A lesson to myself: The fundations of emotions…

Without negative imagination

and identification negative emotions

cannot exist.

Without negative imagination and identification negative emotions cannot exist.

Without negative imagination and identification negative emotions cannot exist.



“A. You can tell it by identification, because two things are always present in negative emotions—identification and negative imagination.

Without negative imagination and identification negative emotions cannot exist.”

OUSPENSKY from THE FOURTH WAY  ‘Negative emotions’ Chapter 1


I had a wonderful guest recently at the Advanced Spiritual Center.

There is only one reason why I accepted him here,

I felt he was ready to look and to see,

and him being ready to see ment

we both were going to be students and teachers to each other….

Indeed his presence brough a lot to myself and this place,

he brought me to realize

my participation on the game.

A game I know to be a big lie and on which I have no interests play.

Yet, because the thousands of identifications and agreements in many layer and forms

I’m stuck into playing.

Sometimes I find excuses to why it is right to be here,

when indeed I do not give a damn.

Since my divorce, I have been blessed with wonderful friends,

more than friends I would say,

since many of them are walking the path, they are cohorts.

'Cohorts' Mix media by Silvia Kusada April 24th, 2013

Mix media by Silvia Kusada
April 24th, 2013

And today Steven was here. I find peace when he is around,

he is struggling too with the ‘game’

but since his search and intent are pure

his energy is outgoing and heals whoever is around him.

He thought me a good lesson today.


Him and Rick both reminded me of how much I still identified

with the ‘play’.

They both gave me a gift.

I’m surrounded by love.

and the beauty of this is the knowingness that

spiritual connections are the only thing to never end,

as they are timeless.

And that, together with my path are the only things

which have true value to me and are worth my time.




OUSPENSKY from THE FOURTH WAY  ‘Negative emotions’ Chapter 1

Q. Could we hear more about right attitude as a weapon against negative emotions? It must mean more than just not identifying?

A. Certainly, it means more; it means right thinking on a definite subject.

For instance, almost all our personal negative emotions are based on accusation; somebody else is guilty.

If, by persistent thinking, we realize that nobody can be guilty against us, that we are the cause of all that happens to us, that changes things, not at once certainly, because many times this realization will come too late.

But after some time this right thinking, this creating of right attitude or point of view can become a permanent process; then negative emotions will only appear occasionally.

Exactly by being permanent this process of right thinking has power over negative emotions—it catches them in the beginning.

OUSPENSKY from THE FOURTH WAY  ‘Negative emotions’ Chapter 1

A. The fact that you begin to think rightly will not change anything straight away. It is necessary to think rightly for a long time; then results will come—but not at once. It is a question of months or years to create right attitudes. By creating right attitudes you consolidate the fact that you have really and seriously decided not to give way to negative manifestations. We do not realize how much we lose in this way. We lose exactly what we want to get. But first of all you must stop the habit of expressing negative emotions. This is why, in the very first lectures, when you hear about self-observation,

OUSPENSKY from THE FOURTH WAY  ‘Negative emotions’ Chapter 1

You can stop the manifestations of negative emotions. If you say ‘I don’t want to’, I will believe you,

but not if you say ‘

I cannot’.

I have given you many suggestions about work on emotions, such as study, struggle with identification, struggle with the expression of negative emotions, right thinking about negative emotions. Four practices. If you really use all that is given, very soon you will see quite perceptible results. Real control of emotional centre needs self­ remembering, a new state of consciousness, …






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  1. I fell in love when I was 10 with a girl of 11; Ivy When I found out that she knew I had a thing for her I was too embarrassed to face her, in fact, I was terrified. Since we went to the same school, but not in the same class, it became a problem avoiding her everyday. This went on for months until one day while walking home with two friends, suddenly one said, “Joe don’t run”. I realized that my worst nightmare was about to come true. Ivy and her friend were right behind us. I had no choice but to turn around and face her. Then something “magical” happened. To cut a long story short, we looked into each other’s eyes and made real eye contact. Suddenly there was recognition by both of the other’s essence – their soul, so to speak. Time stood still, actually existence became timeless it was as if we had known each other for ever – nothing to do with past lives. It was more about the connectedness of consciousness. We weren’t two children aged 10 and 11, we transcended physical orientation.

    Anyway, needless to say that experience put me on the path I have followed ever since – the exploration of consciousness, of which Scientology was but one chapter.

    Humanity has essentially only one problem; it is “out of touch”. Out of touch with what? Out of touch with God and by God I mean “God by any other name”. Refer to the quote by Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter only what they are. In other words, it does not matter how we define our God – our higher value – the ultimate source. When we are in touch life works out, when we are out of touch it doesn’t. Simple as that.

    And my point is? To the degree we recognize the essence in others and touch their souls and allow the same in return, which amounts to allowing the love, we become closer to that ultimate source, by any other name.

    Joe van Staden.

    • THANK YOU and I mean THANK YOU super capital letter
      for adding to this post to your comment. I enjoyed reading every single word of it and feeling its power.

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