The spectrum of detachments from ‘human’ to ‘God’

The spectrum of detachments from ‘human’ to ‘God’


Where a man owned consciously or unconsciously by fear would see detachment as a tool to protect his EGO by cutting off threats or unpleasant emotions, a man of spiritual power and wisdom would know detachment is not ment as detachment from others, emotions or things but from the ‘Self’, the Ego, the false personalities, the ‘I’, manifested, to mention a few, through the sense of worthiness, power, self-respect, needs of acknowledgements or success, or at times visible under false humility, self-abasement and underservement.

True un-attachement is where unconditional love lies, free of desire of rewards or judgment.

By an energy world, of course, this is sensed by a loss and produces deep fear and worries for the survival of the material ‘Self’.

For this reason true awakening is experience in the majority of cases with great suffering as the splitting of a cell, the delivery of a baby…

Look at the joy after such pain.  The sensation of freedom from a dependence.

Where many people have experienced detachment as a loss or abandonment, at higher levels, un-attachement is the virtue who enable a person to truly love. In the absence of an Ego you can truly be the other person. As I wrote to B.

“I have to get detached from all this to maintain unconditional love to you and to be able to serve you and help you at my best.
Detachment does not remove my love to you, it remove my ego, so there can be more you.”
This concept is well covered by Karma Yoga as described by Swami Vivekananda.
(You can free download his teachings on the web )
It also well explains how to live in this world, yet progressing on the spiritual path of truth and freedom.
$cientology, as many other spiritual groups and Churches, by giving you an illusion of power and self-worth, works on the solidification of the material Self under spiritual pretences…
While believing you are walking to freedom, with Scientology, you are actually building more bars to your own prison.
The question always is:
Are you looking for truth or you are chasing happiness and success?
The two are not travelling the same path.
The material universe
does not know about the superior joy and power that can only be achieve
pursuing truth.

“Is it possible for me to forget myself?
To put it very simply, is it possible for me to forget myself? Don’t say yes or no. We do not know what it means. The sacred books say so-and-so, but all that is mere words, and words are not reality. What is important is for the mind to find out whether that which has been put together, the experiencer, the thinker, the watcher, the ‘I’, can disappear, dissolve itself. There must be no other entity who dissolves it. I hope I am making myself clear. If the mind says, ‘The ‘I’ must be dissolved in order to arrive at that extraordinary state which the sacred books promise’, then there is the action of will; there is an entity who wants to arrive, so the ‘I’ still remains.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti


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