Ask yourself: Is it right from the point of view of the work or not?

 “Ask yourself: Is it right from the point of view of the work or not? This is struggle against self-will.”

I would say, Ask yourself: “Is it right from the point of view of the path you are walking or not?” This is struggle against self-will, the I’s, the valences, the analytical minds, the ego and every other lie we believe is us.

I was having an interesting conversation with a fellow researcher when something very interesting downed on me.

I knew since a while, we, spiritual beings, do not have a track.

no past, present or future.

I could not audit anymore as I felt I was cheating knowing any auditing or counseling directed to this life or anyway a material interpretation of it, in any universe or form, is a lie.

I wondered many times how came running engrams, scanning of past lives traumas worked so well.

What it downed on me this morning is, that since the mind is the product of foreign installations, installations which feeds on solidity (any emotional response below 40.0) a dramatization will occur when you are not producing solidity.


♣♣♣  “The tone scale as represented by Mr. Hubbard is the scale of a being trapped into identification with the implant called life, where the first glimpse of freedom start at 40.0”


Counseling past lives or past traumas

gives the parasites what they are looking for;

agreement with time, with force and energy.


Every time we agree we have a past, a present and a future

we are agreeing to the illusion thus adding solidity to this trap.

We are giving the parasites what they want, we play their game and so they quiet down.

What in Scientology we call mistakenly, case gains;

 feeling less anxious, healing from pain or anything else along this line,

are in fact further agreements with the Matrix.


Mr. Hubbard, I remember mentioning the lower bridge, the lowers steps of his technology to be directed toward the alignment of outside intentions.


That is what all the counseling is about.

Auditing Valances, Flyers, Parasites ans so on…


It is all intended to quite them down so the being can work.

The problem with lower levels spiritual philosophies including $cientology is that they never get the being to the right prospective. They never get the person to confront the fact that he si not their mind.


They get people stuck into goals pertaining to this program.


In $cientology especially, they get up to the higher levels and believe they have gone somewhere because they get to the illusion of control over other inorganic and organic beings.

They evaluate ones power according to the “effect” produced in this material universe.


Some other groups members believe they are getting somewhere if

they are able to exteriorize from a body

overlooking the fact that exteriorization is just another misidentification.

Where the person now believes is outside the material world

is in fact just on a less dense form of energy.



♣♣♣ “THE FOURTH WAY by Ouspensky” A certain number of people who want to awake must agree among themselves that when one of them is asleep someone else may be awake and will do the shaking. But making such an agreement needs sincerity; those people must really want to awake and must not get angry or offended when they get shaken. ” “Pleasant things only help sleep” ..♣..


No one ever realizes fully that until you are able to separate from the mind,

from anything related or understandable by the mind, the mind it self,

you are identified with a parasite.


To be cause over others, it is the thought of a vampire of energy of which intention is being cause (to control) over you, the spiritual being.


I have heard many times, good researchers say:

“Yes, spiritual but we have also to make money or go to work…”

The truth is they do not need to do that at all.

It would be much better to say: “The character in this movie thinks he has to make money or go to work in order to survive.”


Can you see the difference?


It is not to underestimate the fact that any time we actually

make the wrong statement we get more and more into the implant.


Self-remembering when done properly stops this process and in a long run one can reverse it.





“The idea, the concept, the pattern is born of our thinking, which in turn is based upon our conditioning. All our thinking, however noble, refined or subtle, is the outcome of our experience, of our knowledge. There is no thinking without the past. Our thought is merely the reaction of memory. And what I am talking about is action without reaction, which means living without thought as the reaction of memory.

– Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. XIII,233,Action”


“THE FOURTH WAY by Ouspensky”

A certain number of people who want to awake must agree among themselves that when one of them is asleep someone else may be awake and will do the shaking. But making such an agreement needs sincerity; those people must really want to awake and must not get angry or offended when they get shaken.

No, no, you must try to remember yourself in all conditions. If you remember yourself when alone, you will forget yourself when you are with people, and if you remember yourself among people you will forget yourself when alone. If you limit yourself to one set of circumstances, you lose at once. The best time to try to remember yourself is when circumstances are most difficult, and the most difficult circumstances are not when you can choose to be alone or not alone but when you have no choice. And why are the most difficult circumstances the best? Because then self-remembering gives the best results. In easy circumstances, if you decide to be alone or not alone, you may get some results; but if you find yourself in a most difficult situation and still manage to remember yourself, the results will be quite incommensurable.

 If you want to stop considering you must remember yourself; without remembering yourself you cannot stop considering. “






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  1. I really get this… Thank you!

  2. This is great. I remember telling a fellow that he has no track, therefore it is impossible to go earlier similar. And by definition then there is no future. But I’ll tell you, the practice of not projecting a future is Damn hard!

  3. La strada si rivela quando ogni strada è stata percorsa .
    Quando affranti e amareggiati ci si siede in ascolto .
    Nessuna via nessun luogo . Nessuna meta.
    La morte dell’io.

  4. Auditing is very good. Read the first chapter of Ouspensky on States of consciousness and Wrong Functions: control ! You will see that auditing is super good!

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