I got my answer…

“If you ever want to go anywhere, make it about helping others, not yourself and your answer will be right there.



I remember, I was three years old, when sitting against the wall of my bedroom, holding my legs close to my body, I wished with all my self someone from “home” would come and take me back.

I felt lost, in a strange body which demanded so much of me, so much nonsense and most of all, demanded me to identify with it in order to be heard and seen.

2018 Jan 19 Blog

And with time, I got lost too, lost into believing Silvia Kusada goals where mine, she was me. Time when I forgot my-Self and subscribed to the rules and demands of this world of illusion.

Although from a human prospective those might have seemed moment of success, they were in fact times of profound failure and unconsciousness.

But few days ago, while I was doing some research to help another soul, I found my answer.

Robert Adams. This amazing being, non only stated that the body is an illusion, the mind the program who keeps us connected to the “play”, but he actually went much further into saying, we have no-connection what so ever with this character, we brought to believe it was us.


“Sitting” in a theater, we were told Joe, Helen or the little dog, was the Self. And from there we started to feel, to think, to act as we actually were that character in the play. And why the play was going on, following a perfectly written manuscript, recorded and played in front of us, through the mind, we were given the illusion of being cause, of having a say on the future of this “creature”.

But today, I finally recognize, Silvia Kusada, or Joe Muller, or Dorothy Silvertstain, where never me. Where just character of a movie played in front of me, while tricked into taking responsibility for them. Into believing their survival depended on me.

So much suffering, rejoicing, struggles and achievements…. so much emotions produced artificially while “living” a life never existed. I got squeezed as a lemon, as every else by the “Games-masters” which feed on our emotions.

I always new, Silvia Kusada wasn’t me, not totally me at least… I couldn’t explain the connection, why I couldn’t just separate.

I have been very unhappy into this mis-ownership. It never worked for me.

And finally, when I fully realized, this play is a projection, Mrs. Silvia a character of the play which has her own story already written by beginning to end. When I fully owned the fact that there is nothing which actually connect us, or in common between the 2 of us, when I arised above the mind and stopped identifying with thoughts or her limitations. I finally felt very happy.

Now, most people would judge your spiritual state by your body. They rightly do that and that is what they can see from what they stand. That is what the Mind tells them to do.

If you are still believing you are in the play, that’s fine. In truth, anyone who think he can understand anything by the rational use of the mind, is dealing with the play… and will always follow the red-herrings thrown in by this program.

Today, after a life of struggles I finally feel peace.

It is not the human peace, is the lack of involvement with the Matrix, with its lies.


Silvia Kusada performance still going on without me, and it never was me in the first place… for you who judge the hologram, might not see any difference, as there is no difference. The play goes on as was recorded and programmed.

I’m just free of it.





  1. Love you (not) Silvia ❤

  2. Molto felice per te Silvia!!!

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