Reasons and why’s; the enemies of freedom

This is one of these universes where you are required to use your mind…


If you dare to disobey, you are going to be proved wrong

for having acted by knowingness.

Note: you are not wrong, you are just going to be made wrong.

This program is going to make sure you know acting by knowingness

is not only an-unsafe and un-trustworthy activity, but it is dangerous.

Along the line, after you have learned to not identify with the program,

that program been your thoughts and mind(s),

you will realize the best way to make things happen is not by action

but by working with the wavelengths and energy flows.

of course at a much higher level, we have ‘operating by intent’,


Now, to fully realize that, doesn’t mean you are going to operate that way,

you still long ways from being able to live and act by knowingness.

To realize that only means you got an idea of a better

and much saner way to operate

and now you have to get used to use it.



You have to deal with all the anti-viruses,

the programs created to stop you from doing it.

Your thoughts, your mind, your synthetic personalities,

any personality.

Your friends and the people very close to you, the ones that seem to care the most,

are your greatest barriers unless they are at your level

and had the same cognition and realization about operating

by shifting energy and higher, by knowingness.

It is interesting, actually, to watch how the very people you are helping,

on a similar path of yours even if not at the same level of awareness,

are going to turn against you.

They cannot understand, and they challenge you to prove to them

you can actually make things going the ‘right way’,

not for you but for them.

They expect you, as you are their friend, to solve their problems.

They are going to be jealous if things for you go well,

if they go smoothly and just happen as for magic.



…The Disorder That Time Creates… By J. Krishnamurti ——  “Time means moving from what is to “what should be.” I am afraid, but one day I shall be free of fear; therefore, time is necessary to be free of fear, at least, that is what we think. To change from what is to “what should be” involves time. Now, time implies effort in that interval between what is and “what should be.” I don’t like fear, and I am going to make an effort to understand, to analyze, to dissect it, or I am going to discover the cause of it, or I am going to escape totally from it. All this implies effort and effort is what we are used to. We are always in conflict between what is and “what should be.” The “what I should be” is an idea, and the idea is fictitious, it is not “what I am,”which is the fact; and the “what I am” can be changed only when I understand the disorder that time creates. So, is it possible for me to be rid of fear totally, completely, on the instant? If I allow fear to continue, I will create disorder all the time; therefore, one sees that time is an element of disorder, not a means to be ultimately free of fear. So there is no gradual process of getting rid of fear, just as there is no gradual process of getting rid of the poison of nationalism. If you have nationalism and you say that eventually there will be the brotherhood of man, in the interval there are wars, there are hatreds, there is misery, there is all this appalling division between man and man; therefore, time is creating disorder.”… – Krishnamurti, J.  -The Book of Life

If you are truly their friend, obviously,

you are not going to solve anything for them.

You can simply help them to help themself

But only if they are truly on your side

as honest team members.

Very interesting. Blame, demanded and expected help,

are great indicator of who will not go anywhere, at least until

he/she realizes she/he is the one who needs to do the work.

that your wins are their wins…

You will see, once you start “swimming toward the island”,

there are going to be people who try to sink you down with them once the start feeling tired,

But your true friends, the honest members of the group

they’ll prefer to drown than jeopardize your chance to “get to the island.”

And those are the people who will struggle but will make it.

Are the people you never forget, you never leave behind,

they are the true team members.



In short, you do not need any reason or why

once you will learn to live by knowingness.

You do not have to demonstrate anything to anyone.

Especially to yourself.

You will be free, by that time, from the need to be right.

You will naturally be a neutral particle

to a demanding system asking anyone to choose, to take a position,

to justify, to have an opinion.




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  1. interesting maybe this is why I live alone in the woods and do most things by myself. I don’t want to deal with
    the drama filled people who simply need to prove ,understand or be right.. .. I always enjoy your writings Silvia xo Randy

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