The I MAX 4 dimensional theater of life…


“At one point it dawned on me how unimportant is to be busy in this ordinary reality, no matter what you do, because this is not where you actually are. You do not exist at all here. Is all a movie projected by the minds. But you, you are alive ‘somewhere else’ in the no time, no place, no thought, no space zone.”


What do you think it would happen

if you were sitting in the center of a 360 degree movie theater,

and were able to watch 4 projections at the same time,

and for a character in each movie you were able to feel what that character felt,

hear what he thought as they were your own thoughts.




At the beginning it was all an exciting game, (at least for some).


At the beginning it was all an exciting game,

(at least for some).




What about if you were also given the illusion

you had some sort of power of choice over these characters in the movies?


In the darkness of the movie theater,

sucked in that illusions

you would forget yourself.

You are sitting there, but you do not know that anymore.




You know very well, instead

that in that projection the kid is about to cross the street

and he is your kid so you better act fast

or he will be run over by a car.

Your attention is all there.




And after a while, after being sitting there

on the movie theater’s chair,

you butt start hurting and you feel something is wrong

right at the moment you are receiving an award

as the best salesman in the company

 A feeling of anxiety takes over where you should be totally happy.


You can’t get up by now,

you do not know there is a movie theater anymore.


The only thing that can be done (you think)

is to play that character as well as you can.

And you to try to fit in,

in one way or another

or to find who you really are in that movie.

(But every item is a wrong item, every personality is a wrong personality, every character is a wrong character.)




And just when by luck you start having a faint feeling of the darkness,

this other character is having problems with debts,

you have to take him to work and you have to make sure you eat

(he eats, but you think is you).


Until you are able to silent all this voices and impulses,

till you able to put them aside,

till you start the process of self-remembering

and stop being scared of the dark;

that person at the center of the movie theater

would continue to sleep.




I don’t think I have ever heard anyone describing the spiritual mind

as well as J. Krishnamurti.

“Emptiness of the brain”

“And walking on that road, there was complete emptiness of the brain,

and the mind was free of all experience,

the knowing of yesterday, though a thousand yesterdays have been.

Time, the thing of thought, had stopped;

literally there was no movement before and after;

there was no going or arriving or standing still.


Space as distance was not;

there were the hills and bushes but not as high and low.

There was no relationship with anything

but there was an awareness of the bridge and the passer-by.


The totality of the mind, in which is the brain with its thoughts and feelings was empty;

and because it was empty, there was energy,

a deepening and widening energy without measure.


All comparison, measurements belong to thought and so to time.

The otherness was the mind without time;

it was the breath of innocence and immensity.

Words are not reality; they are only means of communication

but they are not the innocence and the immeasurable.”


The emptiness was alone.

– Krishnamurti, Krishnamurti Notebook

20th October to 20th November 1961


I 'm experiencing more and more, the beauty of freedom. I do not think about it as much anymore. As Krishnamurti says is an awareness of it, and I learn that translating spiritual awareness into a mind language is like to pretend a donkey stays sit still on a front row enjoying a Shakespeare play and having it clapping ‘hands’s too, at the right time.

I ‘m experiencing more and more, the beauty of freedom. I do not think about it as much anymore. As Krishnamurti says ‘is an awareness of it’, and I learned that translating spiritual awareness into a mind language is like to pretend a donkey to stays sit still on a front row enjoying Shakespeare and having it clapping ‘hands’s at the right time too.




We HELP spiritual beings to GO free!


We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications




ITALY: Ri/Maurice Pascal




Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.

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