.”Pain and Happiness are both part of the dual structure of this universe. They both are necessary to evaluate and justify… they stimulate thoughts. dichotomy are energy plots rigged to keep you busy emotionally and mentally, turning you into a good productive hen. Unfortunately WHERE THOUGHT RULES, AWARENESS HAS LONG DISAPPEARED.




My mom use to take away from me what I loved the most

and to my suffering her words were ” If will be, will be.”

In Italian we say: ” If they are roses they will bloom!.

Of course she would make sure

she had her “scissors” ready at any sign of bloom.

There was a bit of sadism in her actions,

the same sadism often found amongst unhappy, frustrated people,

many of them being the active cause of that type of emotion.


I always frowned upon anyone, any philosophy

that justified or though of pain as a necessary thing,

as a blessing act of god, a tool of illumination.


The very classification of a particular type of emotion or feeling as painful,

as the feeling of joy, is what hurts the most.

Pain or anything else will not teach anything unless

the person is able to look beyond classifications

and observe right at that moment herself,

amidst the automaticities of her different ‘I’s, the mind(s) at work.


But then you are not looking anymore at the guy who breaks your trust

as an evil man who ment to hurt you,

instead you are busy seeking for these parts reacting to certain stimulus

in order to understand and not be so much the effect of them.


The fact that people classify actions or incident as painful or wrong

means they are not ready to learn from them

and actually will deteriorate them losing vital energy.


When people, instead, are ready to learn

they will not classify, justify or evaluate these type of energy at all,

they will look at it as it is: a type of energy or wavelength.


”Jump now into the space between thoughts and exit this dream.”

”Jump now into the space between thoughts and exit this dream.”


I found some nice quote by J. KRISNAMURTI

I believe worth it to share.

Suffering perverts and distorts the mind.

Suffering is not the way of truth, to reality, to God, or whatever name you like to give it.

We have tried to ennoble suffering, saying it is inevitable, it is necessary, it brings understanding, and all the rest of it.

But the truth is that the more intensely you suffer, the more eager you are to escape, to create an illusion, to find a way out.

So it seems to me that a sane, healthy mind must understand suffering, and be utterly free from it. And is it possible?

– J. Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol XII, p 176


“Sorrow is not to be ended by the action of will.

Do please understand this. You cannot get rid of it.

Sorrow is something that has to be embraced, lived with, understood; one has to become intimate with sorrow.

But you are not intimate with sorrow, are you?

You may say, I know sorrow, but do you? Have you lived with it?

Or, having felt sorrow, have you run away from it? Actually, you do not know sorrow.

The running away is what you know.

You know only the escape from sorrow.

Just as love is not a thing to be cultivated, to be acquired through discipline,

so sorrow is not to be ended through any form of escape, through ceremonies or symbols,

through the social work of the do-gooders, through nationalism,

or through any of the ugly things that man has invented.

Sorrow has to be understood, and understanding is not of time.

– Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol XI, p 287




“Can one remain with that pain?

Can I look at that pain, hold it, hold it as a precious jewel not escape,

not suppress, not rationalize it, not seek the cause of it, but hold it as a vessel holds water?

Hold this thing called sorrow, the pain, that is,

I have lost my son and I am lonely, not to escape from that loneliness, not to suppress it, not to intellectually rationalize it,

but to look at that loneliness, understand the depth of it, the nature of it. –

J. Krishnamurti, Mind Without Measure, p 57


“All of us know physical pain a little or a great deal

and we can deal with it medically and in other ways.

You can observe pain with a mind that is not attached,

with a mind that can observe bodily pain as though from the outside.

One can observe one’s toothache and not be emotionally,

psychologically involved in it.

When you are involved emotionally and psychologically with that pain in the tooth,

then the pain becomes more; you get terribly anxious, fearful.

I do not know if you noticed this fact.

The key is to be aware of the physical, physiological, biological pain,

and in that awareness not get involved with it psychologically.

Being aware of the physical pain and the psychological involvement

with it which intensifies the pain and brings about anxiety,

fear and keeping the psychological factor entirely out requires a great deal of awareness,

a certain quality of aloofness, a certain quality of unattached observation.

Then that pain doesn’t distort the activities of the mind;

then that physical pain doesn’t bring about neurotic activity of the mind.

– Krishnamurti, On Love and Loneliness, p 132


When there is sorrow it is a great shock to the nervous system,

like a blow to the whole physiological as well as psychological being.

We generally try to escape from it by taking drugs or drinks or through every form of religion.

Or we become cynical or accept things as inevitable.

Can we go into this question very deeply, seriously?

Is it possible not to escape from sorrow at all?

Perhaps my son dies, and there is immense sorrow, shock,

and I discover that I am really a very lonely human being.

I cannot face it, I cannot tolerate it. So I escape from it.

And there are many escapes, religious, or philosophical. This escape is a waste of energy.

Not to escape in any form from the ache, the pain of loneliness, the grief, the shock,

but to remain completely with the event, with this thing called suffering is that possible?

Can we hold any problem hold it and not try to solve it try to look at it

as we would hold a precious, exquisite jewel?

The very beauty of the jewel is so attractive, so pleasurable that we keep looking at it.

In the same way if we could hold our sorrow completely,

without a movement of thought or escape, then that very action of not moving away from the fact brings about a total release

from that which has caused pain.

– Krishnamurti, That Benediction is Where You Are, pp 60-61






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  1. Thank you. My man is in intense physical pain right now. It’s hard to deal with physically and emotionally.

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