Ordinary education and illusion of control

  Ordinary education and illusion of control..





This morning I was talking to a friend

when something downed on me:

how trendy is to be spiritual today.


You feel you are in need of change

but you are not really ready to change.

You struggle.

Going to a psychologist is costly and definitely not too cool

at least as far as preserving the so dear “good-image”

of  man/woman in control with his/her life.

Or even to answer your desire to be normal…

to be good or sane.


So, by being spiritual, people feel they are getting some credit,

an illusion of having acquired a special ability to ‘see’,

or perceive which is not common to everyone.


And instead to put yourself down a notch, by going to

 counseling, you decide to wear the label of “spiritual”

which seems uplifting you above the average.

Spirituality is a very trendy/very common

broadly accepted way

to cover up ones uncertainties and worries

and, when approached in this fashion, not only

it doesn’t take you anywhere,

but it prevents you from awakening and self remembering.


It keeps you from facing up to your fears.



“Many people believe the armour is worn for external protection. It is not. It is from sealing any sense of awareness from leacking out into the matrix… into the game of illusion, the dream. It is from stopping awakeness and the pain and devastation related to the reality: the prison, a slave ridden society of minds.


Many of my friends in this field believe the world is turning more spiritual,

as they see it everywhere expanding into thousands of different forms.


But it is not true. It is just an indicator of a world where fear

and insecurity is growing and spreading to an alarming number.

Enough to throw many people into this soul-developing “program”.


This is the reason it is quite easy to find into the spectrum of Spirituality

a strata of low awareness degraded (soundly asleep) people.

At this levels, you find the strata of delusional people getting high, and convincing themselves the “drugs” are awakening them while giving them peace. In truth they are just entering an illusion of an illusion to escape the pain of truth. Their weaknesses feeds their fear.


The so-called sleeping machine, the life energy suckers.

They know perfectly what to say and how to preserve their “image”.

They are the mirror of a beautiful program.



… “As a machine you are allowed to play the “spiritual game”. Of course it has its rules and boundaries, but it is all programmed to satisfy a strong rational mind and to keep your spiritual mind asleep. It is well written to sooth your fears and dim your desires of truth. It is all most sleeping people need: a feeling of peace and safety.  The dream of spirituality is a wonderful way to never cross the gate of freedom.


Indeed, the true realization for me has been

that there is nothing about spirituality which can be classified or expressed

by an analytical/rational mind

which truly belong to the “spiritual” higher levels.

The ones outside time and space.

The outside the-illusion-zone-game.

The real deal is outside the mind computation,

the “semi-physical soul” experience.


It is above the label of spiritual

and any concept related to it.



…”The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve. There must be an awareness which is not of thought. To be aware, without condemnation or justification, of the activities of the self – just to be aware – is sufficient. If you are aware in order to find out how to resolve the problem, in order to transform it, in order to produce a result, then it is still within the field of the self, of the ‘me’. So long as we are seeking a result, whether through analysis, through awareness, through constant examination of every thought, we are still within the field of thought, which is within the field of the ‘me’, of the ‘I’, of the ego, or what you will. As long as the activity of the mind exists, surely there can be no love. When there is love, we shall have no social problems.” J. Krishnamurti, “What Are You Doing with Your Life?”



“A certain illusion of control is provided in life by ordinary education, but if
circumstances change it all disappears.

(…)what is the chief thing that is holding me back from

A. Mechanicalness. In yourself things continue to ‘happen’—things over which you should have control, but you have not acquired control.

There are things in us which can and should be mechanical, such as physiological processes and things like that,
and there are other things over which we must acquire as much control as we can, because they keep us from awakening.

You do not realize to what an extent one thing in us is connected with another.

Everything is connected. You cannot do, or say, or even think anything out of the general line of things that happen.

A teacher cannot ‘do’ anything for you. You are given certain tasks and you have to do them.


People often ask: ‘How is it that I have been working so many years and have had no experience of higher centres yet?’ And I ask them: ‘Have you really been working so many years?’

One counts from the time one has heard these ideas, but one does not try to calculate how much one actually worked—how many days, how many hours or minutes in each day.

If one makes this calculation, one will see that there is no reason to expect any results yet, although one may have heard about it a long time ago.

It is necessary to put more energy into things—into self study, self-observation, self-remembering and all that.

 What does it mean to work practically? It means to work not only on intellect but also on emotions and on will. Work on intellect means thinking in a new way, creating new points of view, destroying illusions. Work on emotions means not expressing negative emotions, not identifying, not considering and, later on, also work on the emotions themselves. But what does work on will mean? It means work on one’s actions.

First you must ask yourselves: What is will in men No. 1, 2 and 3? It is the resultant of desires. Will is the line of combined desires, and as our desires constantly change, we have no permanent line. So ordinary will depends on desires and we can have many desires going in different directions. The line constructed out of all these angles is the resultant.

This is our will. It may go in one direction one day and in another direction another day, and we think it is straight. So it is really the resultant of our blindness. We have to ask ourselves on what the will of man No. 7 could be based. It must be based on full consciousness, and this implies knowledge and understanding connected with objective consciousness and a permanent ‘I’. So three things are necessary: knowledge, consciousness and a permanent ‘I’.

Only those people who have these three things can have real will; that means a will that is independent of desires or anything else.



” THE FOURTH WAY by Ouspensky







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  1. Control of my body is about as ambitious as I will be…

  2. It’s true, so many people are now considering themselves spiritual, but they fail to use the right remedy for their perceived problems, which are all of this universe and have nothing to do with the spirit at all, which is not even interested in why you hate your job. See a counselor.

    When a person can actually conceive of an existence apart from what is apparently real, then it is time to explore spirituality.

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