recent OT completions from the church and you will see what I mean.

– Smooth handling of entities with your Auditor’s Code fully in will produce hours of winning sessions that will not require any dating and locating or assessment of correction lists. You will experience life-changing wins in almost every session because you are handling the hidden factors that control your behavior and limit your abilities.

(See links to articles on Entities on

–Acknowledgment is extremely important for every answer or origination by an entity, possibly because they have been unacknowledged or not-ised for so long. A natural and easy comm cycle with the right amount of attention and intention will go a long way toward putting the entities at ease. This is quite different than the auditing comm cycle used in church OT auditing. Our Independent Style OT auditing is a rescue mission, not a search-and-destroy mission.


"...Neville and "controlled immagination" ... which brings all your senses into play--you see, hear, feel and smell all that you imagine you already have and then let it go.  (A magical Journey by Margaret Runyan Castaneda)



If your basics are in, this becomes an entertaining challenge because your mission is to contact an entity or entities which are experiencing difficulty and to bring them to present time. If you were to think of this as a rescue mission, it should put you in the proper frame of mind to succeed every time. In most cases, the rescue can be accomplished in one session.

We are looking for entities that are affecting the pre-OTs mood, behavior, attitude, health, whatever.

Entities that are disturbed are a common cause of body pains. If the pre-OT is experiencing aches and pains that do not reduce with rest and normal medical treatment, it is prudent to investigate the area and see if there are energy masses or entities with attention on the area.

We can find entities or clusters of entities by asking what is the pre-OT’s attention on or what does he or she want to handle? A solo auditor needs only to notice where his attention is being drawn.

Some auditors are able to see entities as shimmering areas of energy, others see no visible evidence but find that their attention is being attracted to a particular area in space or in their body. This is an ability that improves with practice. Receiving Independent OT Auditing from a trained OT auditor will rapidly increase one’s ability to spot entities, masses and spiritual energy.


This is the most common situation. The pre-OT becomes aware of an entity or mass in his space and attempts to get in comm with it. The entity responds with a burst of surprise and seems to vanish. A slight variation on this theme is getting in comm with an entity and asking him who he is and he responds with the preclears name. He usually has been under the impression that he was driving the body all this time. Asking when he joined the body will often help him sort the matter out. He will often experience relief once he knows why his commands were not being executed properly. Many entities in this situation are unaware that there is a “big” entity running the body and that they were separate entities.

Entities in this situation are easy to handle as they have been trying to make things go right for a long time. Once you get in comm with them they are eager to stay on and help out.

Here is the basic handling in more detail:

There are lots of questions you can ask an entity once it shows a willingness to communicate. You can ask who or what it is and it may give you a valence or a mocked up beingness, like a clown or a military figure.

Asking who it was before that can cause it to return to a more basic valence.

Asking when it joined the pc will separate the being from its assumed identity as the pc. Some entities are quite surprised to find that they are not the pc! They have been BEING the pc for many years and have been frustrated at the lack of success they have had in controlling things or warding off danger.

This is not a rote, by the numbers exercise. You contact the entity and you get in comm with him or her by asking appropriate questions and matching tone levels. Once you are in comm, you are looking for information which will bring the entity to cause over his situation.

He can be talking to you and still be totally stuck in an incident. This is not so different from many of the people you talk to during the day. Once you ask some personal questions and show your interest in the entity or person, they will recognize you as a real terminal who is paying attention to them.

If you know how to strike up a conversation with a person in Starbucks and get them to tell you about important things in their life, you are already trained to help entities because similar steps are involved.

Their tone level comes up as you talk with them and they will volunteer information that will lead you to ask more questions until they are completely in present time and discover that something has changed for them.

Once they start looking around, you can ask them what they would like to do now. Quite often, they will be interested in hanging around and possibly helping out in some way. There are several ways to handle this which are covered in the last section.

You might want to see if they know what year it is. Some will need orienting as they were last awake many centuries ago. You can give them locationals by sending them to a quiet beach or to a busy mall depending on their situation. Sending them to a mall to go window shopping brings in their indicators and they will come back to you with all sorts of observations. At that point they are often ready to go to work in some capacity.


A typical response might be, “I have this problem with men. Once I get emotionally close to a man, I can’t seem to stop pursuing him. I lose all restraint. It is ruining my life and nothing has handled it.”

A little discussion brings out the fact that there is a definite point where lust takes over and she feels helpless and degraded.

We find that the lust seems to emanate from a point in front of her each time it occurs.

She is asked to locate the exact point where the lust comes from and say how big an area is involved.

Once she gets the location and size, she can be asked if it is a cluster or a single being. Even a first time preclear seems to be able to tell if it is one being or many jammed together.

