The compulsion to change the present aids the lie of time…

The compulsion to change the present aids the lie of time…


♣ When you go for a walk and your mind  takes you back to a place where you have been before, may be wishing to be there, you are giving up to a piece of life.  Not life as intend in this ordinary reality, but life intended as the ability to ‘see’. ♣


The other day when I told a friend that my husband wanted to separate

he wrote me that he had the same problem about having a relationship and keeping it going.

 It reminded me that not to long ago, I too believed

that to be a problem, supported, and well indoctrinated,

by the Church of $cientology which drove home many times

 that something must have been wrong with me.


The ways to control people are infinite…

Today looking back I smile.

What a fool I have been by believing that.


Shutting off the mind with its judgments, expectations, evaluation

and the rest, brings about beautiful results.




It is like letting go little by little of the thousands chains to

a game that is played for you, no matter what you wish or do.

There is nothing you can do out here.

Once you agreed you are ‘the’ character in the play, you are done.

You are in for a nice deep sleep,

fooled into believing you have a power of choice,

you have a chance to make a difference.




Did you ever notice, that one of the things people

dramatize the most in this game

is the need of an identity?

To be recognized? To have a personality and a position in space?

They are dramatizing the fact that they were tricked or forced

into giving up every bit of their awareness.

And that is dramatized in the desperate attempt to be somebody,

to feel that vacuum which nothing will ever fill.


And you will see, more a person awakens

the less he is in need of recognition or the need to be somebody.




From The last barrier by Reshad Feild

‘He says that the deepest level of understanding is mystical.

That is when it is not the words that count,

not the allegory, not even the laws of the universe,

but when your heart is so deeply touched

that the Truth which is within is experienced directly,

in a state that is even beyond knowledge or conviction.”

From The last barrier by Reshad Feild


If any of you haven’t seen the Matrix, I strongly suggest you to do so.

The concept behind it what all the secrets society advance mystical occultism talks about.



from THE STORY OF FIRE (p 41) Tales of the Dervishes
Teaching stories of Sufi Masters over the Past Thousand Years
by Idries Shah ♣




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We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

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