Sometime I feel idle.


Death is a clever lie.
Nobody ever dies.
When the movie is finished, if you still pretty much asleep, another movie starts.


And when I find myself listening to this thought I gently push it aside.

I do not listen to judgments anymore, I have learned where they come from.

Mr. Hubbard use to say:

“Every Item (reason, the why of something), is a wrong item.”

In truth, in a world which does not exist,

could there exist any truth at all?


I do not know yet how my consciousness still connected to this program,

but I do know that with or without my participation or consent,

this program continues to exist,

the movie goes on.


Death is a clever lie.

Nobody ever dies.

When the movie is finished, if you still pretty much asleep,

another movie starts.

They make you believe you are Bill or Mary and that the fate of Bill or Mary depends on you, and it is up to you to keep Bill or Mary alive.

They give you thoughts. Hundreds of synthetic ‘I’s which decide for you, while giving you the illusion to be at cause.


And so it is my work today. My self-study to self-remembering.

I have come to know that whatever part of me is connected to emotions, opinions, dreams, sense of rightness or wrongness is a synthetic ‘I’.

I started  sensing what a rational mind is unable to perceive.


There is nothing I consciously know or learn

which is true.

And that is the enchanted beauty of  walking the path to no-thoughts and no minds.





“If we begin to study ourselves we first of all come up against one word which we use more than any other and that is ‘I’.

We say ‘I am doing’, ‘I am sitting’, ‘I feel’, ‘I’ like’, ‘I dislike’ and so on.

This is our chief illusion, for the principal mistake we make about ourselves is that we consider ourselves one; we always speak about ourselves as ‘I’ and we suppose that we refer to the same thing all the time when in reality we are divided into hundreds and hundreds of different ‘I’s.

At one moment when I say ‘I’, one part of me is speaking, and at another moment when I say ‘I’, it is quite another ‘I’ speaking.

We do not know that we have not one ‘I’, but many different ‘I’s connected with our feelings and desires, and have no controlling ‘I’s. This ‘I’s change all the time; one suppresses another, one replaces another, and all this struggle makes up our inner life.”


by P.D. Ouspensky


and beyond the ‘I’s you will find true love.

Love means something to care for

“Really you have no love.
You have pleasure, you have sensation, you have sexual attachments, such as the family, the wife, the husband, the attachment to a nation.
But attachment is not love.
And love is not something divine and profane: it has no division.
Love means something to care for: to care for the tree, for your neighbour, for the child—to see that the child has the right education, not just put him in a school and disappear; the right education not just technological education—and to see that the children have the right teachers, right food, that they understand life, that they understand sex.
Teaching children merely geography, mathematics, or a technical thing which will give them a job—that is not love.
And without love you cannot be moral—you may be respectable; that is, you may conform to society; that you will not steal, that you will not chase your neighbour’s wife, that you will not do this and you will not do that.
But that is not morality, that is not virtue, that is merely the conformity of respectability. Respectability is the most terrible, disgusting thing on earth, because it covers so many ugly things.
Whereas when there is love, there is morality. Do what you will, it is moral, if there is love.
♣ The Collected Works vol XIV, p 302♣ by J.Krishnamurti




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