We get the preclear to ask the cluster how many beings are in the cluster and it usually begins to break apart as individual entities recognize their unique status. We get the preclear to pervade the cluster and see what picture is held in common. This is usually an explosion or a horrendous implant of some type and the cluster will begin breaking up as the picture is recognized as such and acknowledged. It may vanish completely or a few individual beings may remain and need to be handled as single entities.

Asking when the incident occurred will often cause the cluster to dissipate. If it doesn’t dissipate, you might ask what they were doing or not doing before the incident. This will usually reveal that they were ignoring danger signals of some sort or they were annoying some authorities and got zapped. At this point they start showing some amusement and most will come to present time.

If the preclear is experiencing lust as in this example, the engram or implant may contain strong sexual impulses which usually are accompanied by overts of some sorts. Getting the entity to tell what was done that caused the implant or engram to occur will usually free the entity from the incident and he will come up to present time.

Finding “when” the implant was set in is the light-touch easy way to deal with it.

This is not a taped and rote by the numbers exercise. You contact the entity and you get in comm with him or her by asking appropriate questions and matching tone levels. Once you are in comm, you are looking for information which will bring the entity to cause over his situation.

As was stated earlier, If you know how to strike up a conversation with a person in Starbucks and get them to tell you about important things in their life, you are already trained to help entities because the same steps are involved.


You ask what the pc’s attention is on and their response is: I have this pain in my stomach, or head, or some other body part.

You get them to locate the cluster or entity that is connected to this pain and you can ask who it is and what it is.

On the other hand, merely asking an entity, “Are you doing this to help in some way?” (“What are you trying to help?”) will often get the entity to immediately begin open communication.

Occasionally the entity may say, “Fuck off!” and you need to use a different approach.

You can ask, “Has your help not been acknowledged?” and that will often open the doors to an extended rant but the entity will now be in comm with you.

Remember that acknowledgments are VITAL when you are handling an upset entity.

Your comm. cycle needs to be clean and you must not flash back when your offer of help is refused and you are called rude names.

Once you are in comm, you need to understand why the entity is angry and do the appropriate handlings and acknowledgments to get the charge dissipated. The upset will often be with you, so be prepared to take responsibility for whatever you did. Be prepared to admit you caused the problem if that is the case. You can ask, “What have I done wrong? Or What did I do wrong? Which takes the edge off session ARC breaks and helps reestablish communication and willingness on the entity’s part.)

Take responsibility for whatever you did or didn’t do and then stay in comm with the entity and bring him to present time with good two way communication. Make sure you let the entity originate and understand and acknowledge him. If you don’t get what he is saying at first make sure that you stay in comm until you get it all.


You locate and handle an entity and he communicates all sorts of things but he doesn’t seem to cognite and come to present time. He may seem to change the picture he presents to you and he may seem to go out of comm at different times.

Ask the entity if it is “connected” to something or someone in a different location. If it is, you will get an immediate reaction and you begin handling the connection in order to sever it.

The connection will seem to be from an entity in the PCs space or on the PCs body to another entity far away. There may a connection from the being running the body (the pc) to a distant location, but it seems to be less common.

The connection may be “visible” to the PreOT or Solo Auditor as a line stretching off in some direction or it may be totally invisible and exist only as a concept. Either way, your objective is to find what is at the other end of this connection.

The connection is usually two-way. Commands come down the connection and data flows upward to a monitoring system. The purpose seems to be to track and control the pc. Sometimes the PreOT has agreed to be tracked and controlled because of his past overts.

This is called a Body in Pawn situation and it can be handled by having the PC, not the entity, sever the line going to the remote location or cause the body to thrash about in its vat or sarcophagus until something breaks or someone shuts down the connection.

Getting the PreOT to pervade the situation and talk about it will eventually unravel the agreement that is holding this communication line in place if actively disrupting the connection does not seem to work.

There are many different connection situations. Some entities are connected to a network of higher level entities who monitor entities on various PCs. Some entities are connected to machines that seem to be floating in space, usually in some sort of alternate time stream. The connections rarely seem to be connected to locations in this part of space.

Once the connection is broken, the entity needs to be brought to present time and released or recruited.

These are just a few of hundreds of examples. They all can be viewed as rescue missions with the object of bringing an entity or entities to present time. Unsticking the entities from past incidents can take many forms but the easiest way is to get in good communication with the entity and show it that you care for it and get it to communicate what its attention is stuck on. If you do that with compassion and high ARC, you will be as successful as any professional OT auditor.


Contrary to what you may have been told, there is no end to the entities you will encounter in your life. The real situation is as follows:

The world is full of entities…every where.

Get used to it and prepare to take advantage of it.

You can verify this situation for yourself by repeating an early version of OT I:

Go out into the environment and see if you can find a spot where there is no life.

Grass has entities. Animals, insects and trees have entities. Even the stones and the earth have entities. Look up into the sky and see what is there in terms of life forces.

