♣ “If you judge me by emotion or logic, you cannot benefit from me. You still covetous in some way, maintaining proprietorship…..”, “Don’t you see that the first two pieces of advice were for your mind and that the last piece can be understood only when you perceive it yourself?”, “Attachment to externals’, said the voice of Ansani, ‘has been what has held you back all these years.”♣
Wisdom for sale from Tale of the Dervishes
♣ by Idries Shah ♣


“In a very far away land, there was a beautiful pasture.

Goats were healthy and thriving into the lush vegetation.

The shepherd was a greedy young man who worked long hours, not having found any other way to spend his time. He thought the only safe way to interact with people it was to sell milk and cheese produced from his goats.

In that way he would always gain something and nobody would ever take advantage of him, as many people try to do when you are friendly.

One day, while collecting his milk from the goats, by his surprise, he found one not having any milk. “This is a beautiful goat’, -he said to himself- ‘and there is no reason why it should not be producing good milk!” He warned the goat it had better produce some milk or else, it would be eaten.

  The next day the goat still did not have any milk; however the goat began to talk advising him on what to do in order to obtain a better price on hay.

The shepherd listened carefully and again warned the goat had better produce some milk.

 The following day, when the time came to milk the same goat, there was still no milk. The shepherd was infuriated, and even though he saved a great deal of money by using the goat’s advice, he wanted milk, as that is what the goat was raised for.

The goat again gave the shepherd another advice and with that piece of advice the man was able to acquire a wide piece of land for little money. In only two days, using the goat advices, the shepherd made more than a whole year of work; in spite of this, when the

 following day the goat did not provide any milk, he decided to sell it. The goat got sold for a few dollars to a poor man who had many children to feed.

The following day the poor man tried to milk the goat and he discovered there was no milk.

He was very upset and cursed the goat. The goat turned to the old man and told him in order to heal his oldest daughter, who was very sick, he needed to pick a specific herb from the field and give it to her at the sundown.

The stomach of the old man and the one of his children was growling profusely as if they had not eaten in days.

However, he walked in the field collected the herb, and gave it to his sick daughter per the goat’s instruction, and to his surprise the next morning she was up and running and back at work in the field.  That same morning, his youngest children were full of laughter as they were listening to the little goat stories.

 They did not even think about food anymore, and in that house there was warmth and peace like never before. But when the old man tried to milk the goat again, it produced the same result… no milk.

The old man became angry, just like the shepherd, and sold the goat for few dollars to a merchant who happened to be walking by his house.

He was happy of the couple of dollars he used to feed his family for a meal and to get rid of the goat who did not give him any milk.

The merchant really liked the goat as it had a prosperous look, but when he tried to sell it, he had a hard time finding a buyer as nobody wanted a goat that was not producing any milk.

The merchant had a vice. He couldn’t stop himself from drinking.  His wife almost left him in despair, as he had wasted all their money to buy booze. The goat advised him to find a yellow flower which was growing behind his house, to get its roots, smash it and eat it in

the morning as soon as he woke up. This would have cured his desire for alcohol.

And so it happened, the merchant was cured and in little time he was able to pay off his debts and start prospering in his work. But one day he looked at the goat and said: “I have no use for you. What is the need of a goat without milk? And so, as the shepherd and the old man, he gave away the goat. The same goat was given away hundreds of times.

Nobody needed a goat that was not producing milk. They, like the humanity, were too blind to notice the magic power and wealth of the goat. She did not give milk but prosperity and plenty of wealth in happiness and joy… But they all thought: “We want milk. “


And so there are many spiritual beings amongst the average humans which heal people and places with their positive energy. The majority of people assign those positive changes, when recognized, to fate, luck, coincidence or other sources. And it is so that the material world and the people who judge by appearance think such spiritual people are not needed.” ▪

by RI


”Jump now into the space between thoughts and exit this dream.”

”Jump now into the space between thoughts and exit this dream.”

They imagine that they are ready to learn. But they want to learn what they imagine is to be learned. When you have learned all this, then you can devise the way to teach. Knowledge without special capacity to teach is not the same as knowledge and capacity.’♣

from THE STORY OF FIRE (p 41) Tales of the Dervishes
Teaching stories of Sufi Masters over the Past Thousand Years
by Idries Shah ♣




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    You bring beauty and wisdom to the Internet. 🙂
    Please continue.

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  3. Good story.

  4. Lovely story. Thank you. Olivia 😀

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