Can you remember yourself?



♣ “The man who wants to improve himself can never be aware, because improvement implies condemnation and the achievement of a result. Whereas in awareness, there is observation without condemnation, without denial or acceptance.”
♣ J Krishnamurti ♣
“The First and Last Freedom”, p 173


How many times have you observed people

regarding spiritual masters as fake

just because they were sick or died of some sort of disease

or just because their way of life did not meet their expectation?

How many spiritual masters have taken upon themselves

the sense of failure of the human form (illusion, physical form)

when dying of cancer or in a poor mental state?


It all stems from a very basic misconception.

And that misconception is that we are the rational mind

and we are the body.

It comes from the erroneous belief and rational mind expectations

that with our spiritual power

we could alter at will the Genetic entity’s state

(physical mind and body).


We all too easily forget that this “reality”

is nothing more than a net of electrical waves, an illusion.

An example of this is Castaneda (the which body died of cancer), Mr Hubbard (the which body died in extreme sickness), Gurdieff (the which body died of cancer), P. D. OUSPENSKY (the which body died in a sanatorium)… and last but not least J. Krishnamurti which body died of pancreatic cancer on 17 February 1986, at the age of 90).


We forget too often, and the masters too, that the body line,


The only spiritual leader, and he surely hated to be regarded as such,

which seemed to have possessed a clear/ strong spiritual mind

was J. Krishnamurti.

But of course he is not much understood.


The program fights any awaken spiritual mind, to the ‘warriors of truth’

by throwing at him a bunch of red herrings .




Sickness, misfortunes, together with extreme joy or success,

are made to bring you back to the illusion as your reality.


In this program an awaken spiritual mind is a “virus”.

All sort of things will happen when your spiritual mind start awakening.


If you would have the gift of sight, you would see

that those things are not aimed to you personally,

they are just designed to repair the ‘fault’ in the program

and to get the “virus” out.

They are aimed to eliminate the interference

which an awakening spiritual mind causes

over the total control of the game by the parasites (implanters).


To satisfy a weak – nearly-‘dead’ spiritual mind

they created a program inside the game called spirituality.

It all stays in the realm of an analytical mind.

It is a material game labelled with “spirituality”,

and it is indeed the game the very majority of people play.


It was programmed with enough lies to make sure you would never go anywhere.


Did you ever wonder why there are so many churches and spiritual groups,

and why so much violence and intollerance steams from them?




…What is it that is hurt? One says that it is I who am hurt. What is that “I”? From childhood one has built up an image of oneself. One has many, many images, not only the images that people give one, but also the images that one has built oneself: as an American— that is an image—or as a Hindu, or as a specialist. So the “I” is the image that one has built about oneself, as a great or a very good man, and it is that image that gets hurt. One may have an image of oneself as a great speaker, writer, spiritual being, leader. These images are the core of oneself; when one says one is hurt, one means the images are hurt. If one has an image about oneself and another comes along and says, “Don’t be an idiot”, one gets hurt. The image which has been built about oneself as not being an idiot is “me”, and that gets hurt. One carries that image and that hurt for the rest of one’s life. –
♣ J Krishnamurti ♣
“The Flame of Attention”, p 88″


An old friend call me recently:

“My body is dying but I’m in an excellent spiritual shape”, he said.


I was very pleased of his comment.

That IS the way to look at it.

The only way out is to remember oneself,

to rise above the program.

As Krishnamurti said:

“There is nothing you need to learn in this program as a spiritual being.

Rules, exercises, and all the rest, belong to the program’s game of spirituality.

Every tool you use and learn from here, is for here only, is to keep you asleep.



“First of all you need to recognize you are a bunch of other-intention,
that there is nothing you really doing you have decided to do,
and there is very little of you, if any, awake.
“When self-deceit is destroyed and a man begins to see the difference
between the mechanical and the conscious in himself,
there begins a struggle for the realization of consciousness in life
and for the subordination of the mechanical to the conscious.
In search of the miraculous by P. D. OUSPENSKY


Is in the silence of the minds,

in the erasing of the self-importance

(of which self-denial is part of)

and on the dissipating of the I’s,

(EGOs, valences, personalities, sense of worth or un-worthness)

is in what many teachers call inner silence,

(called TR 0 by Mr. Hubbard)

that the “answer” resides…

and in there there is no business for an analytical mind.



…”Anyone can perceive it provided they have stored enough energy.
“The tragedy is that most of our energy is trapped in nonsensical concerns.
“The recapitulation is the key.
“It releases that trapped energy and voilà. You see infinity right in front of your eyes.”
“It is not for the timid or weak-hearted: This is what the nagual Julian used to say.”
“You are able to perceive as I do, but you don’t have any control yet in the new world you are perceiving.
“That control comes with a lifetime of discipline and storing power.”
♣The sorcerers crossing by Taisha Abelar ♣


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