This is why the OT levels promoted by the church are a futile effort and lead to self-invalidation. If you could totally cleanse a space around you by driving entities away so you could attest to “No More Entities” which used to be the EP of OT III and OT VII, all you have to do is go downtown and you will come home with a complete new set of entities from everyone who noticed you or leered at you or admired you. If you attracted attention from others, their entities can decide that you are better company and join you.

You can pick up entities from going in old buildings or from visiting strange bars. You came along all bright and shiny and an entity says to himself,”I like his space! I think I will follow him home.”

OTs who pride themselves on no more entities, and I know a few like this, are really distressed when their bodies get cancer, or Lyme disease, or generally look rundown and hurt all over. They have been given false data and it invalidates their climb to OT and often ends up killing them. They are not-ising their entities and that leads to upset entities.

There is a better solution.


You put them to work. They can provide remote viewpoints for gathering data. They can analyze situations and warn you when necessary. They can check out what is happening to your loved ones who are away. They can cheer you up and make you feel safe.

They can remember things for you like names, how to play the piano or many other instruments, how to compose music, addresses and phone numbers.

I know they can do this because I lost the ability to remember names after a NOTs session at Flag. The entities I used as a repository for that data was gone and I spent years trying to recover that ability for myself.

You can organize them or you can be smart and get them to organize themselves. One of my PCs gets his entities to co-audit each other. Another one of my PCs send his entities out to heal people and they are very good at that job. One pc uses his entities to do remote inspections of people and situations.

I tend to use entities to predict the future. It is simpler than it sounds. The future is created by the aggregate postulates in any given area. When you intend something to happen, it happens if you intend it and your intentions are not blocked by other intentions.

I use entities to be aware of intentions concerning me and my future actions. It is almost like sampling opinions. If my intended actions will invoke counter-intentions, I can use that information to work out an alignment of intentions so I get what I intend without initiating conflicts. Sometimes this is merely a matter of moving more slowly than I originally intended.

All who successfully employ entities to help them say that their entities provide them with a greater space to work in. They have many more attention units at their disposal.

Visualize these two alternatives:

1. A thoroughly audited church OT VII who has apparently driven almost every entity from his space. He is all alone in his elevated state of beingness. (His entities may have gone invisible to him which they are quite capable of doing or he is valiantly not-ising his entities which will eventually backfire on him.)

2. An independently audited OT who has an armada of entities supporting him in many different ways and cheering him on.

Which would you prefer to be?



There are some prerequisites for successfully auditing yourself using this Independent Style OT Auditing.

The person wishing to take advantage of this technology

needs to be in fairly good case shape

as this Independent Style OT auditing

does not replace the need for the processes of the lower bridge.

The lower bridge helps the being boost his own horsepower so he is less likely to be overwhelmed by entities.

A thoroughly run set of Objectives, a Scn drug rundown, communication, problems, o/w, arc break, and service facs, should help ease the transition to OT auditing.

A person wishing to regain his OT abilities should also get whatever Dianetics processes he feels are necessary to get his case in shape to audit entities.

Failure to get one’s own case in shape will make OT auditing difficult and may result in heavy restimulation and possible illness.

I have seen some real problems occurring with high level church OTs because they did not get their cases in shape or false attested to completion of necessary lower Bridge actions.

If some people out in the field just pick up some cans and start casting about for entities without getting their communication, problems, o/ws and arc break addressed first, they will not get any benefit from this powerful new material.

On the other hand, if a person is already able to detect and communicate with entities, attesting to the state of Clear becomes a formality. The real purpose of attaining the state of Clear is to prepare the person to run the OT levels.

If the person off the street wants to run entities and is able to do so comfortably, he may be ready to be a pre-OT. He still may need a Life Repair action to prepare him for running the Independent Style OT Auditing, but this has usually been a short action of less than 10 hours.


This is a work in progress and has been made possible because of the research and observations of pre-OTs who have used this material in its earlier forms.

If you feel that there is information that should be added or modified to make it easier to solo audit using Independent Style OT Auditing, please let us know.

The purpose of this information is to open the upper end of the Bridge to all clears and make more people cause over their entities and their lives.

David St Lawrence





We HELP spiritual beings to GET free!


We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications




ITALY: Ri/Maurice Pascal




Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


  1. This is fantastic and thank you for sharing it here. ❤

  2. Silvia, your presentation of my material is far better than the original! You have a real gift. You have added aesthetics to my two-dimensional reporting of observations.

    I love what you have done!

    • David,
      I personally believe LRH, the old one, the fresh and full of hopes, The free man, the one that was keeping himself free of bad advises and was not yet tired and burdened by the bad news, would be VERY proud of you!!
      You are getting the job done while getting people a tool to be free without dependence. You are leaving magic on the path.

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