Judgments and wavelength of energy types




♣ “The various waves of thought sent forth by people attract and are attracted by thoughts of a similar character. (…) Let one harbor thoughts of malice or hate for any length of time, and he will be horrified at the vile flood of thoughts which come pouring into his mind. And the longer he persists in the mental state the worse matters will get with him. He is making himself a center for thoughts of that kind. And if he keeps it up until it becomes habitual to him, he will attract to himself circumstances and conditions which will give him an opportunity to manifest these thoughts in action. Not only does a mental state attract similar thoughts to it, but it leads the thinker into circumstances and conditions calculated to enable him to make use`of these thoughts and inclinations which he has been harboring. (…) Let one cultivate the habit of thinking higher and better thoughts, and  he will in time be drawn into conditions in harmony with the habit of thought, and will also draw to himself other thoughts, and will in turn be draw to them.” ♣ Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy & Oriental Occultism. from The fifteen lesson: Thought Dynamics by Yogi Ramacharaka

We have been told so many times to be positive, to never lose hope,

to put attention on good things so good things will come.

There is some truth to it.

It is true that by putting your attention on positive,

constructive and higher thoughts,

you will be able, once synchronized on that wavelength, to perceive,

to “see” or to “hear” similar lines of thought.


You are not more positive, nor your state of mind has changed.

Those flood of positive thoughts you are now perceiving

are not even yours.

All it is, is that by moving yourself on a higher plane

you are now able to perceive the thoughts hovering on that plane.



♣ By synchronizing on good thoughts it gives you a positive prospective of life, switching the mind to a different reading of the energy flow. Optimism or pessimism are just a different type of reading of the same flow, two different wavelength of perception. ♣


This does not mean that things are going to get better or worse for you.

Remember, this is a dual universe and good and bad

(as the mind classifies this types of energy)

are the bread and butter of it.

By synchronizing on good thoughts it gives you the idea

of  a positive prospective of life,

as the mind has switched to a different reading of the energy flows.


Optimism or pessimism are just a different type of reading of the same flow,

two different wavelength of perception.




If you understand the mechanic of thoughts

and its relation to types of energy,

you can get an idea of the liability of judging, evaluating and or computing.


The results of these actions gives you a level

on the wavelength-frequency scale,

and from there you get beset by like-type of impulses

which are translated by the computing mind

and arrive to you into a thought form.


Shutting off a mind, sets you free from such liability.





Although we all have been indoctrinated

and brought up to agree positive emotions are a better

and a more acceptable quality of wavelengths,

the very fact that we allow energy to reach us

hinders the spiritual mind.


Inner silence is the only state where you might be able to perceive

the spiritual mind.


A friend was concerned about his shutting off the mind

taking away his ability to judge and take a correct set of actions.

His concern was the voice of fear.

Fear been the first enemy to knowledge.


Shutting off the mind has nothing to do

with being impulsive or irrational.

Being impulsive or irrational

are actions monitored by the mind and this system of energy.


A being free of a mind observes what it is,

without dragging past into the now.

He act by knowingness, long superior to any computation.


A being free of the mind will never run into a wall.





Now, a robot will.

A human robot (sleeping unaware being)

alike a being genuinely free of its mind,

experience the absence of the mind.


The difference is the robot is way below the level

where he can even entertain the idea of being controlled by a mind.

He believes he is the mind,

he KNOWS he is himself

and he is in-charge.


He is so deeply controlled

he does not even suspect the very existence of it.





We HELP spiritual beings to GO free!


We unite spiritual beings

while helping OT’s to live as OTs.






My team and I are available to travel in USA and Europe.

We deliver in English, Spanish and Italian.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications




ESPANOL/ENGLISH: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com

ITALY: Ri/Maurice Pascal




Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.




  1. Thank you… I needed this. ❤

  2. Interesting Silvia so does this mean that both good and bad are judgements of what is so and therefore are limiting .How does one shut off the mind completely .xoRP

    • Yes, exactly. The GPM Goal Problem Mass has both, one at the top and one at the bottom. They are both bank when experienced through the mind. Of course everyone can agree is easier to experience good and Joy than pain and suffering. But nevertheless joy and good are less aberrative.
      They are binding you to agree and associate to the laws and the rules of the game, they are energy interprentations.
      Outside the mind is where pure love and joy resides.
      It is something foreign to the rational mind but perceivable by the spiritual one.
      The upper OT levels should train the person to get familiar with other entities, thoughts, circuits and ridges. It is a great level for some. Castaneda uses the recapitulation, and Buddhist other forms of meditation. All of them teach you to read the flows. To not identify with them. I guess a better way to say “shut off the mind” would be “to not identify with it.” Not identify with the ‘I”, the “me”, the “you” and all the other representation and point in space the mind tells you is you, or are there to perceive.
      It seems like a big loss to lose the material universe (mind), but once you start reading behind it, you open yourself to infinite wonders.

  3. Thanks for this Silvia.

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