The hard task of Remembering “yourself”



"Man in himself is not one, he is not 'I,' he is 'we,' or to speak more correctly, he is 'they.' Everything arises from this. In search of the Miracolous by P. D. OUSPENSKY

“Man in himself is not one, he is not ‘I,’ he is ‘we,’ or to speak more correctly, he is ‘they.’ Everything arises from this.
In search of the miraculous by P. D. OUSPENSKY


“Man in himself is not one,

he is not ‘I,’ he is ‘we,’

or to speak more correctly, he is ‘they.’

Everything arises from this.

In search of the miraculous by P. D. OUSPENSKY


I went back to sleep for a while,

and let one of the “I”s splurge into his favorite activity:

The thrifty shops.

During this time of deep sleeping

(what most people would call living)

there seemed to be no time for spiritual research,

things got really solid and the noise

and priorities were all connected

with the physical activities of ‘life’.

My trips into non-ordinary realities seemed to have ceased

leaving space to ordinary dreams.


I felt a great sense of dissatisfaction during this time,

while got complimented by other sleepers

about the quality of my “activities”.


I reminded myself, many times,

what a big trap is to linger into the past

and kept myself from judging (as much as I could),

every time I felt stupid for falling

and for not been able to get up as fast as i wished.


Any judgment on either myself or others

were recognized by what they were;

the “I”s (implanted minds or other personalities we erroneously think as us ) at work.


They love, using thoughts, to label, to tell you when you fail,

when you win, what you want or not want,

or to pump up your solid ego

by acknowledging your successes or losses.

I finally made it to wake up.


I had to struggle in order to do that.

I had to struggle with a bunch of “I’s” who

were perfectly happy with me been asleep



I felt I had wasted quite some time, one of the “I” suggested that,

but it dawned on me that my sight of the I’s, my reality about them

had markedly improved.

To see them and to acknowledge them as what they are

without the need to change them or fight  them,

it has been and it is my daily work.


I stopped wanting to live their life

and  stop myself from preventing them to live ‘mine’.


Of course as Mr. Hubbard said:

“PRICE OF FREEDOM: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back.

There is no other price.”      


The price of freedom: understanding of course changes depending by which mind something is viewed. An analyticalmind(s) will prepare for war , a solid war. a spiritual mind will know that fight back is a inner struggle with all the element which prevent or devieves us fgrom seeing what it is really happen and thus waking up.

“PRICE OF FREEDOM: Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. There is no other price.” – ♣
The meaning of this would of course change depending by which mind something is viewed. An analytical mind(s) will prepare for war, a solid war to anything which oppose. A spiritual mind will know that fight back is not a war against others who oppose, it is an inner struggle with the elements which prevents or deviates us from seeing what it is really happening and thus from waking up. ♣



It is a continue struggle to “remember “one-self”

it is a continue running away from the teeth of this big machine.


So if you try to remember yourself,

if you are so lucky and have enough spiritual mind awaken

to be able to just get a feeling of it

recognize that any dualism, liking and disliking, peace of war within you,

it is not you.

Dualism (dichotomy) are the essence of matter.


When part of you intent to eat healthy food

and ends up  gobbling down junk food,

you are witnessing 2 or more personalities (different minds, I’s) at work.

It is important to be able to see that

as if you were seeing somebody walking down the street.

Only then, when all the system is clearly seen without

effort or judgment, only then we can be free.

It does requires you to die,

to give up all these assumed personalities which have made you feel alive

and have given you a character and position in space.

The feeling of value.


But again, you should sort out your priorities and goals.

It is very difficult and requires a lot of work, especially at the beginning,

but is doable and the rewards priceless.


Priceless and shocking when you will find out

that nearly 100% of the activities of this 3 dimensional place

have nothing to do with the essence.

The essence is asleep,

deceived into thinking all this I’s are him,

and all this needs, wishes and desires are his.

Remembering oneself is probably

one of the most difficult task.

It requires to give up everything you have,

not just as material possession, which is fairly easy,

but as a concept.

To change ones state of mind IS the difficult part.


Many wish to get there but they are liking too much their human routine

and the human lies they do not even know are there.



“First of all you need to recognize you are a bunch of other-intention,

that there is nothing you really doing you have decided to do,

and that there is very little of you, if any, awake.


“When self-deceit is destroyed and a man begins to see the difference

between the mechanical and the conscious in himself,

there begins a struggle for the realization of consciousness in life

and for the subordination of the mechanical to the conscious.

For this purpose a man begins with endeavors to set a definite decision,

coming from conscious motives, against mechanical processes

proceeding according to the laws of duality.


The creation of a permanent third principle is for man

the transformation of the duality into the trinity.”

In search of the miraculous by P. D. OUSPENSKY





Remembering oneself,

is to regain the right prospective of a no-timeless being,

of his true goals and life out of the cage

and out of the illusion of a non existing-freedom.









We HELP spiritual beings to GET free!


We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications




ITALY: Ri/Maurice Pascal




Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Silvia, I really appreciate your post!
    It is a lyrical description of what I try to teach clients, as we are all in search of the miraculous.
    More and more of are finding it every week.

  2. Beautifully said, Silvia. I like to say this almost as a Zen koan to people. I say “try to figure out which one of you you are.”

  3. This really hits home with me. Thank you. ♥

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