“The rock and the water”: a tale of illusion dedicated to those who have forgotten and those who remember.

 “The rock and the water”


“The rock and the water”: a tale of illusion

dedicated to those who have forgotten and those who remember.

by Silvia Kusada



In a golden universe, of a very far away land, just beyond Orion; in a world without time or energy, a rock and a lake fell in love.

The light weightless character of that universe permitted the rock to jump onto the water and keep touching the very surface of it for as long as he wanted… that was his way of kissing the water.

And the water, of course, also being in love, kissed the rock back.

They kissed many times, feeling deep into each other…


The water of the lake, when kissing, turned warm and peaceful, while the rock would shine and reflect the most beautiful unimaginable colors all over the sky.

Everyone who happened to see would stop – captured by beautiful the blend of colors and emotions.

They were in love.

But one day the rock and the water decided to go for a trip to a strange planet were it was said there was a very peculiar thing called gravity.

And so, at the same time, they both jumped into the unknown of that dimension…

When they opened their eyes they found themselves surrounded by beautiful mountains. The sky was the most intense blue color …just below, the mountains were blanketed by a deep vibrating green.



The sun seemed to be kissing the sky and so both felt a sense of peace. There they were; the rock looking at the lake from the shore and the lake looking at the rock from the foot of the mountains.

In this new dimension they fell in love again, thinking they just met.

This strange universe did not allow the existence of anything else; this strange world of gravity felt like the only existent and real thing – and very soon the lake and the rock lost memories of their true home.


The rock and the lake looked at each other for long time and then they decided to kiss.

The rock took a big jump toward the lake – but to his disappointment did not move. He tried and tried again thousands of times, but with no luck. The water did the same, but all she achieved was to splash water on the nearby land, while getting weaker and weaker.

Time went by, when finally a kid hiking arrived at the lake and sat on the rock.

I do not know how or why, but the kid looking at the rock decided to throw it in the lake. Maybe he just wanted to play or maybe he heard the rock asking him to help him kiss the lake.



It was an exciting moment when the rock found himself flying towards the Beloved One!

As the rock landed and they finally touched… the kiss. The beautiful feeling of that so longed kiss.

The passion of true love pervaded them in its magical touch. They were ready to spend their life together… when, suddenly, the rock touching the surface went through and disappeared into the bottom of the lake.

“What happened?” the rock cried in disappointment. “Where’d the rock go?” the lake shouted with surprise.

A feeling of sadness and betrayal filled them both. The lake ripples turned into dark and scary waves.

The rock stopped shining and cried. The tears were melting into the lake and the lake felt a very strong nostalgia for the loss of the loved one. The rock wanted to stop crying but it couldn’t because unknown to him, the lake surrounded him, and these ‘hugs” reminded him constantly of her love.



They were in each other, but because of the clinging nature of this strange universe, its ruling by appearance they could not see it, and they thought they were apart.

The only thing which remained was that instant when they touched, which seemed so brief and at the same time infinite.

Infinite indeed in their home universe, but not in the land of appearance.

Perhaps one day, the lake and the rock will remember that this was just a trip, an adventure they decided to do together – and they will return home, where they belong, where there is no limit of space, of time and love last truly forever.




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