Playing the human game.

Did you pay the rent this month?



Did you call your mother?

Did you do something to help your husband or your wife?

Did you make sure your kid had good clothes to wear

and a good meal?

Good, you have played this game.


NOW, what did you do in order to help waking up

the being asleep in this illusion?

the being who believes to be your wife? or your husband?

or your kid? or you, yourself?

Probably nothing.


They can hear,

but we still talking to them using our voice,

as they were deaf.




They could see, but we ask them to use their eyes,

to call a tree a tree, to remember, to calculate.

And on the top of that, we expect them to be something,

to behave in a certain way, to succeed in life…


We expect them to play the kid,

the wife, the husband, the friend….




We doom them to this illusion,

to further sleep and unconsciousness.


We do this constantly and automatically,

to others and to our self.



…I recognize today how much of the non-ordinary reality gets disregarded, how much awareness and spiritual knowledge get invalidated, denied of any recognition as it would not exist.


I, have done this to the people I love

and to myself all my life.

But now, “when I get the awareness of someone

or something

and my body (mind’s) coax me to act, talk or to write,

invalidating that dimension I smile.

I keep my spiritual mind alert.

I recognize today how much of the non-ordinary

reality gets disregarded,

how much awareness and spiritual knowledge get invalidated,

denied of any recognition as it would not exist.

Today this is my struggle;

to free myself from the routine, the habit, the normality

of this ‘absurd thing we call life,

which does not contain any life at all.



Awakening, as J. Krishnamurti says, does not follow any path,

does not belong to any group or religion,

does not have dogmas, faith or forms.


Where any of the above exist you are dealing

with a ‘solid’ game call ‘spirituality’

 which as any other game in the ordinary-reality

keeps you asleep.


Instead, when someone is really free of all that,

there are not other’s path to seek, no teachers words to believes.





Freedom will not be achieved by the use

of someone else mind,

because only by your own will, your own awareness

you will awake to truth.


And for whom is seriously working

toward the ultimate truth,

for whose spiritual mind has gained strength and power,

there is plenty of knowledge.


It is a type of knowledge you cannot find

in this illusion,

not in the ordinary world, not in the material world,

as it is only accessible by a spiritual mind.


It is a type of knowledge which exist outside the boundaries

of the materiality of your “safe” ordinary zone.








We HELP spiritual beings to GO free!


We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications




ITALY: Ri/Maurice Pascal




Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.



  1. Thank you Silvia. The only thing a teacher can and should be teaching, is to look.

  2. As usual a good read,  thank you for your work.


  3. Dear C., This body will never stop playing the game as, the body is the game. It will never stop supplying you with thoughts, reasons, evaluations, desires and goals because it is programmed to do so. Until there is any “part of us’ which identifies with this beingness and program, which believe it has any belonging to this ordinary reality, we will always be subjected to its effects. It is important to recognize when “we go to a party” that the body goes to a party, actually it is not even the body. The body is just an interpretation of electronic impulsed which the mind translates for us. This is the importance of self -remembering. At least is a step, knowing you see a party but the party is just a projection. Knowing the one happy is the projection, the character they want you to believe is you. But you, can leave special wave-lenghts, you can operate disregarding the system, beyond its rules and laws. And the becoming aware of it, of what you are actually doing touches the realm of the spiritual mind. You cannot understand it being connected to the game. You need to be separated from it to view it. Yes, It is a continuous work, and yes, everyone needs to find a way to deal with the movie and its characters… while is taking off quietly and unnoticed. :-D.

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