The invisible low life of the mind’s world.

The invisible low life of the mind’s world.


A beautiful being, which I’m currently seeing asked me if I would have charged him rent if he moved here?”
My immediate answer was: “The man I have to be a caretaker of, hasn’t being born yet.”
I could not stop thinking of a more stupid answer on my part.
R. is a very giving person and far from being an opportunist
and the fact that I answered in that manner it was making me feel cheap and greedy.
I spent about a day thinking about it and feeling stupid…
until I started looking all this from a distance and saw the huge red flag highlighting my identification with the program (Silvia Kusada) and the sad self-importance dining with its best friend Mrs self-pity.
That answer was also showing the degree of protest my mechanical-self still sitting on about my ex-husband W. taking avidly from me all I had and I did not have, leaving me drained of both material means and spiritual energy.

At night, unhappy with myself I sat on the couch and seeking help by browsing into my spiritual books… I found my answer when I went through the first few pages of a book by Swami Vivekananda.


“I do not want to get material life, do not want the sense-life, but something higher.”
“Comfort is no test of truth; on the contrary, truth is often far from being “comfortable.”
“After every happiness comes misery; they may be far apart or near. The more advanced the soul, the more quickly does one follow the other.
What we want is neither happiness nor misery.
Both make us forget our true nature; both are chains – one iron, one gold; behind both is the Atman, who knows neither happiness nor misery. These are states, and states must ever change; but the nature of the Atman is bliss, peace, unchanging.
We have not to get it, we have it; only wash away the dross and see it.
“Always discriminate-your body, your house, the people and the world are all absolutely unreal like a dream.
Always think that the body is only an inert instrument.
And the Atman within is your real nature.”
“In religion, as in all other matters, discard everything that weakens you, have nothing to do with it.”
“Whatever is weak avoid! It is death. If it is strength, go down into hell and get hold of it! There is salvation only for the brave.”
“Bless the people when they revile you.
Think how much good they are doing by helping to stamp out the false ego. Hold fast to the real Self.
Think only pure thoughts, and you will accomplish more than a regiment of mere preachers.
Out of purity and silence comes the world of power.”
“Blows are what awaken us and help to break the dream.
They show us the insufficiency of this world and make us long to escape, to have freedom.”
“Both forces of good and evil will keep the universe alive for us, until we awake from our dreams and give up this building of mud pies.”
Swami Vivekananda.
… After going through few paragraphs I felt a great sense of relief.
I realized I was so unknowingly getting into “life” I was forgetting the beauty of freedom from matter and energy. The beauty of not interfering with the plot, of not getting involved with the Matrix.
I looked at my land; “The Spiritual Center” and saw the burden of owing it and the beauty of offering it and letting it go, where it belong… to the Matrix.
Losing everything in my last marriage made me so greedy?
At this last thought I stopped.
How anyone can possibly deplete you from your energy when you are not made of energy at all?
William did not take anything from me. He is asleep, and as all the people asleep works only on the level of stimulus-response of the energy world.
He could not ever touch me, but only in appearance interfere with the false I, as represented by the “Silvia Kusada”.
Another identification with the Matrix and the world of energy disguised under spiritual matters came into view.
If you really on the path, while you self-remember, there is nothing in this dimension, in this illusion or dream that can interfere with you.
So, I wanted to offer this experience with you, as the deceiving minds can do miracle in order to bring you back to identify,
bringing you back into the illusion this prison is a beautiful and fun place to learn from…
I wanted to remind myself and who is seriously seeking truth
that by playing a spiritual ‘game’ instead of losing your mind(s),
you can loose yourself.
“I do not want to get material life, do not want the sense-life, but something higher.”
Swami Vivekananda.
'Ram Dass' Quote

‘Ram Dass’ Quote



  1. Your first answer was priceless.  Very good post.  Really helps to see what’s important.  

    My opinion. ..since this is still the matrix I would expect my roommate to at least but the food. Some contribution that says you are sharing and so am i. But that’s just me.  😉

    Sent on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note® II

    • The first answer was from the parasite mind. The one who brings about the idea of right and wrong, justice and unjustice, beautiful and ugly. The mind(s) created to involve you in the game of illusion and bring you to identify with a ficticious character in a play, character we end up believing is real. Is the very trap of this universe.
      This post is not about him… is about me losing track of truth.
      Only an awaken spiritual mind can have a feel of it.
      PS: I appreciate you posting. You give me a chance to clarify. THANK YOU! Love

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