Out of the body experience; an illusion of freedom

Out of the body experience; an illusion of freedom


……”To many chaise the out of the body experience, in $cientology called Exteriorization, as a lifetime goal, as a symbol of spiritual freedom. What they do not realize is that there is no freedom in that, there is no escaping from the illusion. It is a type of illusion itself. It might be an out of a body experience, but it is far from being the end of the game.


I was 12 when laying in my bed in a yoga position

I found myself looking at my body from a corner of the room.

My mother walked in and said something to my sister.

I was watching a movie just like you watch a play

if you were to be allowed to walk in a stage amongst the actors.


I was familiar with that character on the bed. I was assigned to be that person named Silvia.

I, like the majority of us, had accepted this illusion as a reality.

It took me over 32 years to find out it was all a lie.

But, at the time I did not know, and when after few seconds

I returned to the “normal” state back inside the body

I thought I had found my path

something worth pursueing.

I was exhilarated by that extraordinary experience.



I always felt  I was away from “home”, home being another energy-like place,

another part or program of this illusion.

I spent years studying and researching in order to achieve a state

where out-of-body experiences are a normal routine.

It took me 32 years to find out

that in an out-of-body-experience there is no freedom,

it is just another level of this illusion.

Still part of the material universe.


Yesterday I was talking about this

with a guest visiting the spiritual center and we laughed.

How many people, like us,

 had wasted a lifetime pursuing this illusion of freedom

pursuing the goal of “exteriorization?

How many have felt they have gotten somewhere just because

they were able to see from outside the body?

Have any of these people left the ‘game’?

Did they arise above the busy mind(s)

in the no-time zone?


They never even thought there was anything else,

beyond the feeling to leave consciously a body.


They never even thought that

by leaving the body THE BODY

they will not leave THE GAME.



… “But we shall never begin to study ourselves so long as we think we can ‘do’. This is one of our greatest illusions. (…)  Ouspensky from the FOURTH WAY

Slave, still as anyone else

but with a dangerous illusion of spiritual freedom.

An illusion which will stop us from truth.

A false understanding of having crossed the arrival line

which will hinder us from any progress while

keeping us busy producing for a system of lies.





“All our life, all our habitual ways of thinking, have only one aim- to avoid shocks,

unpleasant feelings, unpleasant realizations about ourselves.

And this is the chief thing that keeps us asleep, because in order to awaken we must not be afraid;

we must be brave enough to see contradictions…”

“But we shall never begin to study ourselves so long as we think we can ‘do’.

This is one of our greatest illusions.

THE FOURTH WAY by Ouspensky







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  1. So true… ❤

  2. […] RI’s ADVANCED SPIRITUAL RESEARCH BLOG: https://silviakusada.wordpress.com/…/out-of-the-body-experi…/ […]

  3. Well, I for one would love to be able to exteriorize when ands where I like. Especially laying the body to sleep and then go off being a fly on the wall somewhere or learn more things. Or just see if there is danger around the bend when driving a car.
    I am still in the MEST universe of course, but this would add a dimension to the game.
    Maybe I would look at it differently if this was something I could do in PT.

  4. Dear Silvia , i just noticed that most of your recent post say the same thing ” It’s impossible to get out of the trap “.
    How comes ? Are you still trying to get out of the trapp ?
    Are you accepting what is being told to you ?

    The advantage of an out of body experience is that it gives you the evidence you are not flesh and you can understand why you are immortal .

    With love , Denis

    • Denis, of course there is a way out.
      All I’m trying to convey is that if we do not change our point of view/approch to this subject we will just walk from one side of a GPM to another…
      Without stopping to identify with the idenity we were assigned, without stopping using the mind as it was ours, without waking up to who we really are: a static, all will be only a long inifinte ride to nowhere as on a roundabout…

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