Before you start hopping, you might have to cease being a frog.

Before you start hopping, you might have to cease being a frog.



…”…sadly, aspiration to greater things can sometimes become transformed into a form of pretentiousness; and that is why all valid traditions demand humility. This posture, so often called virtue, is rather to be looked at as a necessity, a technical requirement. ” from THE COMMANDING SELF by Idries Shah


There is going to be a point in your spiritual search and enlightenment where you are ready to let go of all the lies.

Including, but not limited, to what you think is yourself and any illusion of causation within this material universe.

At that point it will be clear to you beyond any reasonable doubt that no matter what, things are going to happen despite of ‘your’ participation.


Your “mock-up” or assumed identity, will just continue to perform, to follow her/his script, but you will really know it does not have anything to do with you.

That is a point where you are partially exterior, not from the identity, but from all the game; the whole illusion itself.

. Of course such achievement is impossible for who still policed by the mind or relays on the mind to understand.

It all is something the mind cannot grasp. It is outside the time, matter and space; the duality of this universe.



…”The Sufi guide teaches from a position which is at times ‘in the world’ because he has to maintain contact with his environment.’ …’ He is now transmuted. This means that although his outward form and even apart of his essence may be visible, his depth only unfolds to those who are developed enough to understand and perceive it.’ … ‘He does not belong to the mass and yet he does.’ from THE COMMANDING SELF by Idries Shah


You will notice when that happens, that you are gradually disappearing from people’s view. You sort of turning invisible.

Only the very few with a similar wavelength of yours will be able to perceive your full power and potential (not, that you care about it).

The rest, not only will not see you, but when they do, they will interpret your very fine wavelength, unknown and foreign to theirs, with suspiciousness and as a very negative threatening thing.

It is of no use for you at that point to try to help anyone at that level.

Mr. Hubbard ‘A new slant of life’.

(old book) Chapter 5 p. 191

“It is very puzzling to people at higher levels of awareness why people behave toward them as they do; such higher-level people have not realized that they are not seen, much less understood. People at lower levels of awareness do not observe, but substitute for observation preconceptions, evaluations and suppositions, and even physical pain by which to attain their certainties.”

Most people, do say they wish to be free, but they do not mean it.It is of no use for you at that point to try to help anyone at that level.

What they mean to say is; ‘I want to be Mr. Jones, a powerful successful Mr. Jones. I want to be able to see my body and control it.’

Exteriorization or Astral walking abilities to them is equal to power.

What they do not realize is that even if they are able to see their body from an angle of the room they still in the physical universe connected to it and very much identified.


Mr. Hubbard has lured many by mentioning the “achievable” ability to modify this material universe at will. He says you can do that if you disagree enough with the universe. That is quite incorrect.

In that fashion you are disagreeing to a certain density of the material universe while you still policed by a mind and tied up by its lies and rules. You are just in a different side of it.

It can be satisfying to who is not truthfully seeking spiritual freedom, but aim toward ‘a-spiritual-happy-human’.

What the majority of people do not grasp is that you cannot leave the game unless you stop playing it.

Fortunately for the few of us, most of them are not ready for it.

From major occult studies of different spiritual movements

it transpires the fact that only very few of us are allowed to escape before the security alarm of this game/prison goes off.



… ” In any teaching situation, one must teach and the other learn. This is why we say, ‘Will you allow me to teach? People who are saying ‘Will you teach me? seldom really want to learn. Or, at best, they have a priority; that they shall be allowed to carry out their own subjective role first. They are, as it were, interposing a sort of circus between themselves and the teaching situation. ” from THE COMMANDING SELF by Idries Shah

Adventurous Frogs


In the county of Iraq lived two frogs; one in Baghdad and one in the city of Basra.

At about the same time, a similar thought occurred to each frog. The Baghdad thought he would like to visit Basra; the Basra frog yearned to go to Baghdad.

And, at about the same time, each started out on his travels.

Halfway between the two cities, or as close to that as makes no difference, they met.

‘Where are you going?’ asked one frog.

‘To Basra. And you?’

‘To Baghdad.’

‘And where are you from? I’m from Basra myself.’

I am from Baghdad.’

They sat there for a time, thinking. In the meanwhile, a fool came along and asked them their origin and destinations.

When he heard their stories he said, ‘There’s no point in your travels al all. Each of you should go home.’

The frogs were unconvinced.

Then a wise man came along. When he heard of the frogs’ plans, he gave the same advice as the fool.

But the frogs were not interested in the world of the fool or of the wise man. They hopped on their respective ways.

When, however, the frogs had been at their destinations for some time, they realized that both fool and the wise man had been right.

Because, for a frog, no matter how he might feel delight at the journey and its experiences, Baghdad and Basra were so similar it made little difference where they were.

Before you start hopping, you may have to cease being a frog…

from The commanding self





Center for Spiritual Research and its applications




ITALY: Ri/Maurice Pascal


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 7+.


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  1. I like this frog story…so true.

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