♣ “The man who wants to improve himself can never be aware, because improvement implies condemnation and the achievement of a result. Whereas in awareness, there is observation without condemnation, without denial or acceptance.”
♣ J Krishnamurti ♣
“The First and Last Freedom”, p 173


Men search for freedom has filled many books

and many lives with the most incredible stories.


There is who leaves his job, his family, his social life,

but when the time comes to lose his identity

he gets scared

and surrenders to the energy world and the rational mind.


And so you look around and you see many buildings, groups, activities

in the name of freedom, in the name of God.

They all have the same goals:

Keep you from being free.

They are not built by human as we mistakenly believe,

they are built by the rational mind(s), the guardians of the “gates”.



They are a wonderful pacifier to the desire of freedom.

A role to play in this energy game.

And the threshold to spiritual freedom is filled

with what the human mind considers the most horrifying vacuum.


The loss of the body, the loss of hearing and sight.

The loss of what you grew up considering yourself, your family, you body,

The illusion and importance of time.

And many, many get to that point and when is time to cross the threshold,

they surrender to the pain of their identify, their analytical, rational mind not wanting to die

and they step back.

They find themselves face to face with the program, the Matrix.


They find out they have to lose everything and all they are,

what they are aware of, every little feeling of security

they built with so much patience.

They have to let go of all, even of what they did not know they had.


They have to give up their last, but more important illusion:

the mind (s).



And so they step back into the “prison of life”

which compared to the pain they just experienced

seems now a much better place.


They step back in the safe spiritual zone.

At least, here, their mind tells them they still alive,

they deserve to be alive, they deserve a bit of joy, to be recognized for their value,

to have a chance to help others… and so on.

Wonderful trick.

And we have many churches, many spiritual movements and many groups.

But no matter their name, they are prisons

and you, till you do not cross the threshold,  are a slave.

A slave with the delusion of a spiritual game and freedom.

And that is what 98% of ‘true’ seeker meet.



Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known

“From the old you derive pleasure, never from the new.

There is no time in the new.

So, if you can look at all things without allowing pleasure to creep in—at a face, a bird, the colour of a sari, the beauty of a sheet of water shimmering in the sun, or anything that gives delight—if you can look at it without wanting the experience to be repeated, then there will be no pain, no fear and, therefore, tremendous joy.

It is the struggle to repeat and perpetuate pleasure which turns it into pain.

Watch it in yourself.

The very demand for the repetition of pleasure brings about pain, because it is not the same as it was yesterday. -“

Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known, p 37


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