Why I choose not to use Scientology

Most people are desperately seeking to solve their problems…

they are ‘sitting’ on this sharp rock and after a while it hurts.

They want to find a better place to sit.

It could be viewed as a better job, a career,

feeling powerful, important, or happy.


With the technology of Scientology

(used without restraining freedom of thought and action)

I could actually make their dreams come true.

I could turn that painful rock into a comfortable chair.

I could make tons of money by doing that…but the truth is,

all I would be doing is helping a slave to be a happier slave.




They would be in the same exact prison blinded by an illusion of freedom.

In actuality I would be helping them to get rid of the only precious thing they have:

the desire to change.

Without that, they will never look for the door to exit the prison.

Not only, but the technology of Scientology as laid out and used today,

will bar anyone from any further awakening.

It will lead you to forget there is a door and even worse, a prison.


Since I’m not in the business of enslavement, nor I wish to contribute to it,

I decided a while ago to leave this apparently wonderful technology

to who has not be blessed with the gift of sight

and therefore does not know what is really doing.

For whoever wish to step behind the illusion of matter and time

Scientology could be use as a little gradient

to be abandoned as soon as you comfortable enough on the chair,

to be able to direct your attention and energy fully into looking for the exit door.

Arguing with the blind about which color is which will not lead anywhere.

Therefore people seriously walking toward truth 

need to walk their path alone, realizing that spiritual awareness

cannot be given, taught or explained.



  1. I totally understand and agree.

  2. Ciao,amica mia.

  3. “Therefore people seriously walking toward truth
    need to walk their path alone, realizing that spiritual awareness
    cannot be given, taught or explained.”

    Buddha finally got there when he fired all his teachers and made the decision to transcend. And then he deliberated on sharing what he found and almost didn’t. Why? Probably for the same reason you mention here.

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