I was asked why I let people slandering me on the web,

and how I feel about it.


It all very much comes to the point of priorities.

If the door of the prison where you have been kept in captivity suddenly opens would you waste any time to answer questions about why you do not take a shower every day? or listening to anyone one telling you how bad you are because you are not as the wish?



…”For the followers of LRH, they have probably read him mentioning “one does not stop the fire truck to handle barking dogs that chase it.” reference tape RJ67.


No, I do not give BJ in exchange of help,

and I’m sorry for those who, trusting the slandering comments

and blogs on me by the Church of $cientology minions,

get disappointed when they do not get any.

This physical universe is not on my line of interests at this time

and I do not have any time to waste

for who has decided to succumb.

So, my advice to whom had been attacked or slandered

by the Church of $cientology or others entities, people

or organizations is to reevaluate one’s priorities.


I would like to remind them

that once you engage in any battle or debate

you adding energy and that energy

opposing to the other creates a ball…

that ball being an interchange of both energy.

Interesting enough you (your physical identity or better say that energy which the minds interprets for you as you) are going to become the other party… even if in a minor amount.

An exchange of energy occurs in both.




That is the reason,

Castaneda advises a self-process called


to purify one’s energy from outside contamination…

mostly contamination from what you

didn’t like, you despise or oppose.


I hope this answer the question.





“Is there any relationship between the thinker and his thought, or is there only thought and not a thinker? If there are no thoughts there is no thinker. When you have thoughts, is there a thinker? Perceiving the impermanency of thoughts, thought itself creates the thinker who gives himself permanency; so thought creates the thinker; then the thinker establishes himself as a permanent entity apart from thoughts which are always in a state of flux. So, thought creates the thinker and not the other way about. The thinker does not create thought, for if there are no thoughts, there is no thinker. The thinker separates himself from his parent and tries to establish a relationship, a relationship between the so-called permanent, which is the thinker created by thought, and the impermanent or transient, which is thought. So, both are really transient.Pursue a thought completely to its very end. Think it out fully, feel it out and discover for yourself what happens. You will find that there is no thinker at all. For, when thought ceases, the thinker is not. We think there are two states, as the thinker and the thought. These two states are fictitious, unreal. There is only thought, and the bundle of thought creates the ‘me’, the thinker. – Krishnamurti, What Are You Doing with Your Life?


” THE FOURTH WAY by Ouspensky






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  1. The “snapping/yapping dog” reference is in the tape RJ67.

  2. Live and be well Silvia. I enjoyed the YouTube video. Are you making more?

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