Those harmful, good intentions

Those harmful, good intentions

Before we are sent to, or we agree to play this hologram called ‘life’, we are given a mind, we are told that this very mind is necessary to play the game.

By our use of the mind, we gain a position in space and a character in the game (a personality, a sense of self). Without the ‘mind’ the game cannot be seen, therefore you are instructed to ‘wear’ it like a pair of precious glasses, no one after all want to lose the ‘self’.

virtual reality

“Lazarus: There is no dream here and there is no awakening. You and I and this garden are but an illusion, a shadow of the real. The awakening is there where I was with my beloved and the reality.” Lazarus and his Beloved by Kahlil Gibran


But this mind is so designed, as you use it, to take over every bit of consciousness and, before you know it, to became ‘you’. Here it goes your freedom, your ability to recognize life outside this virtual reality.

The mind is so set to give you a sense of duality. It is from duality that thoughts, judgments, visual interpretations of energy into good or bad, happy or sad, pain or joy, steam.

It does not take long to forget oneself, and once you are asleep it is the mind who guides you and lives the life for you as you.

Its very program acquaintances and subjugates you to its rules.

If you are ‘bad’ you will meet ‘hell’, and if you are ‘good’ you will benefit from ‘paradise’.  And once you have learned it cold, you are at the ill effect of a game where every time you intent good you are hurting someone, somewhere or somehow.

We all know very well, after being trapped in this game for a while, how degradation feels.

And because there is nothing you can do about it, you agree, at the end, the best solution is to not see.

If you are aware of what happens only right in front of you, if you are able to shut off the perceptions of the people or beings who are suffering just a block away as a result of your actions, you have it taped. You can “be” the good, your mind has so convinced you to be. You can be the successful, the powerful, the free.

And is it in this very delusion which the worse crimes are performed.


We do not want to know, where the milk comes from and the violence beyond the dairy industry, who and how much abuses are connected to the production of our clothes, how many animals get killed by the islands of plastic flowing in the ocean, to name a few. We do not want to know about freedom either, as, once you agreed you are your mind, you are off to protect this prison called life. You would give your very life and the one of who you care the most to keep it going.

If you do not believe me look the huge business built around the program of death.

Looks the reasons, the activities and even the body stamina available when the shadow of “death” enters anyone sight.

The continuous and constant identification with the mind, built to suffer and rejoice, tells us we better stay alive, where in truth, being alive is to surrender our freedom and it is the very essence of death.


I found a very interesting book by Kahlil Gibran; Lazarus and his Beloved.

It gives a wonderful prospective on death, from the point of view of the awakened… an example of how love, as viewed and experienced by the mind, can be the very essence of evil and the result of further enslavement.

It is most normal reaction for a mother to push her son out of the road once she see a car approaching at speed… it is a tragic discovery to find out, later, the car never existed and the pushing of the son, intended to save him from been run over, resulted in having him falling into the dept of the ravine.

But I guess, till she doesn’t realized there are no cars, she can live peacefully thinking she saved her son.


“He brought you back out of pity for the wingless who would not be along.” – Lazarus and his Beloved by Kahlil Gibran

I’m availbale to help who walks the path to freedom.

I help people to find their own, as no path is the same and no one can walk it for you.







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  1. Very interersting ! thanks  Sylvia  !  Denis

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